Spirit led one on one

This is one main form of “evangelism” that the Spirit is working through today. It is certainly nothing new. Philip the evangelist, as he has been called, was one who certainly knew how to hear from the Spirit and obey what he heard. In the well-known case recorded in Acts chapter 8, Philip heard an angel of the Lord speak to him. The Spirit gave him directions such as, “go toward the south” and “follow the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza”. It was also a “deserted place”. A place where the natural mind might have said, “you got to be nuts, there is nobody out there!”

I sense that many believers think it a strange thing to go out alone with just you and the Spirit. I know that they hang on the scriptures where Christ sent them out “two by two”, but we must be reminded that what is most important is, are we being Spirit led? Or do we just go into form, or the way we always done things? “Well, we always go out in groups”. That’s good and certainly the Lord uses people that way, but we cannot be so stuck into thinking that the Spirit cannot do new things with each one of us. If I have learned one thing in my years of evangelism it is, “stay out of routine”. Seek the Spirit each time you go out. He might well have you go to an area that you have never been to. Or, he might say to you, “I just want you to start out by walking down the sidewalk all alone. I have somebody down the way for you to meet”.

Each one of us are gifted in many different ways. You might not be comfortable in going out alone by yourself. My question would be, “have you ever tried it?” Have you sought the Lord regarding it? Do you get alone with him first, before going out? Or, are you only going off your own natural abilities such “I’m shy” or “I’m uncomfortable going out alone”. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is fully capable to equip us with what we need for each outing in the Spirit, for what the Spirit is saying.

I have found that in some cases, when people are by themselves and they are approached by two or more people, they become afraid or uncomfortable. Where as, with one person they are OK. The “Mormon” approach of two on one, is not always the best approach.

In the way of encouragement, I will give one such example of being Spirit led. Recently, before going out for the day, I laid on my back on the floor and closed my eyes. I went into the Spirit and begin to fly around the city where I usually go. We flew all over. We went downtown. We went over the Northeast, Northwest, North etc. Then we went close and viewed a few corners in different areas. We got to this one corner that I had seen the previous week while riding the bus passing by. I had never been there before. The picture stuck like a still frame photo in my mind. That was good enough for me, so I headed out.

God can and does use many ways to speak to us through His Spirit. We must not be afraid. And we must certainly not be afraid to enter into something new to us personally. A new way of being Spirit led.

So, long story short, I got off the bus some four to five blocks away from the corner that to the best of my ability, I remembered seeing it on the bus, then in the vision. I always like to do a prayer walk around the area before honing in on the corner. The area was an older business district with few people walking around. It was after lunch, so I’m sure that played into it. I had just figured that I would get to the corner and wait to see what was next. Finally, after making the turn and looking down a few blocks, I saw the corner up ahead. AND GUESS WHAT I SAW AT THE CORNER? Yep, two people standing right on the exact corner. And of course remembering, “God is always about people”, right?

So, I slowly and prayerfully walked up to meet them. Now, what do you think if you were one of those two people on that corner that day and this stranger walks up and says, “Excuse me, I know that you are both busy visiting here but I must tell you why I’m here. So, I went into telling them about how the Lord showed me this corner in a vision. How I lived some 15 miles away and that it took me an hour and a half to get here by train and bus. Also, that it was certainly not happen chance that they were here at this moment.

The Spirit had their attention. They stood there in silence listening to every word. One was a believer, the other wasn’t. I reminded the one who said that he was, to be diligent in his relationship with the Lord. I asked them both how they were raised. The one unbelieving girl, didn’t say much, but listened as if this might have been a divine appointment for her. In the end, she received a tract about Jesus and listened to what the Spirit had told her.

My prayer is that many more in these days will find out what it is like to hear, see, and do what the Spirits desire is for them personally. Yes, God does certainly work together collectively, that’s for sure. But, lets not forget that first, we must be in tune personally to even go out collectively. And, that He might even have us go out one day alone with just Him.


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