Light in the city

I had heard from the Spirit in the morning hours that we were going to be sharing THE LIGHT today.

After getting into the city and walking around prayerfully, we honed in on a corner. At first, I had sensed to wait and pray on the corner, which I did. Then, I began to shout in a quick voice “LIGHT! Then, a few minutes later, again “LIGHT!” Then came “Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD!”

This was another opportunity and a reminder how powerful our words can be when in the SPIRIT. In the spiritual realm, our words have power. Not of course because of us, but the Spirit inside of us coming out.

This was all setting the pace in the Spirit for what would happen over the next couple of hours. Light was going forward in the Spirit to push back the darkness. This is what God wanted to accomplish at this time and moment. He wanted to clear the air, so to speak, and let light go forth and hit the people with His light.

After about 10 minutes of proclaiming THE LIGHT, I looked to the left and noticed a commuter train coming. My first look at it as it passed by, I noticed that it had a sign on the train that read “Got Light?” Wow! I thought. Now, I had seen this advertizing sign before on the train, but this time it jumped out at me as I was sharing LIGHT. How fitting and confirming it was to me.

So, the Spirit continued to flow as we shared Christ as the LIGHT. We shared a few scriptures regarding light also. The Spirit had a few from time to time on this corner who were caught in the cross-hairs as they stood there listening as they were waiting for the bus. Also, a couple of them came up and took tracts to take with them.

I would rotate to one side of the corner of the building that was there, to the other side. The Spirit had it all under control. Light was breaking forth. A few, as usual were interested in the light. We shared that many loved darkness, and that was why they did not come to the light.

Finishing the day and going home on the bus, a brother gets on and we share about the light and what happened that day. He downloaded some scriptures on his phone regarding light and I read them out loud at a normal tone of voice. A few stops later this guy gets on and sits down near us and begins to shake, twitch and move around as the scriptures are being heard. I sensed the demonic with one, and only one look at him as our eyes met. I turned and kept reading. Soon, a couple stops later, this guy jumps up and bolts for the rear door and departs out. I look out the window and he’s standing there on the sidewalk shaking and yelling out loud. Talk about getting hit with the light! Darkness was dispelled when light came! A pretty awesome example it was.

My friend didn’t understand what was taking place in the spiritual realm. He had gone over to him when he was on the bus and first started shaking and had asked him if he was alright. The guy replied with some vulgar words in which my friend left him alone and went back to sit down.

After I explained to him the spiritual side of what just took place, he got it. I believe it was an eye opener to all who saw and heard what went on. Maybe some people will wake up to the reality of the spiritual realm and how and what takes place as it manifests itself in the physical.

Jesus THE LIGHT! Darkness has to flee! It has no choice!


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