No Spirit in “endless debate”

On two occasions today, I seen the power of the Holy Spirit in presenting the birth of the Spirit into the spiritual kingdom of God. And also, the fact that it takes the birth to perceive/understand the things of the kingdom. (See Jn.3:3, 5)

The first was when I was on a “one on one” mission. One guy when approached with the question “what have you done with Jesus in your life” went into spitting bullets in a somewhat mild form. He went into scientific matters. I listened, and when he stopped, I shared with him about God who is Spirit, then how it takes a spiritual birth to enter and perceive the kingdom. After I finished, he was at a loss as to what to say. He got a dose of the Spirit. It might have been the first time for him. When asked what kind of religious background he had, he said “none”. I said to him that he could very well be in a better place than many out there. He smiled and said, “have a good day”.

The other situation, was much more involved spiritually. I will try to give you the short version.

In the afternoon, I was led to stand on this corner which I haven’t been to in about three weeks. Lots of awesome things have taken place here over the years. After standing here for a few minutes, I heard someone yell my name. I looked across the street, and it was this sister who sells newspapers (street roots) on the corner. She came over and we were having a good visit. After about 20 minutes, this Muslim guy walks up and I hand him a tract. He takes it and proceeds to go over and board the train. A few minutes later, he shows up again.

So, this is how it went down.

The guy was a somewhat usual Muslim that wanted to try to convince us that he had the truth. He went into all the usual stuff that they do. Now, here’s the catcher. My friend/sister is well acquainted with the Muslim crowd. Here husband was once one. Now on the outside this appears pretty awesome doesn’t it? Here you have a sister that is well equipped  and very familiar to debate with them, right?

Now, after perceiving in the Spirit what was going on (it took a while), I had noticed on two occasions that my sister mention to me as the guy was talking, “it’s ok, I have it under control” and “just hold your peace”. She said that when I had hardly said anything. Our Muslim friend was doing the majority of the talking, with our sister doing some also. When she had said the last comment about holding your peace, I got a real big check in my spirit. The light went on. The Spirit was being silenced, and I finally caught on. I also heard her agree with the man on some things that threw up a “red flag”.

Now the war was on, and I was right in the middle of it.

The Holy Spirit did give us opportunity to speak truth to him in the Spirit and was also able to help our sister to remain quite. The real eye opener was the fact that our sister was not aware that an “endless debate” was developing back and forth. This is not wisdom to do on a sidewalk in front of lost people walking by. I have never agreed with this approach whither  its believers talking over doctrine or debating with an unbeliever.

Finally, the Spirit gave me what was needed for the man to hear, and he listened to it. We went into how God is Spirit. He agreed. Then we shared how His kingdom is spiritual. And……. it takes a spiritual birth to enter it, and also to perceive/understand it. We shared that it’s not about what religion you’re a member of. We then shared Jesus again. Here is a man who is wrapped up in dead religion, like many. We helped him and our sister to try to understand that it cannot be understood unless one is born again. The intellect was not going to bring about the “light”. It never has and never will.

Then, I looked to my left and it was my ministering brother. He knew right off the bat what was going on. War! Later he shared with me how thick the atmosphere was in warfare. Believe me, when I was finished, I knew that I’d been through the mine-fields.

As I parted, I assured our Muslim friend that it’s all about Jesus. He tried to stop me with some more of his religious junk. I padded him on the shoulder and said, “Jesus!”.

My brother and I took off uptown. We stopped to have prayer and cleansed ourselves of all the different spirits that went with that battle.

One hour later as I was returning to head back home, I passed by that corner again. Guess who was still there? Yep, the Muslim guy and our sister caught up in endless debate. I paused out of sight and had prayer, then proceeded on my way.

We must be reminded that one cannot be convinced nor converted by “intellectual debate”. Why do you think this is so? The answer is, so that man will not get the credit, the glory. It’s God designed. It’s Spirit!

The Spirit will cause you to do and say things that could not be repeated in its entirety if it had to be. Then, you know that it’s Spirit. When man moves out-of-the-way and the Spirit takes over, then God has his way to do what He wants. What He wants to teach also. The Spirit is Light.

Let us get back to the Spirit and out of the mind.


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