Children and the Light

Christ is the life, and this life is manifested through Him who is light. And, it shines through people who have received the light. This is God’s design, not man’s. (see Jn.1:4, 2 Cor.4:6)

There is also a measure of light (understanding) given to every person born into the world. (see Jn.1:9). However, as the child (the person) grows up, the light can either be increased or it can diminish depending on the influence that he or she is around, i.e if they are around darkness, the quicker they become dark. The same goes for the light influence. Thus we can see the vital importance in raising a child in the light of Jesus who is The Light.

Eventually, the child comes to a place when they must receive the light of Jesus for themselves. The typical “age of accountability” comes into play. Sin has now grown to maturity and must be dealt with as an individual before God. Where the influence of the light has become an essential part, still the child must believe and receive the light of Christ personally. Basically, they must be born again like anyone else. They must be born of the Spirit of God, which is the “light of Jesus”. Some would like to think that this comes automatically. No, the foundation might of well been laid, but the act of regeneration must take place for all, no matter the age or if they have been raised in the “church” or not.

When this regeneration has taking place, there will be diffident evidence and fruits of this regeneration. Baring in mind of course, that the child, depending on its age, is still a child.


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