The onward progression of trusting Him

Trusting God to provide your needs is a choice we have to make. It is also a “new life” long process. Like anything else in this life with God, when you think you have arrived, look out. And, it doesn’t matter how long you have been trusting Him, it will always have new challenges, trials and testings. Of course, this is how we grow in trusting Him more, right? And, do we ever completely learn?

I have been blessed to have a guy who sells me a bus pass each month for half price. Our relationship has been going on for about six month’s now. This month however, I came up short for the money. I had been praying as the month drew close to the end and I knew that I would have to contact him again to set up a place and time to get it. I was believing on the last day of the month that the money would come. I even believed when I had went to bed that the money would arrive some way, some how.

The morning came, and no money. Now, what was I to do with this guy who I had been getting the pass from each month? I had always had the money before each time. Was I to tell him that I just don’t have the money this month? I couldn’t do that. After all, we have this good thing going and I didn’t want to jeopardize that. So, I prayed on and off through out the day. Finally, later in the afternoon, I shot him a text and explained to him that I still wanted the pass, but ran short this month and was waiting for the money. He understood and said that it would be no problem.

That night as I was heading to the mall for our weekly gathering, I was still expecting. Long story short, I had mentioned during the testimony time that I was trusting God this month for rent because I was a little short. And, that I was able to take in some change for bus fare to ride in that night. Also, I had forgotten that I had a couple of dollars in my savings account and transferred that to pay rent. So, I praised God for that.

When the meeting was all over, a brother opened up his wallet and pulled out a pass and handed it to me. At first I said, “what’s this? But this is your pass!” He said not to worry about him. Wow! I thought.  I thanked him and God.

So that night, I thought to myself, what about my pass guy? What now? What am I supposed to tell him now?

This morning after study, I thought that I would text him sometime during the day and tell him that I still wanted the pass and was still waiting for the money. However, if he had to sell it, go right ahead and that I understood. (I was figuring that I would get the pass either before the 10th or on the 10th when I got paid. I could always find someone who needed it). This way, I would not jeopardize my relationship with this guy, right?

So this afternoon, as I got off the bus and walked down the sidewalk, I looked at my phone and noticed that he had called me. I thought, “hmm. Well, I needed to rehearse my line to him before I call”, right? Without delay and thinking, I just called him. I just unloaded on him what had happened the night before. But, I also said that I would still get it from him when I had the money. He said, “are you sure? But you have a pass now, and could save yourself the money”. I said, “yeah, but I can probably find someone to give it to so don’t worry”.

He says, “Hey, don’t worry. I have someone who wants it this month anyways. We can hook up next month and continue on as before”. Wow, I thought, as it all flashed before my eyes. How God worked this whole thing out. Once again, what a God! I was so thankful as I walked up my stairs to my room. You would think, that after the countless times of provision it would be easy and not so thought-provoking, wouldn’t you?

Ah, the onward progression of trusting Him. It comes home new and fresh every time.


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2 Responses to “The onward progression of trusting Him”

  1. Kimberley Says:

    Thank you for sharing that, There are lots of times when all i have is trust in him as well. I have learned to not doubt and to rely on him for meeting my needs, It always works out . ” With God All Things Are Possible”.

  2. Richard Says:

    Kimberley, hey it’s good to see you over here on the cyberspace side of life 🙂 I know about the “doubt” thing. I have to continually rebuke them. The natural man is full of it!
    Glad to hear that you trust Him as well!
    Bless you!

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