“No thank you. I have no need”

In street ministry, we get to see first hand how the masses respond to the Gospel. Most times, those who appear to be well off, pass by as to not even acknowledge our existence. I could be handing them a card and there would be no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not even an eye contact when looked at. It would seem that they already know what you are trying to give to them and they are not interested. On some occasions, they pass by so close, that they knock the card out of my hand.

We are thankful for the words of Jesus that says, “No one comes to the Father, unless he draws them”. We do acknowledge that it even takes the Father moving on their heart for them to even reach out and take a card. There is great contentment in knowing that the Father is always in control.

Today, we were in the NW part of town. It’s an area that we frequent about once a month on the average. It, like all the different parts of town, has its own type of people and spiritual darkness that goes with the territory.

It was a sunny beautiful day with lots of people out for a weekday. One corner that I usually stop by to hang out, has a drinking establishment on all four corners of the intersection. When the weather is nice, this makes for lots of people sitting around eating and drinking.

Before long, I notice that the response is practically nil. There is no “preaching” going on this day. Just standing there and holding out a card with a few occasional words. Many pass by, with most, there is no interest whatsoever. Maybe, one in 20 take one.

Then, guess who God brings by? An older homeless man. Yep. And what do you think he did when he approached me? He took a look at the card. That’s right. He noticed the card. He said, “I wish I had glasses to read it. I lost mine”. I briefly shared with him what is was about. He smiled and said, “God bless you. Thanks for being out here”. (Do you think he might have known a little about the neighborhood?). He thanked me again and proceeded across the street.

Soon, two scriptures come to mind.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt.9:13b) Those who think they have no need of a Savior, he did not come for. But, those who are “needy”, he came for.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Matt.19:30) Those who might think that they will be first, will end up being last. Those who appear to be last, will be first.

Soon, we left walking down the sidewalk. Maybe one in four, took a card. We came to a restaurant, and there was a young girl who was a waitress, going back inside. I said to her, “hey, can I share this with you?” She took one look at it and said, “no thanks”. She then looked me right in the eye and proceeded to tell me why she didn’t need Jesus. (I am noticing more and more, that the younger generations are getting more bold in telling you why they don’t need Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ is surely raising up.)

While listening (Key) she said the words, “lost soul”. The Spirit said to me to “go for that one”. When she stopped for a second, I proceeded to talk to her about being a “lost soul”. Our meeting was all to remind her once again that she is lost without Jesus. She had said in our conversation that she had others tell her that she was a “lost soul”. Conformation for her again?

Took off to the well-known “bookstore” in town. The Father brought some by there. Good day.

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9 Responses to ““No thank you. I have no need””

  1. Kimberley.S Says:

    What I have noticed when trying to talk to the younger generation is all the apathy that they have . alot of them raised with one parent and not brought up with the words of the savior , but rather wiith the words of the world. Once they get to know who they are in christ it can change their lives.

  2. RichardRichard Says:

    Very true Kimberley. Oh the need for them to be Born Again. To be able to experience God while they are living!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. brian Says:

    There is a generation that does not understand punishment or justice for that matter. They have been brought up in a shell of lies that preaches that education is the answer, and will solve all problems. Not true. Perhaps the way of the master evangelism approach would penetrate with the waitress you encountered. I find it fascinating that someone would tell me personally why they think that they are in no need of salvation. Richard, what was her stated reason for not needing Jesus? Does she believe that nothing created everything?

    • RichardRichard Says:

      Thanks for stopping by Brian!
      Yeah, don’t remember all the particulars about her, but she was very obstinate. I personally believe that she needed to have a another reminder of her “lost soul” condition and a reminder of Jesus and the only way, given by a stranger walking down the road. I try to never underestimate how an encounter like this works for the good of Him and His Kingdom. Praying for her.

  4. brian Says:

    As a follow up to my last comment, please consider the attached video that highlights my point very well.

    • Richard Says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I’m just not into trying to “intellectually” convince them. Some may find this approach helpful, but we must always be reminded, am i listening to them and hearing from the Spirit as to what they need as individuals?

  5. Lanetha Battee Says:

    Believers in my opinion should be willing to share the message about Jesus in some form or fashion at least once a week in public places, where people are. Teams of two or more getting together to do witnessing outreach very much like how a insurance salesman would go door to door to get folks to sign on to the package he wants to sell, or how someone would be out campaigning in neighborhoods hoping to gain votes for a candidate that’s running for an office. We as believers should be just as eager and dedicated as the insurance salesman and the campaigner, when it comes to getting the message about Jesus out into the public areas of our communities. We are so in my opinion for the most part infected with “stained glassed syndrome” if you will, like the church services is all that’s required of us, do our sundays and wensdays, rejoice with a convert that happened to come to our church and got saved in one of our services. There’s a mass of humanity beyond our church doors that needs to see and hear the visible presence of folks who call themselves Christians, even though one refuses or seemingly ignore the words, or an offer of a tract, doesn’t mean that there has not been a spark of drawing beginning to come alive within the heart, it could be by continual just being out there, that they could be saying, “I dont know, but those guys sure are persistent in what they’re doing, and they genuinely seem to really believe and care that others get what they’re out here for”. Witnessing for Jesus is one of the most urgent and important service any believer can involve him or herself in, and its one of the most “left out”, again in my opinion. Church leaders also have a responsibility of encouraging their congregations to take time to implement service of public witnessing into their daily or weekly schedules, if the leader is not speaking at all of public outreach, then there’s more and likely not going to be much thought by the congregant to get involved in this most needed and important endeavor.

  6. Richard Says:

    Lanetha, thanks for stopping by. I haven’t spent much time on this blog in recent years. But, in the last couple of days, i believe that the Lord is helping me to start posting here again.
    I agree with you heart in sharing about witnessing. Totally agree that the “church” needs it participants to get out there. And yes, it is up to the pastors to encourage them to do so. I also believe that it needs to be more than just a church gathering outside of the building, i.e. feeding the homeless etc. While this is needful and good, the focus should be a reaching those who God brings into our lives on a daily basis. i.e at work, at the store, at the bank etc. Witnessing outreach in groups is good and needful, but if not careful, that will be the only “outing” done for the week, month etc. And its way more than that. God bless you!

    • Lanetha Battee Says:

      Yes your right on, it truly does go beyond our gathering to witness, be encouraged to stay on the streets, we need desperately for you and others that are committing ourselves to impact people by sharing Jesus wherever we are, folks desperately need to know that theres hope and purpose for all of us in God, and that He can bring wonderful transformation to our lives in this uncertain world, will be praying for your street ministry service,

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