Another orchestration of God for his glory.
Last week, I’m heading down on the bus to Milwaukie. This time, I figured that I would sit in the middle seat at the back. Something that I used to do all the time. As the bus made its stops and people got on, I noticed that no one was coming to the back seats to sit. I thought it was strange. Did I look that ugly or what?
Finally after a few more stops, I jumped over to the corner seat. The next stop, one guy gets on. Guess where he sits? You got it. Right in the middle seat.

I immediately thought that there must be something to this. So I strike up a conversation with him. Come to find out, he just got out of the “drunk tank” in Portland after spending the night there. It wasn’t long before he begin to be sorry as our conversation turned to God. He knew that it was no happen chance that we had met. He once walked with God, but had strayed in recent years.
God had allowed him to spend the night in a cold cell with a chrome toilet, to get up the next morning and get on a bus and meet someone who would remind him about Himself. What a God! The ORCHESTRATOR!

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