Have you studied for yourself the fate of the unbeliever?

Truly one of the hardest messages to present is that of sharing the truths found in God’s word about the final place for all those who reject His love in the form of His Son. Why is this so hard to speak about? Because we like and want to hear everything positive, good and loving. So when we turn to God’s word, we in one sense, search for scriptures that edify, build up and encourage us and others. This we do and its good and right.

Most of us who believe, go by what we have been taught. We also only want to believe what we want to believe. So when we look into the scriptures, we see or hear what we want to see and hear. We put up barriers or block aids against anything different from what we have been taught or what we want to believe. This prevents us from receiving anything new that the Holy Spirit might be trying to get us to receive. Without continual personal revelation of the scriptures we cannot grow spiritually. We must be open to new understanding. We must be willing to change our understanding from what we might have believed to be true. This revelation and confirmation can only be given by the Holy Spirit within us.

The Holy Spirit is the teacher. How much time do you spend in quietness, alone with Him and his word? By this I mean, no outside distractions. No other books. No study guide. No music. No internet. No commentaries. Just you and His word.

Can we grow into new understanding, new revelation without personal time alone with God and his word?

What is God trying to show you personally? Where is He trying to lead you? Do you check in with Him? Do you hear from Him? Do you spend quality time with Him? Is what your being taught, truth? Is what you have always believed, true?

Have you ever studied for yourself the eternal destiny of the unbeliever? Have you asked God and looked into His word for the answer? Without no study guide on the subject? Its hard stuff for sure. Its something that is hard to believe. And, it could be very hard for you to believe it.

But, once you see the truth found in His word, then you need to ask Him to help your unbelief. To help change the way you have been taught, or always believed. New understanding, new revelation, does not come without a price. To be able to cross the line into new territory, new land, is not easy. You may even lose some friendships over it. Maybe some family members will distance themselves from you because of the new truths you have discovered.

By a clear understanding of the fate of the unbeliever, you will join the countless ones that have gone on before you with the heart of God for the lost. Once you understand their fate, you will be changed. No longer will you be half-hearted in desire for reaching them with the Gospel of Christ. Why? Because the love of God has gripped your heart. And you, like God, no longer want to see them end up perishing in a place that was originally prepared for the devil and his angels.

Are you willing to be changed? If so, study it out unbiased. May God bless you as you do.


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2 Responses to “Have you studied for yourself the fate of the unbeliever?”

  1. Kimberley Says:

    Gos is the ultimate orchestrator in his symphony he guides us with his word, You have to be all in. I look forward to my time alone with no distractions with him, I make time for that, I bathe my soul with the words and he always shows me what I need to learn!. I’m a follower not just a fan.

  2. Richard Says:

    Kimberley, thanks for you comment. I particularly like “you have to be all in” and “I’m a follower not just a fan”. Bless you!

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