“My kingdom is filling up and I want to keep it that way”

It was their nightly meeting. Satan and his angels gathered once again to discuss the day. Satan rubs his hands and gives that grin for which he is famous. Then he yells out, “Well!, how did those Jesus believers do today?” His angels pull out their pads with the recording of the day. One says, “we saw one of them make it again to work on time”. Satan says to another angel, “what did you find?” He says, “I found this guy who is always smiling”. And you? As he points with his crooked finger. “Well, there is this lady that always treats people kind and is always nice to everybody she sees” Then, Satan yells at the top of his piercing voice, ” You all know what I am looking for!” “How many times have we gone over this?” “Tell me! Tell me! What did you find! The room goes ghostly quite. He yells again, “What did you find!?” Then, his most crooked smile that really doesn’t look like a smile, but a real smirk, comes from his face. “Good!” “That’s what I wanted to hear!” “Those believers went all day long at their jobs, their shopping, their day off, their school, and never once mentioned that name that I cannot stand to hear to anybody?” None of the angels said a thing.

Satan finishes with, “Good. We will see what tomorrow brings”. “Make sure you are going over the complete city that I give you charge.” “I want to not only know if you find anyone sharing that Jesus name, but also, are they sharing how one can get into God’s kingdom” “That we must stop!” “My kingdom is filling up and I want to keep it that way”

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