The cross, look over your shoulder.

Two brothers were walking down a dirt road on their way to heaven. One brother says to the other, “I would have never thought that this life in Christ would be so rough and difficult with all these struggles and battles, defeats and victories.” The other brother turns to him and says, “Well, was not Christ our example? Did he carry his cross skipping, whistling and singing the whole way? How about the Apostles? How about all those you have read about in the book of Hebrews?”

Then there was a pause and it was quite as they walked down the road.
Finally, the other brother says, “Stop!” They stop together. He says, “Look over your shoulder. What do you see?” The brother says, “A CROSS”. “That’s right”, says the other brother. “And you will be carrying it your whole life. Whenever life gets real hard and you wonder what’s this all about, STOP AND TAKE A LOOK OVER YOUR SHOULDER AND SEE THE CROSS THAT YOU ARE CARRYING and remember the words of Jesus, “Whoever will not carry his cross and come after me, cannot be my disciple”.
The brother looked at the other and said, “Thanks brother. I needed to be reminded of that.”
They left walking down the road, carrying their crosses. Occasionally, they would STOP AND LOOK OVER THEIR SHOULDER and smile at each other. Joy would fill their hearts as they looked forward to heaven someday. In the mean time, they carried their crosses down the dirt road of life.

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