Sin, all but removed from society.

Somewhere in the early 60’s ….. at a undisclosed location …. Satan met with his angels. He was very troubled and saw that something of great magnitude must be done or else his kingdom quota would not be met.
He said, “There is a word that we must remove from society!” His angels thought within themselves. They all pondered as to what that word might be.
Finally, Satan slams his fist upon the desk and yells out, “SIN!” “SIN!” “It must be removed from their vocabulary!” “Do whatever you must do to remove it!” “Go to all peoples of all nations!” “I want you to also remove it from those who believe in that Jesus also!” “Make them afraid to use the word!” Make them embarrassed to even speak about it!” “It must go!” “It must go!”

Fast forward to the year 2000. They met again. The first thing on their agenda was to talk about how well they did in removing the word.
Well! shouted Satan. “Lets have it!” “Have what? the angels replied. “The report on removing the word SIN!” yelled Satan. One angel came to the front with the report.
“Read it to me!” “And read it loud!”
The angel read, “We have successfully removed the word from society….95%”
“What about with those believers! Satan replied. “We have made great gain with them, sir Satan” “We are at 90%” said the angel. “In fact, those that are out there sharing that Gospel message of that Jesus, are not even mentioning what he died for” “We here a lot about God’s love but very little about how he manifested his love” “Oh this is good!” “This is really good!” proclaimed Satan.
“Go back to work!” “By the year 2015, I want it to be totally gone from society, from the believers, from the churches, from everywhere!”
Satan yelled out, “Go, Go, Go out into the nations!” “And make sure you are spending the majority of your time in that country that at one time trusted in God” “I want 100% from all of you there!” “Remove it! “Remove it!” “Go!” “Go!”


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