Caution in the “laying on of hands”

Received some good understanding/revelation this morning on being careful in the “laying on of hands”.
Through a personal experience that took place last night, i gained the following and hope that you also might be enlighten into the danger of being too quick to let someone or several people put their hands on you and pray.
First off, i highly recommend, that if you don’t know the person or person’s that are praying for you, it is best to politely recline. Tell them that it is nothing against them personally, but that you do not know them. If they just want to pray for you without laying their hand on you, that would be fine if you are comfortable with that.
The “laying on of hands” has the ability to transfer in the spiritual realm. Many believers are either not taught this, just don’t believe it, or have no idea to the spiritual ramifications and are just naive to this truth.
Found in God’s word is a truth regarding this subject.
While the following passage is most often taking for us not laying hands on just any ole’ person, i believe the reverse is also to be included.

“Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep yourself pure.” (1Tim.5:22)

I have found through experience that if the person or person’s, that are laying hands on you are not walking in obedience/holiness, then you could be a “partaker” of their sins. Thus, the reason, we must “keep ourselves pure”.
Now the problem here is that we don’t know the person or person’s individual walk. That is why we must side on the side of caution. Unless the Spirit of God within us is bearing witness to us that it is OK for them to lay hands on us, we best not.

The minute i woke up this morning, i knew something was drastically wrong spiritually. It was like a night and day difference from the previous morning. My mind was all cluttered and with no clarity. I began to inquire of the Lord. He took me back to last night where there was several people who gathered around me and layed hands on me and prayed. A short time afterwards, i prayed for a guy there and i could not even pray in the spirit, but knew as i was praying that something had gone wrong. At the time, i didn’t know. Soon i left, and felt that something wasn’t right.

Praise God, he showed me this morning what had happened. We went to prayer and cast off the unclean spirits, through them out, and put up the blood of Jesus to seal them from their return!

I hope someone else is blessed by this and uses caution and wisdom and learns from this reality.

God bless you!


2 Responses to “Caution in the “laying on of hands””

  1. Debbie Schick Says:

    Thank you, I had a horrible experience after going thru the now popular “fire tunnel”. The Lord also took me back to that experience. I repented, renounced it and got free from it. I believe the Lord spoke to me personally that fire tunnels and such are “being frivolous with Holy things”. I agree we must use wisdom and caution with the laying on of hands.

  2. Richard Says:

    Hi Debbie. Yeah i don’t know much about the “fire tunnel” but it sounds like something that i would not be partaking in. I’ve been around some of that way out there kind of stuff before. Glad I’m not there anymore. There are so many strange things out there today, be careful. Being led by the Spirit of God always stands with sound biblical teachings. God bless you and thanks for stopping by.

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