God taking the little things and blowing them up

She came from China 13 yrs ago.

I had just finished spending the day in the Northwest area and walked up onto the train platform when i noticed one older lady sitting on the bench waiting, and another younger gal standing close by. I said to the lady sitting down, “well, how much longer?”. She says to me “8 minute”. I smile and we spend the next minute talking about the train and when it should be coming. Her English is very slow and broken, but i can understand her.
After a few minutes, i reach into my pocket and pull out a “Jn.3:16” card and hand it to her. She looks at it and says that her English is not very good. I assured her that it sounded fine to me and that she was doing very good with it.
Now this is where God shows up:
She then reads out loud for me to hear and the other lady that would soon smile.
“For….God….so…..loved…….the……world…..that…..He….gave….his…..only…..begotten (she had to repeat that one three times) …..Son,…..that….whoever…..believes….in….Him….should….not….perish….but…

I kept watching the other lady as she read it out loud. She was touched for sure! And it was all God orchestrated. Here was this lady originally from China reading John 3:16 as slow and clear as it gets. What a God that takes the seemly little things and blows them up for His glory.
He blessed all three of us with the reading of His word about His love through His Son Jesus.
The train soon came and we all got on. Each one of us taking our place on the train. I smiled at both of them and said “God bless you!” He did for sure.


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