Our understanding of the character of God and Jesus.

We all have our personal understanding of what the character of God and Jesus means to us. By “character”, I am focusing here on their “attributes, dispositions, personalities and temperaments”.

We all have arrived at this point in our lives with the understanding we have. This comes over a period of time, and comes from several different means. Our life experience to this point makes up some of our view or understanding of God and Jesus. We have had a personal experience through our dealings with God and Jesus, be it good or bad. This helps to create our image of God whether we want to believe it or not. Experience cannot be denied. Of course now, if our experience has been filled with a lot of negativity, disappointment etc. then we must address the issues that have been experienced in hope to be able to move on in our to a proper understanding.

Along with our experience comes the way we were raised. Those who raised us had a very strong influence on us whether we will admit it or not. We are all products to some extent as to how we were raised. Those who raised us, be it our parents, our parent, step mother, step father, Grandmother etc. all taught us in many different ways their views or understanding about the character of God/Jesus. Even if they didn’t believe in God, they still taught their understanding of God/Jesus. It might have been in subtle ways but taught never the less.

Another means of which many of us have arrived to this point in our understanding is through the reading of books. We all particularly like the books that we can relate with, or agree with. If we find one that hits on our understanding of God and or Jesus, we get that one and enjoy reading it because we agree with what’s being said. It comes into line with what we have understood to this point.

Another way is through being taught by teachers. Maybe it was our teachers in school when we were children that influenced us on the character of God. Also, it could have been our Sunday school teachers. Later on, if you went to college, your professors may have taught you some about the attributes of God. It may have been in a direct way, or an indirect way. Either way, you were influenced. If you were raised in a believing home that went to church, your Pastor taught you on his understanding of the disposition, temperament or personality of God/Jesus.

And, not only were we taught while growing up, we are all being taught continuously through life.

However, there is a couple of questions here that we must address. We must ask ourselves these questions, and face the honest answer if we desire the truth with proper biblical understanding. It is of vital importance for us to know as much as we can about the character of God and Jesus because the more we understand what they are like, the more our relationship opens up. We are no longer one-sided or lopsided in knowing what God/Jesus is really like. We open the box to our limited view. This opens up our relationship. Also, it is very important because we need a proper, more complete understanding to share with all the different people we run across who have many different views of God, or a limited view. With more of a complete biblical understanding we will be sharing not our view, our God/Jesus, but the true biblical God/Jesus as the best we understand it.

The first question is:

Am I willing to reevaluate my understanding of the character of God? If not, then of course, you will continue to be limited because you choose to be that way. In other words, you are content to remain in your present understanding of God’s character. However, we must ask ourselves the question….why do I not want to learn more?

If we are willing to reevaluate, then,

Am I willing to open myself up and study for myself to find out the true character of God? In the light of doing this, would I be willing to embrace any new understanding or any understanding that I might not be comfortable with? Will I agree with what I find? Would I be willing to change my view? Would I be willing to receive all the attributes of God? Am I willing to lay aside any feelings/emotions that affect my view of God? (This one is a big one for many). Why?

Because if you have been hurt or abused by anyone that had anything to do with God/Jesus, you have formed a lot of your understanding from this. As hard as it may be, this has to be laid at the feet of Jesus if you are to come to any kind of balanced view of God/Jesus. You would have to be willing to let this go and be healed in Jesus name first. It’s a closed-door without healing, and Jesus is the only way the door can be opened.

We cannot move further in our understanding of the character of God unless all these questions are answered with an affirmative YES!


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