Fearful and Unbelieving

In the parable of the Talents, the servant that received one talent and buried it, what was the one thing that kept him from using or multiplying his talent?

FEAR. “I was afraid”.

What did his lord call him?
“You wicked and slothful servant,”

What happened to his talent?
It was taken away from him and given to those who did multiply their talents for their lord.

What happened to the “unprofitable servant?”
He was cast into outer darkness. All because of “fear”, which stems from “unbelief”.
(see Mt.25:14-30)

In the book of Revelation, what are the first two classes of people that Jesus mentions that will have their place in the Lake?
The first is “the fearful”.
The second is the “unbelieving”. (see Rev.21:8)

Some more food for thought.


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2 Responses to “Fearful and Unbelieving”

  1. soo Says:

    I am often fearful of my life problems
    and reading that God will put to hell those who fear makes me tremble.
    I trynot to be fearful
    I try to rely on God yet I keep going back tp my old ways of being fearful of my future and not trying.
    I often feel like this servant who buried his talent.
    I rely on God yet I am fearful of my lack of hardwork the outcome it may bring.
    Will u pray for me?
    that I will no longer be fearful and be this wicked and lazy servant no more
    but bring many talents of profit to God

  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for stopping by soo. Yes, i will be praying for you. I am assuming that you have been born again, right?

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