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The Teacher and the Relationship

January 27, 2012

I am so thankful that you do not need a degree from some college to study, to learn, and even to teach from his word. Now, probably most would not give you much credit or recognition if your were to teach the word, but no were in God’s word does it say that you have to go to school or have a degree from a Bible College to be able to teach. It is only man’s understanding and acceptance that says that you need to have such. Being that the Holy Spirit is THE TEACHER, our first place should be to go to Him to learn. Certainly, the Holy Spirit can and does teach from men, but first, we must be learning from the Spirit and His word personally. If you talk about a “personal relationship with God”, how can you have one if you’re not spending time with Him through His Spirit teaching you personally? The bottom line is that you can’t. No time spent personally, equals NO relationship. It’s pretty basic, pretty simple. Oh you might have what you think is a relationship, built on “head knowledge”, but there is no intimacy involved. It’s like the guy that knows that he needs to have a relationship with his wife, so he signs up to take classes how to have a relationship with his wife. But, he never spends time with her to develop that relationship. All he has is a “head knowledge” as to how it’s done. But, he never spends time with the one that he wants to have a relationship with. Ah duh.

A few years ago, when I went back into my calling after traveling abroad, the Lord led me to hundreds of young guys in their twenties who God was calling and to whom he was speaking. Some of which, had not even yet been saved, and the things that were being said out of their mouth would blow most christians out of the water. Because of the shortness of time, God is preparing young people at rapid speed. They are being “downloaded” upon by the Holy Spirit. They are prophesying, they are doing the works of God by His Spirit. (see my post

Even yet today, I am finding men and women in their twenties that are speaking spiritual things that if one is not totally filled and led by His Spirit, they will not even have a clue as to what is being said. It takes Spirit to receive Spirit. In other words, you and I have to be filled and operating in the Spirit at the moment, to be able to receive one that is coming and is going to be downloading upon you. If not, we will dismiss it, or not even get it, or even stand there with a blank look on our face.

The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit is moving out there, and its big time. So, if you are unaware of it, then you need to get on board with the Spirit. We don’t want to be apart of the many who will not see it, or will dismiss it as “not of God”. This is, and is going to be “God outside of the box”. It’s been happening out there, and will continue with “Revival” such as the world has never known. A “Street Revival” that was prophesied years ago by a brother who now lives in New Zealand is coming to pass. Are you preparing? Are you ready? Hurry, the Boat is soon to be leaving.

“Spirit Led Operation”, the need of the hour!

January 19, 2012

This life is supposed to be one of being Spirit led, and not one of being led by our carnal mind and will. What we want to do, should not even enter our priorities. Do we practice being Spirit led? Do we care what the Spirit might be saying? Do we even know what it’s like to hear from the Spirit, then go out and be led by His Spirit?

Of course, this takes lots of practice, patience and perseverance. Learning to operate in and of the Spirit is the great need of the day for all those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is the day of preparation before the real needs hit our land. If we wait, we will be like the majority who will have not taken the time to learn and prepare the ways of the Spirit in operation.

May the Spirit of God within us take precedence over our mind and body.

Quietness and alone time with God is the essential need of the hour. No real relationship, no real fellowship with God through His Spirit can be developed unless this time is being taken on a regular basis. You can’t learn of the Spirit unless time is taken with the Spirit. When the Spirit is ruling, leading and guiding our lives, then we go into and operate in the realm (the kingdom) of God. The realm of the Spirit is the kingdom of God. Remembering that, “God is Spirit”, His Kingdom is spiritual, and it’s takes a birth of the Spirit to understand this Kingdom, and to be able to operate in it.

If we don’t spend this “alone time with God“, no real foundation can be laid to operate in the Spirit. We will operate out of the intellect and the flesh. It will be easy to follow the ways of man and religion. We will fall into routine, familiarity and comfort. All three of these ways are ways that our flesh is well acquainted with.

We are reminded, that the biggest battle that the believer faces, is that of the “flesh versus the Spirit“, if indeed one is endeavoring to have the Spirit rule their life. If not, there will be no real battle taking place because the carnal mind will be ruling. Let us not forget that this kind of mind is “enmity with God”.

So, Spirit operation is the need of the hour. To be able to know where to go, what to say and what to do is going to be ever more so needed in the coming days. Let us not be left behind, because whither we want to believe it or not, God is busy assembling his “Army” of Spirit led believers that are going out into the world to do what the Spirit has ordained them to do. They are being equipped and trained while they are out and about practicing being Spirit led, and the power is being manifested in the fulfilment thereof.

“Rise up O Spirit of God!”

God, Spirit and Kingdom

November 11, 2011

It’s simple, but it can be easily lost in the midst of religious trappings. We must be continually reminded that first off, God is Spirit. He is not some tangible God that will be confined to a box built by man. The minute you try to put Him in a box, he smiles, and goes right through the walls of the confinement that has been built. Why? Because He is Spirit, and you cannot confine a spirit to an enclosure. The same is true of spirits sent from Satan. A spirit is a spirit. You can’t see it. You can’t even try to make it what you think it should be. It has already been formed by its creator, and cannot change unless its creator causes it to change.

The human intellect has and can spend, its whole time on earth below trying to figure out God who is Spirit. In the natural mind, he makes out God to be something that his mind can create. Thus, he has created a God that suits his understanding, and one that he can relate with. Then, all he has to do to make it “spiritual” is attach some religious traditions, religious teachings, religious teachers and the like. Woo-la. Stamp a name on it, and in some cases market it, and they are off and running in a world that is full to overflowing with gods, religions, teachings, and seminars.

Again, we are to be reminded by the very words of Christ, which are spirit and life, “God is Spirit,” (Jn.4:24a).

Now, being that God is Spirit, what do you think that it might take for one to begin to commune with, relate with, have a relationship with a God who is Spirit?  How about, a birth of the Spirit of God within you, a spiritual birth from God. A birth where His Spirit comes to be birthed inside you. This is where one enters the spiritual realm (kingdom) of God.

The best way to understand this is to take a look again at the story of Nicodemus. He was a religious ruler of the Jews. So, he was very well versed and educated in his religion, in fact he was a “ruler of the Jews”. So this is no little guy, as far as status goes.

Jesus knew all about this guy. He knew every detail of his life. Was Jesus intimidated by him? You decide.

After Nicodemus credits Jesus with the fact that he knows that Jesus is a teacher from God, and that he does miracles, signs and wonders, and that no one could do what he has done unless God was with him, Jesus reply’s, “unless one is born again (born from above, spiritually) he cannot “SEE” the kingdom of God.” (Jn.3:3). The word “see” here is very important to understand. It means, “to know”, “be aware of”, “know”, “knowledge”, “perceive”, “understand”.

So, first off we see that Jesus knew that Nicodemus must be told first how to “know, perceive or understand” the kingdom of God. Do you think that because of all his studying, much learning etc. that Jesus had to deal with this first?

How many people today are trying to know, perceive or understand the spiritual realm (spiritual kingdom) of God? Have you ran across a few lately? It’s nothing new. They were trying to figure it out well before Christ, and today it’s still the same, well after He has gone.

And as if we needed more from Nicodemus to show that he could not figure it out with all his religious teaching and upbringing, he says to Jesus after he said that he needed to be “born again”, “how can that be? Can a man enter a second time into his mother’s womb? Talk about trying to figure it out in the natural mind! I can’t help but think that Jesus either rolled his eyes, smiled or maybe even laughed.

After Nicodemus’ questions, then Jesus went straight to “how to enter the kingdom of God”. Now, through all this we must see that Jesus is trying to relate a “spiritual kingdom” to a man who has no concept of spiritual things. Why? Because if he did, he would have not mentioned the natural birth when Jesus was talking spiritual birth.

And, I love how Jesus basically said to him, “don’t try to figure it out” (In verse 8, where he talks about the wind). This should be a good reminder to us all when we come across those who can’t figure out the spiritual things that we may be talking about. First things must come first, they must be “born of the Spirit”. All the best approaches, best tactics and best teachings on evangelism will not produce one convert unless they have been born again.

So, in closing, I would like to remind us that it is a good idea to re-acquaint ourselves with the basic understanding of the Spiritual side. God is Spirit. It takes a Spiritual birth to understand the things of the Spirit. And, one must be born of the Spirit to perceive and to enter the kingdom of God.

If we are to be effective in God’s kingdom in all that we do, we must be in the Spirit, and doing the things of the Spirit, and sharing/teaching/preaching the things of the Spirit.

What God is doing on the streets

June 30, 2011

Street ministry, like all ministry, involves people. What is really awesome to see, is lives being changed whether it appears small or big. Also, to see change in a relatively short amount of time. Like on many occasions, today we got to see two people being changed.

Just last week, James and I were on a corner downtown hanging out as usual. This nineteen year old guy came up and started talking. He was playing the “know it all” and did very little listening at first. He confessed that he was raised in a Christian home, but was now trying to find God his own way. He talked a lot about how he disagreed with the way the world was and gave his reasons as to why. As time went on, the Spirit was moving and he was beginning to do a little more listening. When it was all said and done, he agreed to have prayer with us, and we all finished with shaking hands and smiling.

Today, exactly one week later to the day, he came by again. This time, he was different. He was a little more laid back. He listened more. I asked him how he was doing. He began to tell me that now he was going to church, and he had a lot more to say about Christ this time.

He had a tripod and a video camera, and asked if he could interview me with some questions. He said that he was going to make a video to show to people. His questions where very good. He asked if I believed in Hell and who all would go there. He asked that if I could go back and do some things over, would I. And if so, what would they be. He asked me do I believe that Jesus is the only way to God. He also had some more questions in which I answered the best that the Spirit gave me.

Then he began to share some deep spiritual things about the Devil and his fall. He shared about light and darkness. This had once again confirmed what the Lord had showed me a few years ago about the younger generation coming up. They would advance more quickly and receive deep revelation faster than those previously (see my post on “God’s Army”).

Here was a guy that in one week had scaled a mountain on the spiritual level. This is what God wants to do and is doing.

We encouraged each other and he said to remember him in prayer as he walked off looking for other people to interview. Bless the Lord for what He is doing!

The other guy is an addict that I have known for about three months now. The first time I met him was when I had been sharing at this corner a short distance east out of downtown. He had been strung out and was begging for money like most. He at that time, was very opposed to hearing the Gospel. However, I prayed for him and believed that I would see him again.

For a couple of weeks after, I would see him and he would smile and say hi. One time, the three of us were heading to the local mall for our weekly gathering and they noticed him, not knowing that I had met him before. One of the brother’s laid it pretty straight with him. I sensed that it was from the Lord, so I just stood back and prayed. So did our other brother James. (Ps. This is important if you go out with some other brothers or sisters and find yourselves talking to one person. Usually, if you gang up on one person, it won’t last very long, and they will have to leave. Seen it more than once).

We would see him a few more times before today. Each time, he was becoming more aware of God and not being so rejecting of Christ.

Today, he came around the corner where we were at. He appeared to be sober and had a lady friend with him for the first time that I had noticed. As he was passing, he turned back and leaned towards me and smiled and said, “OK, I will take one”. He for the first time took a tract. He had refused them before. This was a big step. When one reaches out of their own free-will and takes a tract, it is BIG in God’s economy. It is a blessing to see the Spirit move on one to reach out and take. The results are up to God.

So, we today, bless God for what He is doing. He is moving on hearts, trying to get them to turn. It is truly awesome to see him move and change people. He is in the “changing people business” for sure!

Who’s to say?

May 1, 2011

Barring in mind that God is about eternity, which has to do with people, would He cause or allow certain things to happen in our lives so that we would affect people for Him and his kingdom?

If this is true, and we would see life more this way, would life take on a whole new perspective? Could we look for the good more out of the unfortunate situations?

What if :

Your car breaks down on your way to work? Now the first response would be, “Oh no, I can’t miss work”. Or, “Great, how am I going to get to work now”. Or, “What about my car?”. While these are natural responses, and yes, they need to be addressed, but we must look to God as to why.

Ok, if I believe that God is about eternity and people (souls), what is going to be my response now? Is somebody going to stop on this roadway that I am on and offer assistance? Is this going to be a person? A soul bound for eternity? If so, am I ready for the encounter? Or, am I all wrapped up in my problem to be of no use to God or his kingdom?

How about the tow truck driver? Is he or she a person? A person that God loves and gave his Son for? Or do we not see that? Is all we see is that “How long will it take to get here?”

What if :

A storm comes in the night and blows your fence down? Do you stop and consider who are the people who are going to be involved in this accident? What about the insurance agent? What about the guys that they send out to repair the fence? What about the neighbor that you have never met? Would this be a opportunity to share Jesus? Do we believe that unbelievers are not going to make it into the Kingdom? If so, does it move us? Are we concerned?

In my outings as a street minister, I have to be reminded also.

My part-time work at a local retailer posts its schedules online. Two weeks ago, I noticed that I was not scheduled for this weekend. A week ago, I noticed that I was not scheduled for next weekend. So, by the grace of God, I prayed and sought him out regarding this. I called my supervisor and he informed me that there was no available hours in my department. He suggested that I talk to another person in another department. So, long story short, I was unable to get a hold of the supervisor Saturday morning. So, by faith I got ready to head out the door for downtown. I knew that there would be some brothers out ministering in a certain area, so I took off.

I get to the light rail train, and there waiting for the next train, I hear this yelling going on. I walk over to see what is going on. Two men were arguing about Jesus. It sounded like they were arguing about what skin color he was. One man was a caucasian man, the other was a Afro-American. I think it had something to do with it. Soon, the train came and myself and three others got on. One of the guys was the Afro-American man who was involved in the yelling.

So, as it turns out, the three of us all have opportunity to share on the train. Jesus was lifted up, to God be the glory. The other man who was arguing with this man on the train, never got on. He took off walking, so I never had a oppertunity to meet him.

So the day started off well. When I got to town, I did one prayer walk. After, I called my supervisor, in hopes that she would be in. She never answered the phone. Oh well, here we are and there is people everywhere. It’s a beautiful day and with the outdoor market staring me in the face as I look down upon it from the bridge above, I continue my prayer walk.

Soon, the brothers are sharing and I am across from them handing out Jesus tracts. I go to a couple of different areas and follow what the Spirit is leading me to do. He leads me to a very busy area where they cross the street. He shows me to do something a little different then I have done in the past. Stand there and smile, hold out one in each hand. This came from a vision He gave me when I was standing off to the side waiting for the next move.

So, the response was very good with some stopping by to share. Towards the mid-afternoon, I was led to hop on the train and head back home. I also sensed that I was to go into work and personally see the supervisor to see if I was to work tomorrow.

So, I get on the train, and as I always try to do, I look around at my surroundings. I noticed this young guy on my right, up a stair or two. I was impressed to say hello and give him a tract. He graciously took it and said thanks. Soon he stepped down in front of me and started to read it, word for word as the train moved down the tracks. When he finished and raised his head, I asked him what he thought. And for the next 15 minutes, we had an awesome dialog, sharing together.

He said that he was raised in a believing home, but they didn’t go to church much. I had a opportunity to encourage him that he needs to have other believers that he meets with on a regular basis. He agreed. I asked him to pray that God would send them. I also invited him to our fellowship. He seemed to be really blessed that he had this “God encounter”. (Remembering, that God is Spirit, and that he is everywhere, and that he is all about people). I also reassured him about Jesus, as being the only way.

Now, just as an example, who’s to say that my work schedule was all mixed up for one reason? Was it for the above guy on the train? Was it for the guys at the beginning of the trip? How about the 30-40 tracts that were passed out? Was there maybe one that God had specially prepared for the day? How about the guy that I gave  two quarters to, on the corner that I was sharing? He was blessed with the quarters, yes. But what about hearing the Gospel one more time in his life? Was that worth having a day off with no pay? What did it matter in the eyes of eternity?

So, may we all, by God’s grace, began to look more at each day from God’s perspective, which is “Eternity and souls”. God bless you all!

Dying while your living

April 1, 2011

When you turn to Jesus there is a whole lot of dying that must take place. It is a life long process of dying. It is a continual process of dying to ourselves. Dying to our desires. Dying to our ways. Dying to our dreams. Dying to our fantasies. Dying to our wants. Dying to our needs. Dying, dying, and more dying.

And the reason for all this dying? So Christ in us may surface to the forefront, so that the world would see Jesus, and we would be about The Kingdom of God.

There is however a real danger that can happen along the way of dying. What is that? Looking back. Looking back at all the stuff you have given up for God and His kingdom. Then it becomes regret. Satan plants seeds just like he did in the garden. “Has God really said that?” “Did God really require that of you?” The doubts began to overcome all the advances that were made for the Kingdom. Soon, one is drawn back into the world, and with time, the things of God become a distant memory.

The deceiver has struck again!

I have not regretted one thing that I have given up for God. Oh, at times there was some sort of grieving that took place, but when it was all said and done, the blessings for out weighed the giving up. In order for one to fulfill the call of God on their lives, He will show you personally what must go. It could be very minimal at times, other times it could be things that are very big in our lives.

It could be our jobs. It could be our homes. It could our families. It could be our business. It could be our church. Whatever He shows us personally along the process of our lives, that is what we need to give up. We give it up so we can move along on the tracks of His plan and purpose for our lives. We must be reminded that God is all about eternity. He sees the beginning from the end. He has eternity in view all the time. Whatever can be given up for Him and His Kingdom so that it can advance for eternity, is worth it to Him. We are here so very little of time that it should be no shocker to us to give our all for Him and Kingdom work. That is if we are indeed sold out for Him. This is if He is Lord.

I will not list all the things that I personally have given up for Him, except to say, it has been worth it all. Life with Him is a continual life of forsaking all and dying to ourselves. It starts the moment one is “born again”. You and I are called to die the moment we are born. And the question must go out…… how are we doing with it?

This all comes from The giver of life, Jesus the Christ. Read the gospels, if you doubt what has been written here.

Two Kingdoms at War

March 3, 2011

Which Kingdom are you in? Are you at war?

There are only two kingdoms. People are only in one or the other. There is God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom. And the battle is only over one thing. The human soul for eternity.

“Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath,” Why? “because he knows that he has a short time.” (Rev.12:12b)

“And the dragon (the Devil/Satan) was enraged with the women, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (12:17)

The spiritual battle for souls is intensifying. I see it more and more as the day approaches. Satan is very, very angry because he sees the end coming and wants to get all the souls he can for eternity. More and more people are being overcome with all his devises, such as drugs, alcohol, sex, and pornography etc. Satan has his “hooks” in people so he can lure them to wherever he wants them to go. His main objective is to lure them right into eternity, to see them together in a place prepared for himself and all his angels. (See Rev.20:10, 15 and 21:8)

We as believers, are the “offspring” that he (Satan), has come to make war with. Do you sence this war going on? I am not talking about the daily troubles, such as, problems at home, problems at work, relationship problems etc. These are common everyday difficulties that all face in one form or another. It doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not. What I am talking about is the warfare that is going on if you are actively engaged in some form of “rescuing the perishing”. This is where the main battle is. Yes, there is other forms of warfare that we as believers face. But, the hot spot of the battle is and always has been on the front lines battling for eternal souls.

Satan is at war with you, if you are “keeping the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. For all those who want to put God in a denominational box, and say that He is talking about the “Ten Commandments” here, need to take a look at this word “commandments”. It means, “injunction” which is “to enjoin”. “the act or an instance of enjoining: order, admonition.” The word “enjoin” has to do with “yoke”. “to direct or impose by authoritative order or with urgent admonition.”

We are safe with saying that it is those who are “enjoining” themselves into God’s word, God’s order and admonition. Those who are taking upon themselves the “yoke” of Jesus. Taking on His “authority” and “admonition”.

Satan is also at war with you if you have the “testimony of Jesus”. This word “testimony” means that there is “evidence given”. Does your life bear evidence of Jesus? If not, you are not at war, and you need to be really concerned. If Satan is not at war with you personally, then you need to be very concerned as to where you are in your relationship with God and his kingdom. The word “testimony” also means, “record, report, witness”. What’s our record with Jesus? How about our report? Our witness?

It is not as though we go looking for this “war”. No, we don’t go looking for Satan, and he is not under every bush either. However, if we are active in God’s Kingdom, there will be evidence of spiritual battle in this war. It will usually be manifested through people. Just like God uses people, Satan also uses them. In Revelations 12:9, it says that “his angels were cast to the earth ” along with Satan. He has untold angels roaming the earth today. If you are active, you won’t have to be looking very far for them. They will find you.

So, a good indicator as to whether you are in this war or not, is to take inventory of your most recent days here on this earth, and see if Satan has raised his ugly head at you. Do you see the battle raging through people around you? Does Satan send one of his angels across your path occasionally? If so, Good! You’re in the war for souls. Yours and others, and it’s a good thing.

In closing, how do we “overcome” Satan? The answer is found in verse eleven. “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” Three things here. The blood of Christ. Our spoken testimony. And by not loving our lives while here on earth, even if it costs us our lives. Good then, the word “testimony” also comes from the meaning of “martyr”

God bless you as you march forward and take your place in His Army on the battle field.

The mode of entrance into the Kingdom

January 22, 2011

The mode of entrance into the kingdom of God is the second birth, which is a birth of the Spirit of God. A spiritual birth must take place.

The key to understanding the spiritual birth, is the Spirit of God. Without the Spirit of God dwelling within you, there is no understanding of it. This was pretty obvious when Nicodemus tried to figure it out from a natural perspective. He couldn’t. And all those who have yet to be born again, are in the same boat. First Corinthians, chapter 2 is a good one explaining the natural man verses the Spirit of God, in relation to understanding the Spirit, or God who is Spirit.

After moving on from John 3:3, which talks about the need to be “born from above” in order to “see” (perceive, or understand) the kingdom of God, the real need is to be able to “enter into” the kingdom of God. Jesus made it absolutely clear that one cannot get into it unless they have been “born of water and Spirit”. So how important would this be to understand what He was talking about? Can we afford to “hit and miss” with this one?

So, to be “born again” is to have a spiritual birth which is, being “born of water and Spirit”. This is the spiritual birth. This is the only birth into God’s kingdom. It doesn’t make any difference what Doctor so and so says, or Professor so and so says. Any teacher void of the Spirit of God is not qualified to speak on things of the spiritual kingdom anyways. We must get the meaning of what Jesus was teaching here, and it takes the Spirit of God to do that.

Now, I totally disagree with all those that think that Jesus was talking about the natural birth when he mentioned “born of water”. They think that Jesus, when talking to Nicodemus, was saying that one needs to be first, born physically. Isn’t that a “no brainer?”. Why would he tell a grown man that he needed first to be born naturally? Or anybody for that matter.

Some also have said that the “water” means the water that’s abound the baby inside the mother. And before she gives birth, her “water breaks”. Was this a term that the Jews used back then like us Americans of today? I think not.

We are looking into the “water” part of the new birth. Water plays a huge part. It is every bit as important as the “Spirit” part of the new birth. Remember, Jesus said, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”  Stay tuned as we look into being “born of water”.

Jesus said, “You must…..

January 20, 2011

This is not a, “I think it would be a good idea”. Or, “this is something you might want to consider”.

Jesus said that in order to “see” (perceive, understand) the Kingdom of God, “you need to be born again” (Jn. 3:3). And more importantly, He also said that one cannot enter the Kingdom of God unless he or she is “born again”.

Jesus said, “You should not be surprised that I have said, “You must be born again” (vs.7).

Somewhere in the 80’s the term, “Born again” was thrown out. Probably because it received such a bad rap by those who were claiming to be born again. Also the media, as usual, capitalized on the term during that time. So the church came up with some other ideas, and since that time, it has gone crazy with one new idea after the other. Not only that, but it has been in the experimental stage ever since.

I believe it’s past time, that we bring it back to the forefront. Why? Because it is the foundational teaching of Christ if one is going to “understand” and “enter” God’s spiritual kingdom. Without this experience, everything else is secondary and on down the line.

I believe every blood washed one needs to have a solid understanding of this doctrine before they proceed on to others. You might say that it’s “elementary”, but if you don’t understand it, and how to share it with the lost, then you could very well be sharing a false gospel. We are living in a day, and have been there for quite some time, where all we say is, “just bow your head and ask Jesus into your heart”. Or, “bow your head and repeat after me”.

How is this being “born of the Spirit?” Or, as Jesus said, “born of water and spirit?” What does this mean? How important is it? Do we care?

I hope to share more on this subject in the coming weeks. Lord willing, I am going to write another gospel tract, and it will be on the necessity of “being born again”.

May God stir our hearts to realize the need of being born again, and what it means, and how to explain it.

The Spiritual Realm

December 30, 2010

The Bible calls it the “Kingdom of God”. Jesus taught a lot about it.

Jesus said that “my kingdom is not of this world” (Jn.18:36). So if not of this tangible world, then what kind of kingdom is it? Its is a spiritual kingdom. A spiritual realm where God who is Spirit dwells.

The Hebrew meaning for the word “kingdom” is “dominion, rule, realm, or reign”. The Greek meaning is “royalty, rule, a realm”. It has to do also with “the notion of a foundation of power”.

“Realm” appears in both the Hebrew and Greek. Jesus taught a spiritual kingdom. This is made clear in John, chapter three. Jesus answered the ruler of the Jews (Nicodemus) and said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born from above (spiritual birth), he cannot see (understand, perceive) the kingdom of God.” (vs.3)

So one is not going to have a clue about this “spiritual kingdom” unless they have had a new birth, a second birth, a birth of the spirit if you will. Not only will one not be able to understand the kingdom, they will also not be able to enter into the spiritual kingdom without the second birth. Jesus makes this clear also in verse five. “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot “enter” the kingdom of God.”

Here we see that the “mode of entrance” is both “born of water” and “born of Spirit”. The born of water has to do with the internal washing of the heart (see my posts on “Born of water”). It takes a “baptism” of water, a washing of our sins away, and a “baptism” of the Holy Ghost (the Holy Spirit) to “enter the kingdom of God”. Many take only to the few scriptures that say, only “believe”. In this chapter, Jesus taught us what must take place to “see” and “enter” the kingdom. Then he went on and mentioned “believing” in the remaining verses. He mentioned the cross as the means to believe in.

“And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (Jn.3:14-15)

This being “born of the Spirit” is a mystery, so don’t try to completely figure it out. Jesus taught this in verse eight. “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” It’s a mystery.

My definition of the Spiritual Kingdom is, ” the realm of God in which He the Spirit moves and has its being (operates).

If we have received the Spirit of God within us, then “the kingdom of God is within us” (also meaning, “in our midst”). So, not only inside us, but moving in our midst. This is the part that I like to see. I just don’t like to see the Spirit bottled up just for me and my benefit. No, I like to see it out and about, moving in and through me. I like to observe the Spirit working. Moving upon people. Drawing people. Moving them like a magnet. Talk about power!

One example:

Last week, the Spirit was moving upon me to share about the “Spiritual Kingdom”. This was two days before Christmas. People were going everywhere, shopping and buying gifts. The sidewalks were packed with people. As the Spirit went out, people began to slow down to listen to the Spirit. It was awesome. One younger guy, caught my eye as he did “figure eights” in front of me several times. People lingered around to hear what was being said. Their spirits were trying to get a hold of God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks to their spirit. It’s spirit to spirit, so to speak.

I am becoming more aware of the power of The Spirit. When the Spirit is moving or speaking, people take notice. Just today, I was talking to a brother on the corner, and all I did was mention the word “spirit”, and this lady that past by, turned back and looked at us to hear what was being said.

When we operate in the Spirit, we are able to partake in this “realm”. It’s not for us to get “fat” spiritually on and toot our horns, but to see the kingdom of God come, and come with power (the Holy Spirit). It’s the “Power” to move on people to extend God’s kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”.

Just like, “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” literally, also it can’t spiritually. It’s God’s spirit in us doing the work. This flesh is just the carcass, and someday it’s going back to the dust. That is as far as it goes. It’s the “Spirit that gives life, the flesh profits nothing”.

If the Spirit is working, there is going to be demonstration (manifestation). And it’s going to be powerful. It’s going to resemble “otherworldly”.


“And heal the sick there, and say to them, “The kingdom of God has come near to you.” (Lk.10:9)

When demons are cast out, say “the Kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Lk.11:20)

Christ said, “if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the Kingdom of God has come upon you.” (Mt.12:28)

“And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations,” (Mt.24:14)

Christ was sent, “to preach the kingdom of God.” (Lk.4:43). Christ proclaimed (preached) the good news of the Kingdom of God. (Lk.8:1)

The twelve were sent to “preach the Kingdom of God, and heal the sick” (Lk.9:2)

Christ “spoke to them about the Kingdom of God, and healed them.” (Lk.9:11)

I will close with this one from the “radical Jesus”. “Then He said to another, “Follow Me.” But he said, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” Jesus said to him, “Let the dead bury their own dead, but you go and preach the kingdom of God.”  Does the Kingdom sound important to Jesus in this statement? Should it be important to us?

Jesus ends with this, “And another also said, “Lord, I will follow you, but let me first go and bid my family who are at my house, farewell.” But Jesus said to him, “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.” (Lk.9:59-62)

First off, have you been born of the Spirit? If so, what are you doing in the spiritual realm? Are you “seeking first the Kingdom of God?”. Are you operating in this realm?

May you also receive a fresh revelation of God’s Spiritual Kingdom. God bless you!