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Activating the Spirit in your individual environment

August 29, 2013

Most often it takes effort on our part. I believe God desires it that way. He smiles when we do and “want to”. I have seen this on countless occasions.

If we have been born of the Spirit, we have the Spirit of God within us. However, many times in a public environment, we who have the Spirit must step out and make the first move. By doing this, we most often get to partake in what the spirit is doing upon people.

Another example of this was given to me today as I was riding home on the bus. Now, first off, I would like to interject here, that probably most who read this post are not regular or maybe never, bus riders. Don’t let that deter you as you read this from allowing the Holy Spirit to personalize your individual environment where you are around people.

I had just finished being downtown for the day and boarded the light rail train to head home. Like a lot of times, I was just standing there looking around watching people. And as usual, I was on the tired side. Personally, I have seen some of the most awesome times of the Spirit moving during these times.

The train stopped, I got off and headed as usual to the final leg of the trip home, the bus. It was filled with people more than usual already before I boarded. This was due to a previous train that had showed up earlier. I went to the back as usual and took a seat on one of the sides seats. The minute I sat down, I sensed a prompting of the Spirit to immediately pass out some “Born of the Spirit” cards.

Now, I have learned and am learning, that it is good to stay out of any kind of “evangelism” routine. I.E. the minute you sit down, break out the cards 🙂 I must confess that there was a time where this was standard routine. But in the last couple of years, I have learned and continue to learn, that listening and hearing from the Spirit within is key. At the same time, not falling into a routine of not doing anything. That is the easy way out. That is the comfortable way.

From past experience, I know that most often in a public environment, if I don’t say something to someone first, then nothing happens. I know that we who do have the Holy Spirit within, are the ones if anybody, that should speak up, hand out, or do etc. first.

Ok. Back to the bus ride home.

I passed out cards to the people around me. Four out of seven took them. Then, as I usually do, I sat back and prayed and waited for something to happen. Sometimes, nothing noticeable happens. That is Ok. God is bigger than we give him credit for.

The four people were reading them. One girl who had her children with her, didn’t finish  reading it. That’s not all that uncommon. When we see them put it in their purse or pocket, that’s a good thing.

About halfway home, one young guy reaches out and shows me the book that he has been reading. He points to the chapter that says, “Lifting up the serpent”. Wow, I said to him. The card that I had just gave him, talked about that.

Now, the guy next to me was reading the card very slowly. He seemed to be very thorough. When he finished it, he smiled and handed it back. I said the usual when they do that, “Oh, you can keep it”. He then told me that he know all about it. So, for the rest of the ride we had a very good dialogue. He asked some good questions, and I answered with the Spirits help.

I could tell by listening to him and when he asked the questions that he asked, that he seemed to in a “cooled off” state. By his own admission, he said that our visit was just what he needed. I asked him if he had been born again, and he assured me that he had.

During our conversation, he said, “tell me, what makes you pass these out?” I smiled, and said, “It’s all because of God’s love inside me”. He smiled and agreed.

The other guy who had the book, now jumps into the conversation. And……… as I always love to see…..”Church on the back of the bus”. All around get to hear. Well, all around who don’t have their ears taken up with something else 🙂

So, can you see what happen because of being obedient to the Holy Spirit’s prompting? Who made the first move to engage? Did I have to step out and get out of my comfort zone of kicking back and enjoying the ride?

Well, to all those who are saying right about now, “well Richard, that’s your calling, and that’s cool”. With that, I reply, that we are all called to share in how the Holy Spirit desires us to. Wherever we go, in most cases there is going to be people around us. We might be at the Post Office waiting in a line of people. Or at the grocery store. At the gas station waiting in line. At work.

God’s will is that “none perish” and if we have God inside us, then this will is in us, right? Unless of course, we are preventing his will from going out of us. That would be like shutting him up all day in a box, wouldn’t it?

Most often, all it takes to set the Holy Spirit into motion is a simple “Hey, how are you?” or “I like your shoes!” “You have the most beautiful hair!” “So, what’s been going on with you?” ETC. ETC. ETC.

So, will you be willing to step out and “activate” the Spirit in a public place? He’s waiting.


Born of the Spirit

August 10, 2012

God who is Spirit, resides in the spiritual realm (kingdom). He is also Holy. What does “Holy” mean? It means “sacred, whole, pure, or clean”. How can we unholy humans have a relationship with a God who is Holy? Do we need to go through some kind of holy religion with its traditions and rituals to become holy and accepted?

In Jesus’ day, there was a religious man who was a teacher of his religion. After he acknowledged that Jesus was a teacher sent from God, Jesus turned to him and said,“unless one is born again, he cannot see (know, perceive, understand) the kingdom (realm) of God”. Then the man said, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter back into his mothers womb and be born?”. The man tried to figure out what Jesus was talking about in his natural mind.

Man has always tried to understand God, and the ways of God, through his natural mind. He forgets that God is Spirit and his ways are spiritual. The natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit. In fact, they are usually ridiculous to him. He cannot know the things of the Spirit because they must be spiritually discerned.
After Jesus talked about how to understand the things of the Spirit, he addressed how to enter the realm (kingdom) of God. He said, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God”.

What does it mean to be “born of water and the Spirit?”. First off, to be “born of water” has to do with an internal washing of the heart which is the center or core of our being. In the heart resides all our offences towards God and others (our sins). A holy God which is Spirit, will not come into a heart that has not been washed clean of all its offences. How then can this “washing” take place?

God in his love has provided a way for us to be washed (made clean) and thus accepted with him. By believing (putting your trust in) Jesus and what he did on the cross by the sacrifice of himself for our offences, we are made clean. This is an act of faith. Faith is something that you cannot see but yet you believe it. After the heart is washed clean, then the Holy Spirit which is God, comes in, and one is “born of the Spirit”.

After Jesus told the religious teacher that he must be born of the Spirit, he reminded the man about Moses and how in his day he “lifted up” a pole with a bronze snake on it and everyone who was bitten when they looked on the snake, lived. And Jesus said that just as that was so, even so I must be lifted up. And whoever “believes” in Me will not die (spiritually), but receive eternal life. When Jesus spoke of being lifted up, he was looking ahead to the cross where he knew he was going to be sacrificed for the sins of all humanity. All those who believe personally by faith that Jesus died on the cross for their sins receive forgiveness, which results in having their heart washed and cleaned from sin and filled with God who is the Spirit.

Also, by faith believing that Jesus not only died for our sins, but was buried and rose again to conquer death for us, one receives life.
In closing, Jesus said “You must be born again”. He didn’t say, I think it is a good idea or a good philosophy. He said “You must” if you want to “see” and “enter” the spiritual realm where God is. So what’s keeping you? What’s holding you back? Unbelief? Fear? Pride? Self? Give it all to Him. You will never be sorry. Then you will know what you were created for, and what you are to do. Revelation can only come by the Spirit of God within you. “Ask and you shall receive”. Keep your heart open.

“No thank you. I have no need”

May 31, 2012

In street ministry, we get to see first hand how the masses respond to the Gospel. Most times, those who appear to be well off, pass by as to not even acknowledge our existence. I could be handing them a card and there would be no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not even an eye contact when looked at. It would seem that they already know what you are trying to give to them and they are not interested. On some occasions, they pass by so close, that they knock the card out of my hand.

We are thankful for the words of Jesus that says, “No one comes to the Father, unless he draws them”. We do acknowledge that it even takes the Father moving on their heart for them to even reach out and take a card. There is great contentment in knowing that the Father is always in control.

Today, we were in the NW part of town. It’s an area that we frequent about once a month on the average. It, like all the different parts of town, has its own type of people and spiritual darkness that goes with the territory.

It was a sunny beautiful day with lots of people out for a weekday. One corner that I usually stop by to hang out, has a drinking establishment on all four corners of the intersection. When the weather is nice, this makes for lots of people sitting around eating and drinking.

Before long, I notice that the response is practically nil. There is no “preaching” going on this day. Just standing there and holding out a card with a few occasional words. Many pass by, with most, there is no interest whatsoever. Maybe, one in 20 take one.

Then, guess who God brings by? An older homeless man. Yep. And what do you think he did when he approached me? He took a look at the card. That’s right. He noticed the card. He said, “I wish I had glasses to read it. I lost mine”. I briefly shared with him what is was about. He smiled and said, “God bless you. Thanks for being out here”. (Do you think he might have known a little about the neighborhood?). He thanked me again and proceeded across the street.

Soon, two scriptures come to mind.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt.9:13b) Those who think they have no need of a Savior, he did not come for. But, those who are “needy”, he came for.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Matt.19:30) Those who might think that they will be first, will end up being last. Those who appear to be last, will be first.

Soon, we left walking down the sidewalk. Maybe one in four, took a card. We came to a restaurant, and there was a young girl who was a waitress, going back inside. I said to her, “hey, can I share this with you?” She took one look at it and said, “no thanks”. She then looked me right in the eye and proceeded to tell me why she didn’t need Jesus. (I am noticing more and more, that the younger generations are getting more bold in telling you why they don’t need Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ is surely raising up.)

While listening (Key) she said the words, “lost soul”. The Spirit said to me to “go for that one”. When she stopped for a second, I proceeded to talk to her about being a “lost soul”. Our meeting was all to remind her once again that she is lost without Jesus. She had said in our conversation that she had others tell her that she was a “lost soul”. Conformation for her again?

Took off to the well-known “bookstore” in town. The Father brought some by there. Good day.

Godless generations = Opportunity

January 20, 2012

I am getting like really stoked lately about the young people (particularly those around 12 to 16) that God has led me to. I am finding out recently, that they are truly naive to the things of God.

Today, I handed a guy a tract, and he might have been around 14 yrs old. As I sat on one of the side seats, I peeked over occasionally to see if he was reading the tract. I kid you not, he spent probably 15 minutes reading the thing, twice over. This was after he began reading it on the train when I first handed it to him.

Last week, another guy, probably 15 or so, had similar thirst. The best I can tell it, is that God is placing a hunger into them. Most of these are raised in homes where there is NO Godly influence. Many have never seen a Bible. Just last week, I ran into a guy who appeared to be around 20, and he had never heard of “John 3:16′.

We need to all be aware that the generations coming up, know little if nothing about God. Of course, we are talking about the majority here, they don’t go to church, they don’t have both parents, they never hear anything about God unless it’s to degrade Him, or laugh at Him.

We need to wake up to this need. Godless generations are rising up. I don’t see it as a bad thing, in fact it could very well be a good thing. What I am seeing is like being on the “mission field” and finding people for the first time that have never heard about God. Yes, and it’s right here in good ol’e America.

Jesus reminders

January 8, 2012

Sometimes, that is all we are. But, with that reminder that you just gave them, what do you think a really big God could do with that?  Most of the time, only eternity will tell the results.

That’s what it was today, as I was riding the bus home. I went to the usual back of the bus, and sat on one of the sides seats. It was a particularly talkative bus crowd this night. Most nights, coming home, it is usually on the quieter side. Next to me in the back seats, were two young girls and one guy. In the seat across from me was a guy also.

For the next 25 minutes, I listened to their talk. It ranged from what they were going to do that night, to talking about having sex and drugs. Which is all typical, and of course came as no shock. They spoke of those of who they knew, who had “same sex’. One girl talked about being “bisexual” and might even go there tonight.

So, as this was going on, I was asking God when would it be a good time to bring in “Jesus”. I waited. I sensed that this was not to be the easy way of waiting till they “hit the ringer” to get off at the next stop, then give them a tract as they passed by me. No, I was to hand them each one as soon as things calmed down. I had time working for me.

The guy that sat across me, pulled the wire to get off at the next stop. By their conversation, I could tell that he would be the only one getting off. So I waited. The bus stopped, he said his goodbyes, and off he went. Then, a guy who was sitting a couple of seats up from me, came and sat in the side seat, across from me. They all knew each other. I could tell that they were planning to get off at a particular stop in downtown.

Five minutes later, things calmed down, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining cards that I had. I smiled at the guy across from me and handed him one. Then I handed one each to he girls. The last one was the guy next to the girls, who was closest to me. When He received the card, he immediately let out a “John 3:16 that’s my favorite!” I said, “Oh yeah!” He said that it is the one that he will never forget. I told him that just this week, I had run into a guy around 20 years old who had never heard of the verse before.

Now, the awesome thing here was that this guy was the “leader” so to speak. And here he was talking about the Bible. He had went on and mentioned how that Genesis was his favorite book. I said that I also liked it very much. Talk about how the conversation changed! It went from dirty sex and drugs, to Jesus and the Bible, within seconds!

Our stop came, and we all parted our ways. All four of them were reminded about Jesus once again. I prayed that in God’s timing and way, they would have alone time to read the cards. I even suggested to God that tomorrow morning after their Saturday night when they awake in the morning would be a good time 🙂 I even saw one of them lying in bed the next morning and having a discussion about Jesus and what the “John 3:16” card had to say.

Sometimes, all God wants us to do is just be a “Jesus reminder”. God bless you as you do also.

Transcending Love in action

August 6, 2011

What a God, that gives people countless opportunities to hear about His Son. And the awesome thing is….that it is all motivated by His love.

Even when one is not completely coherent, God can transcend the music, the drug ,the alcohol, and even if there is a mental problem going on. He certainly is all-powerful! Nothing can prevent Him from doing what he wants to do, or how he chooses to do it. And the awesome thing is….to be able to watch it in action. Really, indescribable when you come right down to it.

Today again, was one of those experiences.

The Spirit showed me a corner that I haven’t been upon in over 6 months. So, I boarded the train and headed there. It wasn’t far from another corner that I had been that afternoon. It took all of maybe 10 minutes to get there by train.

I got there and had to use the restroom, so I walked a block and did that. I returned to the corner where I had believed that He wanted me to be. After about 20 minutes, with a few relatively light and small conversations, I looked to my right across the street, and noticed a guy doing a little jig to the music that he was listening to on his iPod. My eyes followed him for a bit, and noticed that he might not be all there, or possibly high on alcohol or drugs. This of course, is no big deal out on the streets. We see it all the time everywhere we go. It’s all too common, unfortunately.

So, about the time I’m thinking in my mind, “is he going to come over here?” As I do from time to time, I held out a tract towards him, as if to say, “here it is, come and get it”. Hoping that the Spirit would move on such an individual. He makes a one-eighty, and turns and crosses the street and heads straight towards me.

He is boppin along, and I reach out to him and say, “here, this is for you!”. He says, “what is it!” Before I could say what it was, he says, “read it!” I said, “do you know what it is?” He said, “I don’t care! I just want you to read it out loud to me. And it better be loud”, he said.

Now this was really cool. He stood a little off to the side, about 6 feet in front of me. And, as usual, there were people around listening and walking by. So, I began to read it line by line. “John 3:16” “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son,”……………

As I was reading, “he said louder!” He said, “are you sure that you are reading every word?” I smiled and said, “Oh yeah!” He said, “make sure you read every paragraph too”. So, I took full advantage of his request and read loud and slow.

Now, one might think here that he was just being comical, or messing around with me, right? One might think that also because he had his iPod on, that he wasn’t hearing a word I was saying, right? Also, do to the quite obvious, that he was high, he wasn’t paying attention, right?

But, as I read it to him, he begins to repeat some words of the Gospel. Now, we all know that in the natural, one can comprehend more of what they are hearing when they repeat it to themselves, right? This is just what God had him doing. Just as he was. There was no need to have him sobered up. The power of God can transcend all human barriers. Thus it was so.

After finishing one side of the card, I turned it over and said, “do you want me to read the other side?” He said, “sure! Keep it going!” I smiled and kept going. He would make comments like,”is that so? wow, really”

Take a moment out like I did afterwards, and try to comprehend what  actually took place here. Here is a man who I am sure had no idea that day that he was going to hear about Jesus that day, let alone have a guy on a street corner read to him, God’s plan of salvation for his soul. How about what ever he did that day to get high? Was he thinking that God through his Spirit would try to reach him that day?

I love to see God meet people right where they are. The old hymn, “Just as I am” was very fitting.

Well, I would like to tell you that man bowed his head there and received Christ into his life, but that did not happen at that moment. I did not get to see it. I am OK with that. Sure, I would have liked to see that more than anything, but that moment was not in tha plan for whatever reason. What I did get to see, was a man who God loved much, and that he gave him another opportunity to hear. That was His love in action.

How many times has he heard? How many times will he hear? Only God knows. But, I know that God is full of opportunities and that His love is relentless.

After reading 3/4 of the card, he said that he must be going. He didn’t take the card with him, but got to hear sufficiently, the Gospel. As he bopped down the sidewalk, I prayed for him. I looked all the way up to the next block, and could still see him. A young couple moved out of the way, as he passed by. Maybe a little staggering?

The Gospel story doesn’t stop there. The young couple walk by me, and I made a comment about the man who was staggering as he went by them. They stopped, and we engaged in a beautiful dialogue about Christ. After about 20 minutes, they took a tract and said that they needed to get to where they were going for the night. The man believed that God was in everyone, and everything. The girl however, was listening very intently, as I have seen before, usually in a group setting. It usually comes down to one in that group.

The streets. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or anything for that matter. Experiencing God while your living! That’s what it is all about! It involves people and telling them about the Christ, the life that you have.

Salvation offered in the “trendy”

July 14, 2011

All city’s have their “trendy” area or areas. It is an area that people talk about. It a popular hang out area. Out of towners must see it. And younger people thrive in the area.

I personally haven’t been to our “trendy” area in a few month’s. But, today the Lord moved on my heart to re-visit the area. As I hit the sidewalk of the area, I heard, “Salvation of the soul”. That was good enough for me. After prayer walking the area, the Lord again placed me on a corner that I had been several times before. It’s kind of a nice spot. It in front of a local tavern, with three others, one on each of the other corners, how awesome is that!

Occasionally, He would have me say as I stood there on the corner holding a tract, “Salvation of the soul being offered again today” or “Salvation for eternity being offered again today” or “Salvation through Jesus being offered again today”.

After about ten minutes, a guy passed by that quickly turned around and grabbed one. I always love this because it is God in action. One walks by and the Spirit moves on him or her, then they decide to turn back and grab a tract. It is the power of God moving upon their heart. Totally awesome to behold!

A young girl passes by and smiles and takes one.

Later in the day, the Spirit takes me to a different corner two blocks up. There standing again holding out a tract, the Lord brings two young boys by on their bikes. They smile and look as if to say, “what is he doing?” I hand the oldest one a tract, and said, “you’ve heard of John 3:16 before, haven’t you?” He smiled and said, “yeah”. I said, “the first part of that verse demands an answer doesn’t it?” Why did God give us his Son? The youngest, maybe ten, said, “to save the world”. I said, “that’s right, but what did he save us from?” ( I love this part). The ten-year old boy said, “our sins”. That was right on! I encouraged them to share Christ with their friends. I also encouraged them to stay close to Jesus, cause things are not going to get better. The light turned green, and off they went. This was very encouraging in an area of the country where a lot of youth haven’t heard about Jesus or know very little.

Then of course we seemly always have to have the people who say things like, “No thanks, I have my own higher power”. We pray for them as they walk hurriedly by.

“Of such is the Kingdom of God”

July 1, 2011

So this is the way it is out there.

Today started off as one of those many days we see that seemly no one is interested in hearing about God, Christ or anything related. This of course is no surprise because of this part of the country that we live in. It has often been claimed to be the least churched state in America. Like any city, sin runs ramped here. This is a long way from the “Bible belt” as they call it. It is not unlikely to talk to a young person in the age bracket of 8 to 25, that has never heard the Gospel, or that doesn’t know who Christ was. You see blank faces as they walk by listening to the Gospel, as if to say, “what are they talking about?”

This is what hit me today. I was on this corner across from a very popular book store, standing there holding a tract in my hand, and occasionally sharing the message of Christ, sin, forgiveness, life etc. I had been there for about an hour, and no one had taken a tract, or made any real comments, except for a lady that started talking about believing in a “goddess”.

Now, this was not the norm to have an hour go by with no one taking a tract from me. However, this particular area has not been known to do a whole lot of receiving. I believe this is why he has laid it upon my heart again. I finally noticed off to my right, a lady pushing a man in a wheel chair. They were heading down the sidewalk coming straight towards me. As he passed by, he reached out and grabbed one. He put the tract up to his eyes as if he was going to read it. Then he began to make comments that let me know that he was mentally challenged. He kept asking what’s this? What’s this? And saying, “Why? Why? Why?”

I gently put my hand on his shoulder and knelt down and began to say, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. “He loves you, He loves you”. Soon, the light turned and the lady pushing him smiled and off they went. “Of such is the Kingdom of God”

“The first shall be last, and the last first”. I believe we will all be surprised at who all makes it into the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus was pretty plain on that subject. What a contrast to have seen a couple hundred people pass by that were walking, talking, smiling and laughing. Some appeared to be fairly well off as far as clothing, good looks etc. goes. But who was the only one who responded in a positive manner? The man who was mentally and physically challenged. This is the way it is.

What God is doing on the streets

June 30, 2011

Street ministry, like all ministry, involves people. What is really awesome to see, is lives being changed whether it appears small or big. Also, to see change in a relatively short amount of time. Like on many occasions, today we got to see two people being changed.

Just last week, James and I were on a corner downtown hanging out as usual. This nineteen year old guy came up and started talking. He was playing the “know it all” and did very little listening at first. He confessed that he was raised in a Christian home, but was now trying to find God his own way. He talked a lot about how he disagreed with the way the world was and gave his reasons as to why. As time went on, the Spirit was moving and he was beginning to do a little more listening. When it was all said and done, he agreed to have prayer with us, and we all finished with shaking hands and smiling.

Today, exactly one week later to the day, he came by again. This time, he was different. He was a little more laid back. He listened more. I asked him how he was doing. He began to tell me that now he was going to church, and he had a lot more to say about Christ this time.

He had a tripod and a video camera, and asked if he could interview me with some questions. He said that he was going to make a video to show to people. His questions where very good. He asked if I believed in Hell and who all would go there. He asked that if I could go back and do some things over, would I. And if so, what would they be. He asked me do I believe that Jesus is the only way to God. He also had some more questions in which I answered the best that the Spirit gave me.

Then he began to share some deep spiritual things about the Devil and his fall. He shared about light and darkness. This had once again confirmed what the Lord had showed me a few years ago about the younger generation coming up. They would advance more quickly and receive deep revelation faster than those previously (see my post on “God’s Army”).

Here was a guy that in one week had scaled a mountain on the spiritual level. This is what God wants to do and is doing.

We encouraged each other and he said to remember him in prayer as he walked off looking for other people to interview. Bless the Lord for what He is doing!

The other guy is an addict that I have known for about three months now. The first time I met him was when I had been sharing at this corner a short distance east out of downtown. He had been strung out and was begging for money like most. He at that time, was very opposed to hearing the Gospel. However, I prayed for him and believed that I would see him again.

For a couple of weeks after, I would see him and he would smile and say hi. One time, the three of us were heading to the local mall for our weekly gathering and they noticed him, not knowing that I had met him before. One of the brother’s laid it pretty straight with him. I sensed that it was from the Lord, so I just stood back and prayed. So did our other brother James. (Ps. This is important if you go out with some other brothers or sisters and find yourselves talking to one person. Usually, if you gang up on one person, it won’t last very long, and they will have to leave. Seen it more than once).

We would see him a few more times before today. Each time, he was becoming more aware of God and not being so rejecting of Christ.

Today, he came around the corner where we were at. He appeared to be sober and had a lady friend with him for the first time that I had noticed. As he was passing, he turned back and leaned towards me and smiled and said, “OK, I will take one”. He for the first time took a tract. He had refused them before. This was a big step. When one reaches out of their own free-will and takes a tract, it is BIG in God’s economy. It is a blessing to see the Spirit move on one to reach out and take. The results are up to God.

So, we today, bless God for what He is doing. He is moving on hearts, trying to get them to turn. It is truly awesome to see him move and change people. He is in the “changing people business” for sure!

“I think he is coming”

April 23, 2011

It was another beautiful day today. Sunny and lots of people going out and about. After spending a couple of hours up a couple of blocks from the square, James and I finished sharing on the corner. We were both thirsty, so we headed to the Safeway store downtown. It was the store as usual, except when we exited. I looked over to my right and noticed a brother that I hadn’t seen in about four months. He was selling the “Street Roots” paper. We visited for a little while, gave him some money, and off we headed.

We stopped by the library corner and waited on the Lord for direction. Soon we headed north. As we went a few blocks, it became apparent that we were approaching a corner that we both have not been to in over three years. We both sensed that it was time again to see what God was up to here. We prayed and then just stood there waiting as we usually do. Then James shared the Gospel. Many listened. Some took tracts. Then I shared with the same. We had some opportunity to speak with some and encourage them in The Way. And of course, there is always those who make all kinds of remarks that aren’t so good.

It was pretty much a typical day. However, I do not ever want to discount what God may be doing behind the scenes. Doing things with people that we may never know, or may never see. I am totally OK with that. Eternity will bear witness.

Of what we did get to see and hear today, this was a real “God shot”.

James mentions to me that God is going to send somebody by here soon. James had been listening to the Spirit. I surely didn’t say no to that. Many times we have been forwarned, and whether good or bad, God always shows up in Spirit. So, both of us continue to share and pass out tracts. About an hour goes by, and James tells me, “I think he is coming”. I remembered what he had told me earlier.

Five minutes later, this guy comes from the west and stands on the corner right next to us and waits for the light to change. James reaches out to him and he takes a tract. Then he comes over and we three engage in one awesome dialogue. I have said on many occasions, that you rarely find good dialogues these days. Usually it one that does all the talking. But, on this sunny day the Spirit of God was there in our midst. Jesus promised that where ever two or three were gathered in His name, there He would be. It was so.

Here was a 28 yr. old man who God brought along that day that desperately needed to hear from some brothers that weren’t going to put on the boxing gloves, and box in Jesus’ name. This brother was raised in the “church” like so many we run across. And as James said today, “he was forced fed religion”. He didn’t tell us what denomination he was raised in, but he did say that he was raised in the “Bible belt”. I think that tells the story.

Before long, he felt safe and knew that we were not going to take out our bibles and start hitting him over the head. Maybe like some have done over the many years of his childhood. He opened up to us both. Like I said, it was a dialogue. He talked, James and I listened. James talked, this guy and I listened. I talked, James and the guy listened. All the time the Spirit, which is gentle, peaceable, easy to be entreated was working.

Early on in our conversation, he mentioned that he believed in a “Higher power”. This of course, is very popular, but we did not “thump” on him because of it. The Spirit opened up some awesome opportunities for us to share Jesus with him. Of course, he has heard that more than once in his lifetime. We also shared with him that it was not all about religion and church, something that was inbred in him. We encouraged him with the truth about a relationship with a personal God. I also had an opportunity to share with him about being filled with the Spirit of God and began living in the Spirit.

I believe today was different for him. Here he found some guys that were willing to listen to his story and not “railroad” him. The Spirit of God’s love was indeed moving upon his heart. There was one time that I almost for sure thought that I had seen his eyes water up.

When things were beginning to wine down, James says, “Hey, can we pray with you?” He says, “sure, but don’t make it long”. We all began to laugh out loud. We all knew what he meant by that. Just how many hours had he sat in church and heard prayers that seemed they would never end? Maybe prayers directed at him?

So, James prayed a beautiful Spirit filled prayer. We shook hands and smiled at each other. Matt was touched by the Spirit of God today. Only in eternity will we know the complete story.

How many Matt’s are out there? I would have to say, countless. Our encounter with him, priceless. To God be the Glory!