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Darkness before light

June 26, 2014

Tonight at the mall gathering one of my favorite thought provoking scriptures was brought up…..
The thought…..
In the beginning God created the earth. And the earth had no form, and it was void.
Picture that, if you can.
Then….get a glimpse of this while you’re still seeing a earth with no form and void of anything….
Only darkness was found upon the face of the deep.
Was there anything or anyone that was moving out there? Anyone or anything alive? Hello!
“And the Spirit of God moved”……..
“upon the face of the waters” in utter darkness. There was the Spirit of God found.
Before light even existed.
Now wrap your brain around that…….
What a God!

(see Genesis 1:1-2)


God’s love or his divine justice?

June 13, 2012

Most of us like everything about God that has to do with his love. Yes, he is certainly LOVE.

But, just how closely does his love and justice run together? Now, we all want justice to be served while crime is being done on this earth, right? If someone commits a crime that is against someone else, we want justice, right?

What about God and the ultimate crime (so to speak) against Him? The crime against all He is and all He stands for, His Holiness. Wow, now that is something that you will not hear about everyday. Who is talking about God’s holiness in this day? When was the last time you heard about it? Even, when was the last sermon at church you heard about it? Well, maybe if you attend a “hell-fire and damnation” church, and if so, your probably tired of hearing about it, or maybe you have heard so much about it, that there isn’t an ounce of God’s love in you. If that’s the case, you need to fall on your knee’s and cry out to God for more of his love.

His love and his justice must be balanced.

In the evermore popular book of John, in the most popular chapter three, Jesus takes us through both “Love” and “Justice”. I always love how we do not need to get complicated in God’s word to see how clear and to the point He is. The problem is and always has been, our minds, our intellect wants to complicate the simple truths of God.

I am going to share what He gave me this morning from John 3:16-20, 36.

“Out of God’s love, he gave his Son as the sacrifice for Sin. By believing that He did this, and receiving personally this atonement of His Son for our sins, we escape condemnation which is God’s divine justice for sin. By believing in the atonement of Jesus for our sins, we escape death (to the soul) and receive everlasting life. It is either death of life for eternity.”

“Always remembering that God did not send his Son to punish or even sentence us with death, but to save us from it.”

“All those who believe what God has given us through His Son, will have eternal life. But, those who do not believe what He has given, will receive divine justice for their sins. This judgement will be because they have refused The Light (Jesus) and have loved darkness more than Light. And, all the while, they practice darkness and despise the Light more and more. They don’t want the Light because they know that it exposes their darkness. And, why would one want to be exposed?”

“By believing in His Son, which provides for us the atonement needed, we get to experience God’s love. It’s not just “hear say”, but living a life of His love.”

“But, those who do not believe in the Son, will not get to experience this eternal life. And, hard to swallow, but true according to His word, will abide under the wrath or anger of God. And we must always be reminded that the “wrath” comes only because of sin. It is easy to forget this. God’s anger is not on the individual who refuses His Son, but on the sin which has yet to be atoned for. Unatoned sin brings forth God’s wrath. If in doubt of this, take some time and read God’s book. From front to back it deals with sin and atonement.”

God bless you with His love!

Children and the Light

April 17, 2012

Christ is the life, and this life is manifested through Him who is light. And, it shines through people who have received the light. This is God’s design, not man’s. (see Jn.1:4, 2 Cor.4:6)

There is also a measure of light (understanding) given to every person born into the world. (see Jn.1:9). However, as the child (the person) grows up, the light can either be increased or it can diminish depending on the influence that he or she is around, i.e if they are around darkness, the quicker they become dark. The same goes for the light influence. Thus we can see the vital importance in raising a child in the light of Jesus who is The Light.

Eventually, the child comes to a place when they must receive the light of Jesus for themselves. The typical “age of accountability” comes into play. Sin has now grown to maturity and must be dealt with as an individual before God. Where the influence of the light has become an essential part, still the child must believe and receive the light of Christ personally. Basically, they must be born again like anyone else. They must be born of the Spirit of God, which is the “light of Jesus”. Some would like to think that this comes automatically. No, the foundation might of well been laid, but the act of regeneration must take place for all, no matter the age or if they have been raised in the “church” or not.

When this regeneration has taking place, there will be diffident evidence and fruits of this regeneration. Baring in mind of course, that the child, depending on its age, is still a child.

No Spirit in “endless debate”

April 14, 2012

On two occasions today, I seen the power of the Holy Spirit in presenting the birth of the Spirit into the spiritual kingdom of God. And also, the fact that it takes the birth to perceive/understand the things of the kingdom. (See Jn.3:3, 5)

The first was when I was on a “one on one” mission. One guy when approached with the question “what have you done with Jesus in your life” went into spitting bullets in a somewhat mild form. He went into scientific matters. I listened, and when he stopped, I shared with him about God who is Spirit, then how it takes a spiritual birth to enter and perceive the kingdom. After I finished, he was at a loss as to what to say. He got a dose of the Spirit. It might have been the first time for him. When asked what kind of religious background he had, he said “none”. I said to him that he could very well be in a better place than many out there. He smiled and said, “have a good day”.

The other situation, was much more involved spiritually. I will try to give you the short version.

In the afternoon, I was led to stand on this corner which I haven’t been to in about three weeks. Lots of awesome things have taken place here over the years. After standing here for a few minutes, I heard someone yell my name. I looked across the street, and it was this sister who sells newspapers (street roots) on the corner. She came over and we were having a good visit. After about 20 minutes, this Muslim guy walks up and I hand him a tract. He takes it and proceeds to go over and board the train. A few minutes later, he shows up again.

So, this is how it went down.

The guy was a somewhat usual Muslim that wanted to try to convince us that he had the truth. He went into all the usual stuff that they do. Now, here’s the catcher. My friend/sister is well acquainted with the Muslim crowd. Here husband was once one. Now on the outside this appears pretty awesome doesn’t it? Here you have a sister that is well equipped  and very familiar to debate with them, right?

Now, after perceiving in the Spirit what was going on (it took a while), I had noticed on two occasions that my sister mention to me as the guy was talking, “it’s ok, I have it under control” and “just hold your peace”. She said that when I had hardly said anything. Our Muslim friend was doing the majority of the talking, with our sister doing some also. When she had said the last comment about holding your peace, I got a real big check in my spirit. The light went on. The Spirit was being silenced, and I finally caught on. I also heard her agree with the man on some things that threw up a “red flag”.

Now the war was on, and I was right in the middle of it.

The Holy Spirit did give us opportunity to speak truth to him in the Spirit and was also able to help our sister to remain quite. The real eye opener was the fact that our sister was not aware that an “endless debate” was developing back and forth. This is not wisdom to do on a sidewalk in front of lost people walking by. I have never agreed with this approach whither  its believers talking over doctrine or debating with an unbeliever.

Finally, the Spirit gave me what was needed for the man to hear, and he listened to it. We went into how God is Spirit. He agreed. Then we shared how His kingdom is spiritual. And……. it takes a spiritual birth to enter it, and also to perceive/understand it. We shared that it’s not about what religion you’re a member of. We then shared Jesus again. Here is a man who is wrapped up in dead religion, like many. We helped him and our sister to try to understand that it cannot be understood unless one is born again. The intellect was not going to bring about the “light”. It never has and never will.

Then, I looked to my left and it was my ministering brother. He knew right off the bat what was going on. War! Later he shared with me how thick the atmosphere was in warfare. Believe me, when I was finished, I knew that I’d been through the mine-fields.

As I parted, I assured our Muslim friend that it’s all about Jesus. He tried to stop me with some more of his religious junk. I padded him on the shoulder and said, “Jesus!”.

My brother and I took off uptown. We stopped to have prayer and cleansed ourselves of all the different spirits that went with that battle.

One hour later as I was returning to head back home, I passed by that corner again. Guess who was still there? Yep, the Muslim guy and our sister caught up in endless debate. I paused out of sight and had prayer, then proceeded on my way.

We must be reminded that one cannot be convinced nor converted by “intellectual debate”. Why do you think this is so? The answer is, so that man will not get the credit, the glory. It’s God designed. It’s Spirit!

The Spirit will cause you to do and say things that could not be repeated in its entirety if it had to be. Then, you know that it’s Spirit. When man moves out-of-the-way and the Spirit takes over, then God has his way to do what He wants. What He wants to teach also. The Spirit is Light.

Let us get back to the Spirit and out of the mind.

A day of cuttin it straight forward

April 13, 2012

It seems like God is having me lay it out with a lot of straight forwardness the last couple of weeks. I believe it is because of the shortness of time and also because more and more people have chosen to live in rebellion. Here in America, there is No excuse.

Us street preachers get to see first hand rebellion come in many different ways. If one is preaching in the Spirit then they get to see into the things of the Spirit as people pass by. I would have to say that most definitely over the last couple of years I am seeing more and more how Satan has blinded their eyes. Many pass as if they are not hearing, or even care to hear a word of what is being said. Blank stares and who cares seem to be the norm anymore. But, as we know, if God doesn’t quicken them, than they remain dead and in darkness.

But, I am so thankful that there are those who are called of God to proclaim the Gospel to the masses as they pass by. There will certainly be No excuse on that day.

We see all the time how Satan has blinded them through sin. And, not only sin, but the world. Most are so intrenched in the world and it’s materialism, that they cannot even give the Gospel one thought.

Today the Spirit was having me share again “Light and darkness”. Also, we shared about the “prison-house” of sin. I’m thankful when the Spirit has it come out with such clarity and simplicity. No high and lofty theology or religious junk. It basically comes out that without Jesus they are dead spiritually and there is No life in them. Without Him they are in darkness. Also, that many won’t come to the Light because they love darkness.

“Point blankness” fell upon the city again today. The Spirit called it out for what it was. There was no “beaten around the bush”. There was no “sugar coatin” either. I’m thankful for the boldness of the Holy Spirit. I believe because of the shortness of time, we are going to hear more and more from the Spirit preaching it straight and clear. And, by all means, it is done in love. Love for their eternal bound souls.

I am seeing into the Spirit more and more how the serious of what is at stake. On several occasions today, the Spirit had us say things like, “It’s time to quit playing around with God!”. “It’s time to get right with God!”. “Wake up!”. “Somebody turn on the light!”. “You’re either in God’s kingdom or Satan’s. There is No middle ground, or gray area!”. “It all comes down to Light or darkness, Life or death!”

So, as a follower of Jesus, are you awaken to the needs around you? Do you see the needs in your circle of influence? Are you able to distinguish between light and dark? Are you able to hear the Spirit? Are you consumed with those who are dying all around you? Do you care? Are you operating in the gifts and callings that God has placed upon you? If so, are they for His kingdom, or your own?

God help us! The cries are going to get louder. Will we see and hear? Or has Satan blinded our eyes? Do we have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying? Do we care?

Light in the city

April 12, 2012

I had heard from the Spirit in the morning hours that we were going to be sharing THE LIGHT today.

After getting into the city and walking around prayerfully, we honed in on a corner. At first, I had sensed to wait and pray on the corner, which I did. Then, I began to shout in a quick voice “LIGHT! Then, a few minutes later, again “LIGHT!” Then came “Jesus is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD!”

This was another opportunity and a reminder how powerful our words can be when in the SPIRIT. In the spiritual realm, our words have power. Not of course because of us, but the Spirit inside of us coming out.

This was all setting the pace in the Spirit for what would happen over the next couple of hours. Light was going forward in the Spirit to push back the darkness. This is what God wanted to accomplish at this time and moment. He wanted to clear the air, so to speak, and let light go forth and hit the people with His light.

After about 10 minutes of proclaiming THE LIGHT, I looked to the left and noticed a commuter train coming. My first look at it as it passed by, I noticed that it had a sign on the train that read “Got Light?” Wow! I thought. Now, I had seen this advertizing sign before on the train, but this time it jumped out at me as I was sharing LIGHT. How fitting and confirming it was to me.

So, the Spirit continued to flow as we shared Christ as the LIGHT. We shared a few scriptures regarding light also. The Spirit had a few from time to time on this corner who were caught in the cross-hairs as they stood there listening as they were waiting for the bus. Also, a couple of them came up and took tracts to take with them.

I would rotate to one side of the corner of the building that was there, to the other side. The Spirit had it all under control. Light was breaking forth. A few, as usual were interested in the light. We shared that many loved darkness, and that was why they did not come to the light.

Finishing the day and going home on the bus, a brother gets on and we share about the light and what happened that day. He downloaded some scriptures on his phone regarding light and I read them out loud at a normal tone of voice. A few stops later this guy gets on and sits down near us and begins to shake, twitch and move around as the scriptures are being heard. I sensed the demonic with one, and only one look at him as our eyes met. I turned and kept reading. Soon, a couple stops later, this guy jumps up and bolts for the rear door and departs out. I look out the window and he’s standing there on the sidewalk shaking and yelling out loud. Talk about getting hit with the light! Darkness was dispelled when light came! A pretty awesome example it was.

My friend didn’t understand what was taking place in the spiritual realm. He had gone over to him when he was on the bus and first started shaking and had asked him if he was alright. The guy replied with some vulgar words in which my friend left him alone and went back to sit down.

After I explained to him the spiritual side of what just took place, he got it. I believe it was an eye opener to all who saw and heard what went on. Maybe some people will wake up to the reality of the spiritual realm and how and what takes place as it manifests itself in the physical.

Jesus THE LIGHT! Darkness has to flee! It has no choice!

A little light on Job’s repentance

April 6, 2012

Again today I was led of the Spirit to look into His word regarding “light”. As I grabbed my “Strong’s” and began to look at some “light” scriptures, I soon descended upon the book of Job. I scanned down the list of light scriptures in the book of Job, and my eyes fell upon Job 38:19. “Where is the way to the dwelling of light? And darkness, where is its place.”

Then, I saw the next one which was, “By what way is light diffused (divided), or the east wind scattered over the earth?” (vs.24). Then I began to read the on through the chapter and into the 42nd chapter. Once backing up and noticing the chapter headings such as chapter 38, “The Lord reveals His Omnipotence to Job”. Chapter 40, “Job’s response to God”. Here we see a small glimpse into the coming of Job’s soon repentance. He answers in ways like this, “Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer you? “but I will proceed no further”. Sounds like he might be coming to his senses.

After all of God’s declaring his omnipotence to Job, finally in last chapter, chapter 42, Job realizes and comes to his senses. In verse 2, he acknowledges that God does everything and that no purpose can be withheld from Him. Then in verse 3, Job refers back to when God asks the question in the “whirlwind” in chapter 38, verse 2, “Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”

Then the real repentance starts. In 42:3, after asking the above question, he finally acknowledges “I have uttered things of which I understood not”. Then in verse 4, Job again reminds God of when He ask the question before, “I will question you and you shall answer Me”. Basically, Job was reminding God of this previous question, and saying, “now I am finally ready to answer you”.

In verse 5 of chapter 42, Job basically says that he has heard lots of God stuff for a very long time now. He is saying that he has “heard” before, “but now I see!”. Now, Job finally understands. He finally gets it!

And now what is the result of his understanding? Verse 6 is probably the most powerful verse in all of Job. It comes finally at the appropriated God appointed time. “Therefore I abhor (despise) myself, and repent in dust and ashes.”

Something new was revealed to me this morning in these remaining verses. After God had set straight Job’s friends (verses 7-9), verse 10 has what I found today some very good revelation regarding repentance. “And the Lord restored Job’s losses when……..he prayed for his friends”. My mind immediately went back to Acts 26:20 where Paul was speaking to King Agrippa about his “heavenly vision”. In verse 20 he says, “but declared first to those in Damascus and in Jerusalem, and throughout all the region of Judea, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent, turn to God, and do works befitting repentance.” Where did we first hear this? Right! The “forerunner”, John the Baptist. “Therefore bear fruits worthy of repentance” (Matt.3:8)

Do we not see this with Job? After he prayed for his friends, then God restored his losses. Was not praying for his friends a fruit brought forth worthy of repentance?

Hum. Praying for your friends? Most of the time in Job’s trials, they were his enemies, were they not?

Also, not only does this “praying for your friends”, sound a little like “loving your enemies”, but also, “loving your neighbor as yourself” doesn’t it?

Fruits worthy of repentance! Without the fruit thereof, can there be repentance? Is there repentance without it? Sounds like the “tree is known by its fruit” doesn’t it?

Hope you have been blessed as I have :-)~

LIGHT was made to “Rule”

March 23, 2012

In fact, LIGHT has always ruled. In the beginning, the Spirit of God hovered upon the waters in complete darkness. Remembering though, that God is LIGHT. So, we could say that in the beginning, the Spirit of God which is LIGHT was hovering over the darkness. Even here in the beginning before creation as we know it, LIGHT was ruling over the darkness in the spiritual realm.

Then, God spoke physical LIGHT into existence. He said that LIGHT was good. No where did He say that darkness was good. Then, in fact, He separated the LIGHT from the darkness. He never allowed total darkness before or after creation. To make sure, then He did the following……..

He spoke LIGHTS into existence in the heavens. Why? To separate the day from the night, so that darkness could not rule. And if that was not enough…….

Then, He made the Sun to rule the day, and the Moon to rule the night. Both were made to give LIGHT and to rule, and less we forget, they were also made to separate the LIGHT from the darkness. And, it was all good in God’s sight.

So, in the spiritual realm, can we also see how that this “ruling” and “separating” of LIGHT from darkness takes place?

(Scriptural references for creation see: Genesis 1:1-5, 14-18)