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The prodigal daughter

November 22, 2016

Blessed yesterday to be back in downtown. We even got to do some preaching :).
Towards the end of the day, God brought “Brandi” by. My guess is that she was around 30 years old. She is your typical homeless girl bound by heroin. She was raised in Alabama in a southern Baptist home. She has two kids who are being raised by her parents in two separate homes.

We listened to her story. And as we did, the Holy Spirit gave us some insight into where she was currently at spiritually. We shared and encouraged her that God is not very far away. In fact, he is just camped out next door. He is just waiting for her to turn to Him. She listened.

We reminded her of the “Prodigal son” story, of which she had heard many times before. However, we put her into the story as the “Prodigal daughter”. The Father is there waiting with open arms to through a party upon her return, but she just has to get to the point where she “has spent all”, and “comes to herself”.

We also reminded her that she is indeed responsible for that which she knows. And of course being raised “Southern Baptist”, she knows about Jesus and the salvation that He alone brings. It was good for her to be reminded of this, because in her sharing, she has allowed some demonic influence to change her thinking, which is so very common out on the streets.

We asked her if we could pray for her. She smiled and said, “well, as long as I don’t have to stand here and close my eyes” . So we did.

She shared how she misses her kids. Heroin is no doubt nullifying the pain.

She seemed to have hope as we parted. Please pray for her. She could have been any one of our daughters. Thank you.


God taking the little things and blowing them up

October 1, 2013

She came from China 13 yrs ago.

I had just finished spending the day in the Northwest area and walked up onto the train platform when i noticed one older lady sitting on the bench waiting, and another younger gal standing close by. I said to the lady sitting down, “well, how much longer?”. She says to me “8 minute”. I smile and we spend the next minute talking about the train and when it should be coming. Her English is very slow and broken, but i can understand her.
After a few minutes, i reach into my pocket and pull out a “Jn.3:16” card and hand it to her. She looks at it and says that her English is not very good. I assured her that it sounded fine to me and that she was doing very good with it.
Now this is where God shows up:
She then reads out loud for me to hear and the other lady that would soon smile.
“For….God….so…..loved…….the……world…..that…..He….gave….his…..only…..begotten (she had to repeat that one three times) …..Son,…..that….whoever…..believes….in….Him….should….not….perish….but…

I kept watching the other lady as she read it out loud. She was touched for sure! And it was all God orchestrated. Here was this lady originally from China reading John 3:16 as slow and clear as it gets. What a God that takes the seemly little things and blows them up for His glory.
He blessed all three of us with the reading of His word about His love through His Son Jesus.
The train soon came and we all got on. Each one of us taking our place on the train. I smiled at both of them and said “God bless you!” He did for sure.

“No thank you. I have no need”

May 31, 2012

In street ministry, we get to see first hand how the masses respond to the Gospel. Most times, those who appear to be well off, pass by as to not even acknowledge our existence. I could be handing them a card and there would be no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not even an eye contact when looked at. It would seem that they already know what you are trying to give to them and they are not interested. On some occasions, they pass by so close, that they knock the card out of my hand.

We are thankful for the words of Jesus that says, “No one comes to the Father, unless he draws them”. We do acknowledge that it even takes the Father moving on their heart for them to even reach out and take a card. There is great contentment in knowing that the Father is always in control.

Today, we were in the NW part of town. It’s an area that we frequent about once a month on the average. It, like all the different parts of town, has its own type of people and spiritual darkness that goes with the territory.

It was a sunny beautiful day with lots of people out for a weekday. One corner that I usually stop by to hang out, has a drinking establishment on all four corners of the intersection. When the weather is nice, this makes for lots of people sitting around eating and drinking.

Before long, I notice that the response is practically nil. There is no “preaching” going on this day. Just standing there and holding out a card with a few occasional words. Many pass by, with most, there is no interest whatsoever. Maybe, one in 20 take one.

Then, guess who God brings by? An older homeless man. Yep. And what do you think he did when he approached me? He took a look at the card. That’s right. He noticed the card. He said, “I wish I had glasses to read it. I lost mine”. I briefly shared with him what is was about. He smiled and said, “God bless you. Thanks for being out here”. (Do you think he might have known a little about the neighborhood?). He thanked me again and proceeded across the street.

Soon, two scriptures come to mind.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt.9:13b) Those who think they have no need of a Savior, he did not come for. But, those who are “needy”, he came for.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Matt.19:30) Those who might think that they will be first, will end up being last. Those who appear to be last, will be first.

Soon, we left walking down the sidewalk. Maybe one in four, took a card. We came to a restaurant, and there was a young girl who was a waitress, going back inside. I said to her, “hey, can I share this with you?” She took one look at it and said, “no thanks”. She then looked me right in the eye and proceeded to tell me why she didn’t need Jesus. (I am noticing more and more, that the younger generations are getting more bold in telling you why they don’t need Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ is surely raising up.)

While listening (Key) she said the words, “lost soul”. The Spirit said to me to “go for that one”. When she stopped for a second, I proceeded to talk to her about being a “lost soul”. Our meeting was all to remind her once again that she is lost without Jesus. She had said in our conversation that she had others tell her that she was a “lost soul”. Conformation for her again?

Took off to the well-known “bookstore” in town. The Father brought some by there. Good day.

“That man changed my life!”

May 11, 2012

Someday we will all be very surprised as to who God used to reach people that he was calling.

Today I heard an awesome testimony from a young guy who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. I remember that we had some good God conversations along the way. He showed up with a friend on a corner where I was hanging out. After talking a while he said, “hey do you remember that guy that sat on that corner over there (as he pointed) last summer that had those scriptures on a cardboard sign?”. I paused for a moment as my mind searched for that time. Boom, I remembered.

Last summer there was a homeless man who sat on a very busy corner downtown. He had the usual homelessness gear such as a pack, sleeping bag, dirty clothes and worn out shoes. But, this guy was different from most. This guy was a minister of the Gospel. He sat there with his bible from which he would occasionally read out loud. And yes, he did have a hat sitting there for money.

My mind went back to the couple of times I visited with him that summer. I remembered that he knew the scriptures very well and would engage with a lot of people while sitting on the sidewalk. What I remembered about him the most was this big old cardboard sign that he had taken a marker and wrote some scriptures on it. He had it propped up for all to see passing by. He was a soft-spoken guy, but big and burley. I remembered, I liked him. I did give him some money, but can’t remember how much. A truly different kind of minister for sure. One that most people would pass by and think, “give me a break, get a job” or “sorry, but how are you doing any good?” or “your no better off than all the other homeless bums out here that beg for money”. So goes the story……..

Then we fast forward to our brother who shared what had happened when he had met the man. He said that one day he walked by and stared at the guy, then took a glance at his cardboard sign and walked away. Then, he heard the man yell out, “hey come back here for a minute!”. So, around he turns and heads back to the man. Soon, he takes up a seat on the sidewalk right next to him as people go rushing by.

My friend didn’t go into all the details that happened thereafter, but he did tell me something that I will never forget. He said, “I WAS “BORN AGAIN” THAT DAY“. That man changed my life!” Wow! I thought. I was humbled. Bless God! We will never know completely, all those He uses and how He uses them. Beware less we think, “Oh how can God use that person? Look at what he is doing”.

The bottom line is: God has used and will use anyone he wants to use. And not only that, but how he wants to use them. We dare not judge.

Ministers of the Spirit

April 5, 2012

I write a lot about “experiencing God as your living”. This of course, can take on countless forms with each one of us. The main thing is, are we experiencing God daily as we go out? Do we want to? Is it a priority in our life? Or, is the only time we experience God is in our church? Is that the only time we want to? Is that the only time we are accustomed to? The only time we are comfortable?

It is important to be reminded that God is everywhere we go. And, that He is about people. Most often when we go out the front door, we are going to run into people. People that God gave his Son for. Most often He chooses to work through his people. And, in any facet of life, He wants to work. Do we want Him to work through us? You know, if you’re not willing, He will surely find someone who will. If you’re not willing to be used, what will you miss out on? Blessings from Him. Not only in this life, but the next. Why should we wait for heaven, when we can experience Him now? Eternity with Him started the day we were born the second time. How much have you experienced Him in eternity?

The only reason I want to share my experiences, is that in the hope that someone will be blessed by them and be encouraged to get out, if they are not currently doing so. And if not so, may they be convicted in the right sense of the word to move out of their comfort zone by faith into the unknown. Being shy or uncomfortable is no excuse when you got the host of heaven behind you. A lack of faith is no excuse either.

Some of us are “street ministers”, but all of us who have been born the second time around are called to be ministers in some form or fashion.

May you see yourself as a minister of God’s love in the realm (kingdom) in which you are called.

Today started out like most any other day that I take to the streets. When I hit the pavement, I sensed that I was to visit a local coffee shop in which I haven’t been to in about two month’s. So, off I headed. It is about three blocks from where I live. When I got there, the owner was behind the counter. I had talked to her many times before. She knows a little bit about me, so today she says, “so are you going out to preach today?” I smiled and told her that I wasn’t sure and that a lot of times I don’t “preach”. I shared that what I really like to experience is the “one on one” divine appointments.

What little I know about her is that she definitely has some kind of religious background. When we have shared in the past, she has led on to that. So, I will continue to pray for her because our God knows just where we all are with Him. We see on the outside, but God looks on and knows the heart.

After leaving there, I proceeded to walk south to the downtown area. Soon, I noticed a car stuck in the middle of an intersection. I walked over to see if I could help. Her SUV was stuck in four-wheel drive. I offered some advice, but to no avail did it work. Finally, a couple walks up, and the girl knows just what to do, having had a truck very similar. So, she tells the lady what to do and woo-la, it works. The lady drives off, and we all go our separate ways. I said God bless you to the girl, and she said, thank you.

Finally, I get to a bus stop and wait there for the next bus. When I am waiting, I ask God what is going on here at this stop. There are a couple of people waiting also. I looked at one guy, then looked across the street. A couple of signs stood out as I read them. I heard the Spirit say, “tell him this”. As I was forming the words by the Spirit coming from the signs, I hesitated. I thought to myself, I haven’t given anybody some words since last week when I did to a lady on the train. Before that, it had been month’s. I am not, or at least to this point in my walk, not one of those who continually give out “words” from the Lord to people. I know that there are many that continually do so on a regular basis. I say, that is awesome. But like anything we do for the Lord, we must be sure we are continually checking in with Him so as to not fall into routine or with what is comfortable and or familiar.

I am one of those who do not like to “label” ministry. I know we do, but why? Does it have to have a label? In this case, I am referring to “Prophetic Ministry”. Isn’t prophetic ministry just hearing from the Lord and delivering what you hear? I know that it can be used both in the “body” and to those who have yet to come into the body. I prefer to just say that it is going out and being led of the Spirit, and saying or doing whatever He shows you, and how He shows you.

So, back to the guy at the bus stop. The words that the Lord gave me was, “the chic you have been seeing is sub-par for you”. So by His grace and help, I walked over to the guy and said, “excuse me, but I just heard these words for you”. He took his ear buds out and said, “what’s that?”. I said, “the chic you have been seeing is sub-par for you”. He smiled and said, “well, I don’t know about that”. I said, “well if it apply’s, use it. If not, throw it out”. Soon the bus came. As we were getting on he turned to me and said, “I am seeing many girls so I don’t know what to do with that”. I smiled and said, “He knows”. And we boarded the bus.

I thought to myself, so this is what we are in for today. Cool.

As I walked down the aisle to find a seat, I sensed that I was to sit next to this young girl, so I did. One minute into the ride, I looked up and saw a sign on the bus which the Lord gave me from it, “just because you are small is no reason to not reach for the TALL”. I knew she had ear buds in and I could hear her music. Then, I remembered, oh yeah I could write it out for her from the tablet I have in my coat pocket. So I did. She took and read it, then smiled and said, “thank you, I’m going to hang on to this one”. So she put it in her purse. She got off on the next stop and smiled and said thank you.

I thought to myself, this is fun. I can’t remember a time when this has happened in such rapid succession.

After getting on the train to go downtown, I stopped off at a market a short ways into the trip. I used the restroom, then grabbed something to eat. When I got in line to check out, my eyes fell on the lady that was a cashier. I thought to myself, “am I going to get something for her?”. I looked to my left then noticed a sign that said “zip” something. Then the Lord gave me this, “as you zip through life, don’t forget the one who created you”. When it was my turn I relayed that to her. She smiled and said, “I’m with you”. I smiled back and said, “oh that’s good!”.

Standing on the platform waiting for the train, my eyes looked upon this guy waiting also. We got on and he sat right above the area where I typically stand. I sensed that this was also a guy that the Lord would have a word for. I sensed that I was supposed to write this one out also and give it to him. I saw the word, “choose”. Then I heard, “choose close your friends”. I thought to myself, “does that make sence?”. Then I heard, “just give it to him”. So I did. He looked like he was of Asian decent, so I asked him if he understood. He said that he kind of did. Then, the Spirit gave me the interpretation, “be careful of the friends you choose”. When I said that to him, he smiled and said that he got it now.

As the train proceeded down the track, I noticed a guy had gotten on at the last stop. I waited on the Lord to see if there was anything for him. I looked to my left and noticed the words “emergency”. Soon I heard, “God will help you prepare for the coming emergency”. So, as the train was coming to the next stop I walked over to him to deliver the goods. He took his ear bud out and after I shared with him what I had, he said, “I’m an atheist”. I said something like, “well, God can work with that”.

Now this is the strange part with this particular guy. After I had given him the words and proceeded out the door, he just stood there if he was not going to get off the train at this particular stop. A few moments later, I look to my left and he goes walking by me with his bike. I soon see him and his bike riding off in a different direction. What was that all about? Was he going to stay on the train before receiving those words? It kinda seemed like it. I guess I will have to wait until someday to find out.

After getting off the train, I walked east to board another train. In route, I noticed some people waiting for a bus. I paused there and asked the Lord, “is there anybody here?”. My eyes fell on this girl with bright red ear phones on. On the side of the ear phones was the letter “b”. I heard, “boys don’t care”. I thought after that one, “what?”. I said to myself “whatever”. So the bus came and I went over and told her that. She stood there trying to understand it. The bus driver wondered if she was going to get on the bus or not. Finally she did.

This next one, I was really blessed by and so was the person that received it.

As I headed out east on the train, I had a vision of me standing in a book store in the mall. I was familiar with this store, having been there many times before. I saw myself standing in a particular location over by the restroom. People were going in and out. Then, I saw myself talking to a person.

So, I got off a few stops later and headed to the mall. But, when I hit the park, once again the Lord had me pray over this park. Long story short here, but that the Lord has done some awesome things here and is going to do some really way out stuff in the coming days. So I did my prayer walk and then headed into the mall.

I found the spot inside the bookstore. I stood there looking at the books and watching people go in and out of the restroom which was right next to where I was standing. I encouraged a few people as they went in and out. Then, I saw this big guy coming with his lady friend. He yells out, “hey are you in line?”. I smiled and said, “nope, no line here. It’s free and clear to go in though”. He smiled and walked in.

As he came out, I sensed that this was the guy that I had seen in my vision. So, I proceeded to speak as the Spirit gave me the words to say to him. Now, I have experienced this on countless times when the Spirit gives you the words to “preach” or to say to someone, and if you were asked to repeat them at a later time, you would not remember what it was that you did say. The jest, oh yeah, but not in its entirety. Such was the case again. The jest was that he was encouraged to get into the boat with Jesus and that it was serious. He had told me that he was “Native American” and said that it was all the same. I assured him that it was not and that it was all about Jesus.

I would occasionally look over at his friend and she was beaming from ear to ear. She was soaking up every word. The guy was totally captivated by the Spirit. When I gave him testimony about how I saw myself in a vision standing here talking to a guy, and then I said to him “YOUR THAT GUY!”. He was blown away to say the least. Forever changed? By faith I believe so!

Then, I proceeded to walk the top part of the mall. Soon, I passed a Starbucks and went in. As I came out and was putting my sugar and cream into my coffee, I struck up a conversation with the guy next to me. I listened to him tell me about his kids. He shared how that two of them had been in the ROTC in high school. He then went into talking about the military in which he himself was once in. Soon, after listening to him share about what was important to him, he paused for a moment. I then said to him, “what have you done with Jesus in your life?”. He smiled and then went into his religious experiences in life. They were things like, he had a “Mormon” girl friend at one time. He now has a friend at work who is a “7th day Adventist”.

Soon the Spirit led me into sharing with him that it is not all about religion, and that it’s a spiritual kingdom. We shared things like, God is spirit, his kingdom is spiritual, and that it takes a spiritual birth to enter into and perceive it. He kinda agreed, but was also of the like persuasion of  a “good person” will make it. We shared again that it was all about Jesus.

As if this day was already packed enough, we went by a reception desk in the mall and noticed a lady sitting there at the desk. Somewhere I spotted a sign that had something to do with “Give me your all”. So, she was busy with a customer, so I wrote it down and handed it to her and said, “the Lord wanted me to share this with you”.

Soon, I stopped off at the local Safeway store. The checker, whose name was John, was encouraged to read the book of John. I had originally asked him how he was doing. He said, “better than I deserve”. I said, “me too!”

After Safeway, I went across the street to Goodwill. I thought I was going there to see if they had a “water pot” because mine gave up the ghost last week. Once inside, I went to the back of the store. In route, I look to my left, and there was a guy that we have been working with to help him overcome his addictions. He made the commit, “who would have thought that we would both meet here?” I assured him that God is perfect and exact in all His ways. We aren’t.

On the way home on the train tonight, my eyes fixed on a guy up towards the front. As I looked around, I saw the word “Maximum”. I heard, “you can reach your maximum potential only with Me (God)”. I wrote it down and went up and handed it to him before the train got to the next stop. He left his ear buds in and refused to take it, but said “thanks”.

There was also this mother of two on the train. She had one in the stroller. I looked up and saw the word “overlook”. Then I heard, “Don’t overlook God’s blessings”. So, I shared it with her. She thanked me and I said, “you are blessed”. She smiled and left out the door and said, “have a nice evening!”. I said, “you too!”

So, we are ministers of the Spirit of God that is within us. And, if within us, then it must come out in some form or fashion. Remembering, that the Spirit of God is always fluid, always moving.

“In your quest for knowledge, don’t forget Jesus”

January 21, 2012

He was a 24yr. old guy who was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. When he got into High School, he decided to take his stand with those who just say regarding God, “I just don’t know”.

I had just sat down at the back of the bus, when along comes this guy and parks at the back, two seats away. I knew right off the bat that this was no “happen chance” here. So, I said “Hi” and handed him a card. He looked at it and handed it back. (Most of the times when this happens, I smile and say “Ok” and or “God bless you”. I am so thankful that I didn’t this time)

After he handed it back, I said, “so you’re not interested in God?” Then the hour-long dialogue started. I love them. Dialogues are of course, you talk, I listen. I talk, you listen. How often do you see this? How often do you partake in one? Dialogues give the Holy Spirit time to operate, instead of “land-blasting”, then they look at their phone after about 10 minutes and say, “hey, I gotta go now”. While this dialogue is taking place, your listening to what the other person is saying, and the Holy Spirit is giving you something to say off of what they are saying. While he is listening, the Holy Spirit is moving upon his heart. It’s awesome!

Now, here was a guy who was no doubt, very intelligent. It didn’t take me very long to figure out what was going on with him. I have met many people over the years that have allowed their knowledge, their reasoning to get in the way. He was going to college to get a major in mathematics. Believe me, this guy had some smarts. He talked about stuff that was way off my charts, for sure. The Holy Spirit just had me listen, then He would give me some stuff to remind him of Christ. We went into the Gospels, and also shared a little regarding Solomon.

Besides being reminded about Jesus, we shared how God is Spirit, and that it takes a spiritual birth to enter and to understand His Kingdom. At times, he would grasp a little, then his brain would kick in and off he would go to another planet. That was OK, because the Spirit knew just how to circumvent his reasoning and bring it back to the basics. I am so thankful that it doesn’t matter how smart, or not how smart you are, God can deal with anything.

So, towards the end of our conversion, the Spirit had me ask him if He ever remembered being born again while he was younger. He could not pin-point a time, and seemed to not clearly remember a time where he knew for sure. So, I reminded him of the necessity again.

My stop came, and it was time to get off. The Spirit had me lean over to him and tap him on the shoulder and say, “In your quest for knowledge, don’t forget Jesus”. We both smiled, shook hands and parted. I hope to see him someday 🙂

Godless generations = Opportunity

January 20, 2012

I am getting like really stoked lately about the young people (particularly those around 12 to 16) that God has led me to. I am finding out recently, that they are truly naive to the things of God.

Today, I handed a guy a tract, and he might have been around 14 yrs old. As I sat on one of the side seats, I peeked over occasionally to see if he was reading the tract. I kid you not, he spent probably 15 minutes reading the thing, twice over. This was after he began reading it on the train when I first handed it to him.

Last week, another guy, probably 15 or so, had similar thirst. The best I can tell it, is that God is placing a hunger into them. Most of these are raised in homes where there is NO Godly influence. Many have never seen a Bible. Just last week, I ran into a guy who appeared to be around 20, and he had never heard of “John 3:16′.

We need to all be aware that the generations coming up, know little if nothing about God. Of course, we are talking about the majority here, they don’t go to church, they don’t have both parents, they never hear anything about God unless it’s to degrade Him, or laugh at Him.

We need to wake up to this need. Godless generations are rising up. I don’t see it as a bad thing, in fact it could very well be a good thing. What I am seeing is like being on the “mission field” and finding people for the first time that have never heard about God. Yes, and it’s right here in good ol’e America.

Ministers of the Lord the Spirit

November 18, 2011

…..”ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the Spirit: the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.” (2Cor.3:6).

“Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (3:17)

“But we all, with unveiled faces reflecting as a mirror the glory of the Lord, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, even as from the Lord the Spirit.” (3:18)

God, Spirit and Kingdom

November 11, 2011

It’s simple, but it can be easily lost in the midst of religious trappings. We must be continually reminded that first off, God is Spirit. He is not some tangible God that will be confined to a box built by man. The minute you try to put Him in a box, he smiles, and goes right through the walls of the confinement that has been built. Why? Because He is Spirit, and you cannot confine a spirit to an enclosure. The same is true of spirits sent from Satan. A spirit is a spirit. You can’t see it. You can’t even try to make it what you think it should be. It has already been formed by its creator, and cannot change unless its creator causes it to change.

The human intellect has and can spend, its whole time on earth below trying to figure out God who is Spirit. In the natural mind, he makes out God to be something that his mind can create. Thus, he has created a God that suits his understanding, and one that he can relate with. Then, all he has to do to make it “spiritual” is attach some religious traditions, religious teachings, religious teachers and the like. Woo-la. Stamp a name on it, and in some cases market it, and they are off and running in a world that is full to overflowing with gods, religions, teachings, and seminars.

Again, we are to be reminded by the very words of Christ, which are spirit and life, “God is Spirit,” (Jn.4:24a).

Now, being that God is Spirit, what do you think that it might take for one to begin to commune with, relate with, have a relationship with a God who is Spirit?  How about, a birth of the Spirit of God within you, a spiritual birth from God. A birth where His Spirit comes to be birthed inside you. This is where one enters the spiritual realm (kingdom) of God.

The best way to understand this is to take a look again at the story of Nicodemus. He was a religious ruler of the Jews. So, he was very well versed and educated in his religion, in fact he was a “ruler of the Jews”. So this is no little guy, as far as status goes.

Jesus knew all about this guy. He knew every detail of his life. Was Jesus intimidated by him? You decide.

After Nicodemus credits Jesus with the fact that he knows that Jesus is a teacher from God, and that he does miracles, signs and wonders, and that no one could do what he has done unless God was with him, Jesus reply’s, “unless one is born again (born from above, spiritually) he cannot “SEE” the kingdom of God.” (Jn.3:3). The word “see” here is very important to understand. It means, “to know”, “be aware of”, “know”, “knowledge”, “perceive”, “understand”.

So, first off we see that Jesus knew that Nicodemus must be told first how to “know, perceive or understand” the kingdom of God. Do you think that because of all his studying, much learning etc. that Jesus had to deal with this first?

How many people today are trying to know, perceive or understand the spiritual realm (spiritual kingdom) of God? Have you ran across a few lately? It’s nothing new. They were trying to figure it out well before Christ, and today it’s still the same, well after He has gone.

And as if we needed more from Nicodemus to show that he could not figure it out with all his religious teaching and upbringing, he says to Jesus after he said that he needed to be “born again”, “how can that be? Can a man enter a second time into his mother’s womb? Talk about trying to figure it out in the natural mind! I can’t help but think that Jesus either rolled his eyes, smiled or maybe even laughed.

After Nicodemus’ questions, then Jesus went straight to “how to enter the kingdom of God”. Now, through all this we must see that Jesus is trying to relate a “spiritual kingdom” to a man who has no concept of spiritual things. Why? Because if he did, he would have not mentioned the natural birth when Jesus was talking spiritual birth.

And, I love how Jesus basically said to him, “don’t try to figure it out” (In verse 8, where he talks about the wind). This should be a good reminder to us all when we come across those who can’t figure out the spiritual things that we may be talking about. First things must come first, they must be “born of the Spirit”. All the best approaches, best tactics and best teachings on evangelism will not produce one convert unless they have been born again.

So, in closing, I would like to remind us that it is a good idea to re-acquaint ourselves with the basic understanding of the Spiritual side. God is Spirit. It takes a Spiritual birth to understand the things of the Spirit. And, one must be born of the Spirit to perceive and to enter the kingdom of God.

If we are to be effective in God’s kingdom in all that we do, we must be in the Spirit, and doing the things of the Spirit, and sharing/teaching/preaching the things of the Spirit.

Wake up! Before it’s too late!

August 25, 2011

This is the cry that the Lord gave me today to deliver around the city.

It started with the usual walking around, praying and scoping out the land. As many times before, I was not sure where we were headed, or where we were going, or what we were going to be doing. As I passed by a newspaper box, I was moved upon to read the headlines, “Earthquake hits the east”. As I scanned the article through the box, the Spirit shook me again to the need of preparation before it’s our turn. This has happened many times before, but, as follows, is the condensed version of what the Lord delivered through me today. If you are currently not awake spiritually, I pray that the Spirit would move on you also, and cause you to turn from the slumber that most are in today.

On four corners of the city the cry went out.

Time is short! It’s wake up time! Soon, major changes are coming our way! Are you preparing for what’s coming ahead? Do you care! Are you concerned?

Most, don’t really care when disaster hits away from home. Oh, we talk about our compassion, and in some cases show it, but when it comes down to it, it’s over there somewhere. Unless it hits in our own yard, or affects us directly, we go on as if it really didn’t happen.

As we walked from one corner to the next, the clouds began to come in and the wind picked up. We heard in the Spirit, “the storm is coming!” Yes, we felt it in the natural, but ever more so in the Spirit.

Street ministry is very unique, in that you get to sence in the Spirit what is going on with the many people who pass by, or that you converse with. It’s a ministry that lets you rub shoulders with the real world, the real people of the world (at least here in the US). People of all walks of life. The office workers. The city workers. The musicians. The vendors. The drug addicts. The alcoholics. The addicts period. The vacationers. The students. Etc. Etc.

We are always aware of how the people react to the Gospel of Christ, even in August of 2011. In a world of “who cares”. A world that tells everybody at every point, “It’s all about YOU!”

We continued to share……..

The hardest thing is to give up and let God! Our human nature wants to be in control. It wants to be in the driver seat! It does not like being in the passenger seat. And all the time, God is saying, “pull over and let me take the wheel!”. But oh no! The stubborn nature wants to rule!…………. Give up! Give up! Give up and let God!

Like many times before, we really saw the slumber in people. The devil has them lured through many different means. Mainly the “lure of the world” which takes on unlimited forms today, and they are growing as we speak.

We see many people drug induced walking down the sidewalk. The devil has them sedated to the point of not knowing what is going on around them. We saw one guy just staring down the sidewalk with his eyes 3/4 shut.

Sleeping doesn’t have to be drug induced though. Many are so consumed with the cares of this life, that the lights are on, but no body’s home. There is a blank stare as they pass by.

Preoccupation is where Satan has got most people today. So preoccupied in their minds, they don’t even know whats going on 10 feet in front of them. And of course, one of the major distractions to people having any time at all to consider their own spiritual welfare, to get to a point where they can hear God speak, is of course……the ipod. Tuned out and in their own little world. And all the time, the devil is smiling. There is no time to think of….. where is my soul going to spend eternity? “Hey, I’m busy, can’t you see!”

We are living right in a time where you could be sharing Christ in the simplest form to people around you and some look at you like, “what is he talking about?”. Mind you, these are adults, right here in the good ole’ USA. Satan is doing his job well.

We continued……

Now is preparation time! It’s time to get right with God! It’s time to turn from sin! No longer let sin be your master! God is not willing that any perish, but that all come to repentance! That old school word repentance means, turn from the way you are going, turn from your sins that separate you from God, and turn back to God. Your walking down the sidewalk, and He wants you to do a 180 and turn and give up and go back to Him!

Time is short! There is no guarantee of tomorrow! Just because you are alive today, is no guarantee that you will be tomorrow! I have the stats right here! Yesterday, approximately 6,700 people died in the US. Who are we to think that we aren’t going to be one of those stats? How about this one, approximately 155,00 people died in the world yesterday! How many of these people had time to prepare spiritually?

How about the Tsunami that hit Japan just a few month’s ago? How many of those people had time to get their house in order, spiritually? It has been said that the water was moving at 500 miles an hour!

What about us! Do we care? (from time to time, young people would walk by and say, “no, I don’t!”) This is right where we are at in the real world. It would do us all good to get out of our boxes and enter the real world. The world outside of our little homes, our families. Outside our jobs. Outside our churches. The real world is….. outside, period.

The awesome thing is that today God gave us complete liberty to share for about two hours in the same spot. The trains were backed up as usual, and praise God many got to hang abound for up to 30 minutes before they took off. God had some of them listening very intently. We had a couple of good conversations with some people.

Once again, people are being warned of the need to get right through Christ before it’s too late. We are on the brink of something really big happening in our city. If it’s not a collective disaster, or catastrophe that you may be involved in, you like me, have a number when your time is no more. We just don’t know when that is. It is imperative that we prepare to meet God. That is why God’s word says that “today is the day of salvation!” Don’t wait till you are on your death-bed and the doctor comes in and says, “the best we can figure is that you got six weeks”. The next response is, “please send for the chaplain, I need to talk to him”. Don’t wait tell your life is over! Believe and receive Christ today! Start experiencing God while you are living!

God bless you!