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“My kingdom is filling up and I want to keep it that way”

November 1, 2012

It was their nightly meeting. Satan and his angels gathered once again to discuss the day. Satan rubs his hands and gives that grin for which he is famous. Then he yells out, “Well!, how did those Jesus believers do today?” His angels pull out their pads with the recording of the day. One says, “we saw one of them make it again to work on time”. Satan says to another angel, “what did you find?” He says, “I found this guy who is always smiling”. And you? As he points with his crooked finger. “Well, there is this lady that always treats people kind and is always nice to everybody she sees” Then, Satan yells at the top of his piercing voice, ” You all know what I am looking for!” “How many times have we gone over this?” “Tell me! Tell me! What did you find! The room goes ghostly quite. He yells again, “What did you find!?” Then, his most crooked smile that really doesn’t look like a smile, but a real smirk, comes from his face. “Good!” “That’s what I wanted to hear!” “Those believers went all day long at their jobs, their shopping, their day off, their school, and never once mentioned that name that I cannot stand to hear to anybody?” None of the angels said a thing.

Satan finishes with, “Good. We will see what tomorrow brings”. “Make sure you are going over the complete city that I give you charge.” “I want to not only know if you find anyone sharing that Jesus name, but also, are they sharing how one can get into God’s kingdom” “That we must stop!” “My kingdom is filling up and I want to keep it that way”

“No thank you. I have no need”

May 31, 2012

In street ministry, we get to see first hand how the masses respond to the Gospel. Most times, those who appear to be well off, pass by as to not even acknowledge our existence. I could be handing them a card and there would be no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not even an eye contact when looked at. It would seem that they already know what you are trying to give to them and they are not interested. On some occasions, they pass by so close, that they knock the card out of my hand.

We are thankful for the words of Jesus that says, “No one comes to the Father, unless he draws them”. We do acknowledge that it even takes the Father moving on their heart for them to even reach out and take a card. There is great contentment in knowing that the Father is always in control.

Today, we were in the NW part of town. It’s an area that we frequent about once a month on the average. It, like all the different parts of town, has its own type of people and spiritual darkness that goes with the territory.

It was a sunny beautiful day with lots of people out for a weekday. One corner that I usually stop by to hang out, has a drinking establishment on all four corners of the intersection. When the weather is nice, this makes for lots of people sitting around eating and drinking.

Before long, I notice that the response is practically nil. There is no “preaching” going on this day. Just standing there and holding out a card with a few occasional words. Many pass by, with most, there is no interest whatsoever. Maybe, one in 20 take one.

Then, guess who God brings by? An older homeless man. Yep. And what do you think he did when he approached me? He took a look at the card. That’s right. He noticed the card. He said, “I wish I had glasses to read it. I lost mine”. I briefly shared with him what is was about. He smiled and said, “God bless you. Thanks for being out here”. (Do you think he might have known a little about the neighborhood?). He thanked me again and proceeded across the street.

Soon, two scriptures come to mind.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt.9:13b) Those who think they have no need of a Savior, he did not come for. But, those who are “needy”, he came for.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Matt.19:30) Those who might think that they will be first, will end up being last. Those who appear to be last, will be first.

Soon, we left walking down the sidewalk. Maybe one in four, took a card. We came to a restaurant, and there was a young girl who was a waitress, going back inside. I said to her, “hey, can I share this with you?” She took one look at it and said, “no thanks”. She then looked me right in the eye and proceeded to tell me why she didn’t need Jesus. (I am noticing more and more, that the younger generations are getting more bold in telling you why they don’t need Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ is surely raising up.)

While listening (Key) she said the words, “lost soul”. The Spirit said to me to “go for that one”. When she stopped for a second, I proceeded to talk to her about being a “lost soul”. Our meeting was all to remind her once again that she is lost without Jesus. She had said in our conversation that she had others tell her that she was a “lost soul”. Conformation for her again?

Took off to the well-known “bookstore” in town. The Father brought some by there. Good day.

Spirit led one on one

March 15, 2012

This is one main form of “evangelism” that the Spirit is working through today. It is certainly nothing new. Philip the evangelist, as he has been called, was one who certainly knew how to hear from the Spirit and obey what he heard. In the well-known case recorded in Acts chapter 8, Philip heard an angel of the Lord speak to him. The Spirit gave him directions such as, “go toward the south” and “follow the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza”. It was also a “deserted place”. A place where the natural mind might have said, “you got to be nuts, there is nobody out there!”

I sense that many believers think it a strange thing to go out alone with just you and the Spirit. I know that they hang on the scriptures where Christ sent them out “two by two”, but we must be reminded that what is most important is, are we being Spirit led? Or do we just go into form, or the way we always done things? “Well, we always go out in groups”. That’s good and certainly the Lord uses people that way, but we cannot be so stuck into thinking that the Spirit cannot do new things with each one of us. If I have learned one thing in my years of evangelism it is, “stay out of routine”. Seek the Spirit each time you go out. He might well have you go to an area that you have never been to. Or, he might say to you, “I just want you to start out by walking down the sidewalk all alone. I have somebody down the way for you to meet”.

Each one of us are gifted in many different ways. You might not be comfortable in going out alone by yourself. My question would be, “have you ever tried it?” Have you sought the Lord regarding it? Do you get alone with him first, before going out? Or, are you only going off your own natural abilities such “I’m shy” or “I’m uncomfortable going out alone”. We must remember that the Holy Spirit is fully capable to equip us with what we need for each outing in the Spirit, for what the Spirit is saying.

I have found that in some cases, when people are by themselves and they are approached by two or more people, they become afraid or uncomfortable. Where as, with one person they are OK. The “Mormon” approach of two on one, is not always the best approach.

In the way of encouragement, I will give one such example of being Spirit led. Recently, before going out for the day, I laid on my back on the floor and closed my eyes. I went into the Spirit and begin to fly around the city where I usually go. We flew all over. We went downtown. We went over the Northeast, Northwest, North etc. Then we went close and viewed a few corners in different areas. We got to this one corner that I had seen the previous week while riding the bus passing by. I had never been there before. The picture stuck like a still frame photo in my mind. That was good enough for me, so I headed out.

God can and does use many ways to speak to us through His Spirit. We must not be afraid. And we must certainly not be afraid to enter into something new to us personally. A new way of being Spirit led.

So, long story short, I got off the bus some four to five blocks away from the corner that to the best of my ability, I remembered seeing it on the bus, then in the vision. I always like to do a prayer walk around the area before honing in on the corner. The area was an older business district with few people walking around. It was after lunch, so I’m sure that played into it. I had just figured that I would get to the corner and wait to see what was next. Finally, after making the turn and looking down a few blocks, I saw the corner up ahead. AND GUESS WHAT I SAW AT THE CORNER? Yep, two people standing right on the exact corner. And of course remembering, “God is always about people”, right?

So, I slowly and prayerfully walked up to meet them. Now, what do you think if you were one of those two people on that corner that day and this stranger walks up and says, “Excuse me, I know that you are both busy visiting here but I must tell you why I’m here. So, I went into telling them about how the Lord showed me this corner in a vision. How I lived some 15 miles away and that it took me an hour and a half to get here by train and bus. Also, that it was certainly not happen chance that they were here at this moment.

The Spirit had their attention. They stood there in silence listening to every word. One was a believer, the other wasn’t. I reminded the one who said that he was, to be diligent in his relationship with the Lord. I asked them both how they were raised. The one unbelieving girl, didn’t say much, but listened as if this might have been a divine appointment for her. In the end, she received a tract about Jesus and listened to what the Spirit had told her.

My prayer is that many more in these days will find out what it is like to hear, see, and do what the Spirits desire is for them personally. Yes, God does certainly work together collectively, that’s for sure. But, lets not forget that first, we must be in tune personally to even go out collectively. And, that He might even have us go out one day alone with just Him.

From rags to True Riches

February 9, 2012

“He would do things like, scream and yell at people. He would run as fast as he could down the sidewalk, screaming and yelling, pushing people out of his way. People who didn’t know him, or weren’t from this area, would freak out. Many would call the police. He was picked up and taken to jail so many times that Joe had lost track of the count. The police of course knew him all too well.”

I believe in the redemptive power of God to change a life. Testimonies prove it.

Today was a lot like a typical day going out on the streets, getting on the train after riding the bus to the train stop. As the train was getting ready to make its first stop into downtown, I looked out the window and noticed a corner, and a spot to stand hit my eye. I heard the Spirit say, “stand there”. So, as it stopped, I got off and walked back to that spot.

I stood there smiling and handing out the “Why do you need Jesus cards”. Had a couple of good contacts with a few people, and good reception in taking the cards. After about 20 minutes, I turned to my right and this guy almost knocked me over. It was Steve! (name changed to protect the redeemed).

Now, I will back up to approximately five years ago.

The Hawthorne area is an area that the Lord has led me to quite often over the years. Like a lot of towns, they have their part of town that cater to the younger generations and it’s “hippy” like culture. Such is this part of our city. Like a lot of cities, it has deep roots in the occult and witchcraft. But hey, the light shines brightest in the dark, right?

On many visits to this area, I would see this man who lived here and everybody knew him. Why did they know him? Well, it wasn’t exactly for his well dressed look or his very charming personally. He was known as the guy who everybody felt sorry for. He was a part of the town. He would bum food, money etc. from anybody at anytime of the day or night. You’re thinking right about now, that he was the “local town bum” right? Well, you could say that, but it ran a little deeper than that. Let me explain.

I have developed a friendship with one guy down there who has his corner where he hangs out everyday with his cardboard sign. His name is Joe (name changed to protect his popularity). Joe has known Steve ever since he came to this area. Many times when I landed here, I would go over to Joe’s corner and hang out for a while. We would always eventually bring up Steve and talk about how he was doing.

You see, Steve had some real mental things going on. And yes, a good deal of it was spiritual. He would do things like, scream and yell at people. He would run as fast as he could down the sidewalk, screaming and yelling, pushing people out of his way. People who didn’t know him, or weren’t from this area would freak out. Many would call the police. He was picked up and taken to jail so many times that Joe had lost track of the count. The police of course knew him all too well.

I remember on one occasion, I had just arrived there, and it was night-time. I looked down the street and saw the flashing lights. I walked by the police car, and there they were, putting Steve in the car again. After visiting with Joe, he shared with me as to what he was arrested for. It was “indecent exposure”. You see, Steve also had this problem where he would for no known reason, pull down his pants and began to take his clothes off. And yes, right in front of everybody as they passed by. And you can guess what would happen shortly afterwards. Yep, the flashing lights.

Two occasions stand out in my mind as a recall the times when I saw him there. One time, it was the middle of winter, and he had his usual dirty clothes, long matted hair, and dirty face. Because of his condition, you could not carry on an intelligent conversation with him. This always bothered me, however, I did not want to succumb to the thought of “oh well, that’s just the way he is”, and just let him be. I believed he was going to be delivered and healed. So, when ever I would see him, I would push through and try to speak with him. Well, this day he actually stopped long enough to hear me invite him to go with me to the Starbucks for coffee. He said he would! Wow! I was shocked, and quite frankly didn’t expect it. So, we walked down the sidewalk. I spoke to him about God’s love for him. I prayed for him and tried to get some feedback, but nothing.

We came to the coffee shop. I opened the door and he just stood there. I said, “let’s go in”. He just stood there. I closed the door, and we stood outside. After trying to find out why he didn’t want to go in, I finally figured it out. Here was a man who didn’t live inside of four walls. He had no house to stay in. All he knew was the outdoors. It was his home. I’m sure the enclosure frighten him, big time.

So, I asked him what kind of drink he wanted. Much to my surprise he said, “a latte”. I said, “what kind?” He said, “vanilla” Wow!, I thought. Praise God! I got an intelligent response out of him. I hugged him and said, “all right! that it will be”. So, he waited outside and I went in. I came out and smiled, gave him his drink and…….. off he went. What? He could not even stay for a minute? There went Steve, pushing aside people and hurrying down the sidewalk. Well, I was thankful that I had experienced a breakthrough with him anyways.

The other time was when I was standing on a corner in the area, passing out cards and noticed that he came by. I reached out and said “hey Steve, remember me? I bought you the latte? He looked at me as if he never met me or seen me before. I began to really pray for him. I didn’t like what the enemy was doing to this man. Frankly, I was getting real upset. Here was a wasted life that the enemy had no right to take and destroy. After about 20 minutes, I saw him coming back my way. I was not going to let this opportunity pass by. As he came by, I……..

immediately followed him rebuking the devil the whole way. It was a busy day and the sidewalks were full. We swerved in and out of the people passing by. I did not care what they thought of this “crazy man” following this guy and talking out loud, saying “I rebuke the unclean spirits in my brother! Come out of him, right now! In Jesus name! etc.etc.” Then……

He took off in a dead run. I followed a short distance, then stopped and gave him to the Lord. No doubt, many people have prayed for him over the years. I know many people have blessed him with untold blessings such as food, water, sleeping bags, money etc. Heaven will tell the story.

A year went by. No sight of him anywhere. I asked around and nobody knew. Of course, we hoped that he made his peace with God, if he had left us for good. Then one day……. I was downtown at a certain corner, and I looked to my left, and saw him. He was walking at a regular pace. He was dressed nicer. He was clean. I called out, “hey Steve!” He looked at me. I said, “do you remember me?” He shook his head up and down and said, “yes”. I smiled and said, “how are you doing?” He said, “really good”, I have my own place now”. I said, “really!” He said, “yeah!” Then he said, “hey I got to catch this bus”. We parted and I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and seen. I went home that night rejoicing in our Lord.

I couldn’t wait for the next time to go out to Hawthorne and tell Joe the good news. The next week came and I found myself led to go out there and tell him. He was so excited to hear that he was alive. I think he might have given up hope. It was an exciting time for sure.

Now fast forward six months, to today. As I turned to my right, this guy almost knocked me over. It was Steve!  I asked him how he was doing. He said great. He reminded me again that he had his own place, and that he had his own food. He looked really good. We reminisced a little about our times on Hawthorne. He remembered.

Now here is the best part………. I asked him, as I stood there holding one of my “why do you need Jesus” cards, “What about Jesus!” He looked at me and said, “Oh yeah! He’s my Lord and Savior!” Wow! To hear that come from his mouth, was like sweet dew coming from heaven! I hugged him and said, “God bless  you brother!” He smiled and said he needed to catch the bus. What a Redeeming God He is! Changed forever!

“In your quest for knowledge, don’t forget Jesus”

January 21, 2012

He was a 24yr. old guy who was raised in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. When he got into High School, he decided to take his stand with those who just say regarding God, “I just don’t know”.

I had just sat down at the back of the bus, when along comes this guy and parks at the back, two seats away. I knew right off the bat that this was no “happen chance” here. So, I said “Hi” and handed him a card. He looked at it and handed it back. (Most of the times when this happens, I smile and say “Ok” and or “God bless you”. I am so thankful that I didn’t this time)

After he handed it back, I said, “so you’re not interested in God?” Then the hour-long dialogue started. I love them. Dialogues are of course, you talk, I listen. I talk, you listen. How often do you see this? How often do you partake in one? Dialogues give the Holy Spirit time to operate, instead of “land-blasting”, then they look at their phone after about 10 minutes and say, “hey, I gotta go now”. While this dialogue is taking place, your listening to what the other person is saying, and the Holy Spirit is giving you something to say off of what they are saying. While he is listening, the Holy Spirit is moving upon his heart. It’s awesome!

Now, here was a guy who was no doubt, very intelligent. It didn’t take me very long to figure out what was going on with him. I have met many people over the years that have allowed their knowledge, their reasoning to get in the way. He was going to college to get a major in mathematics. Believe me, this guy had some smarts. He talked about stuff that was way off my charts, for sure. The Holy Spirit just had me listen, then He would give me some stuff to remind him of Christ. We went into the Gospels, and also shared a little regarding Solomon.

Besides being reminded about Jesus, we shared how God is Spirit, and that it takes a spiritual birth to enter and to understand His Kingdom. At times, he would grasp a little, then his brain would kick in and off he would go to another planet. That was OK, because the Spirit knew just how to circumvent his reasoning and bring it back to the basics. I am so thankful that it doesn’t matter how smart, or not how smart you are, God can deal with anything.

So, towards the end of our conversion, the Spirit had me ask him if He ever remembered being born again while he was younger. He could not pin-point a time, and seemed to not clearly remember a time where he knew for sure. So, I reminded him of the necessity again.

My stop came, and it was time to get off. The Spirit had me lean over to him and tap him on the shoulder and say, “In your quest for knowledge, don’t forget Jesus”. We both smiled, shook hands and parted. I hope to see him someday 🙂

Jesus reminders

January 8, 2012

Sometimes, that is all we are. But, with that reminder that you just gave them, what do you think a really big God could do with that?  Most of the time, only eternity will tell the results.

That’s what it was today, as I was riding the bus home. I went to the usual back of the bus, and sat on one of the sides seats. It was a particularly talkative bus crowd this night. Most nights, coming home, it is usually on the quieter side. Next to me in the back seats, were two young girls and one guy. In the seat across from me was a guy also.

For the next 25 minutes, I listened to their talk. It ranged from what they were going to do that night, to talking about having sex and drugs. Which is all typical, and of course came as no shock. They spoke of those of who they knew, who had “same sex’. One girl talked about being “bisexual” and might even go there tonight.

So, as this was going on, I was asking God when would it be a good time to bring in “Jesus”. I waited. I sensed that this was not to be the easy way of waiting till they “hit the ringer” to get off at the next stop, then give them a tract as they passed by me. No, I was to hand them each one as soon as things calmed down. I had time working for me.

The guy that sat across me, pulled the wire to get off at the next stop. By their conversation, I could tell that he would be the only one getting off. So I waited. The bus stopped, he said his goodbyes, and off he went. Then, a guy who was sitting a couple of seats up from me, came and sat in the side seat, across from me. They all knew each other. I could tell that they were planning to get off at a particular stop in downtown.

Five minutes later, things calmed down, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining cards that I had. I smiled at the guy across from me and handed him one. Then I handed one each to he girls. The last one was the guy next to the girls, who was closest to me. When He received the card, he immediately let out a “John 3:16 that’s my favorite!” I said, “Oh yeah!” He said that it is the one that he will never forget. I told him that just this week, I had run into a guy around 20 years old who had never heard of the verse before.

Now, the awesome thing here was that this guy was the “leader” so to speak. And here he was talking about the Bible. He had went on and mentioned how that Genesis was his favorite book. I said that I also liked it very much. Talk about how the conversation changed! It went from dirty sex and drugs, to Jesus and the Bible, within seconds!

Our stop came, and we all parted our ways. All four of them were reminded about Jesus once again. I prayed that in God’s timing and way, they would have alone time to read the cards. I even suggested to God that tomorrow morning after their Saturday night when they awake in the morning would be a good time 🙂 I even saw one of them lying in bed the next morning and having a discussion about Jesus and what the “John 3:16” card had to say.

Sometimes, all God wants us to do is just be a “Jesus reminder”. God bless you as you do also.

Salvation offered in the “trendy”

July 14, 2011

All city’s have their “trendy” area or areas. It is an area that people talk about. It a popular hang out area. Out of towners must see it. And younger people thrive in the area.

I personally haven’t been to our “trendy” area in a few month’s. But, today the Lord moved on my heart to re-visit the area. As I hit the sidewalk of the area, I heard, “Salvation of the soul”. That was good enough for me. After prayer walking the area, the Lord again placed me on a corner that I had been several times before. It’s kind of a nice spot. It in front of a local tavern, with three others, one on each of the other corners, how awesome is that!

Occasionally, He would have me say as I stood there on the corner holding a tract, “Salvation of the soul being offered again today” or “Salvation for eternity being offered again today” or “Salvation through Jesus being offered again today”.

After about ten minutes, a guy passed by that quickly turned around and grabbed one. I always love this because it is God in action. One walks by and the Spirit moves on him or her, then they decide to turn back and grab a tract. It is the power of God moving upon their heart. Totally awesome to behold!

A young girl passes by and smiles and takes one.

Later in the day, the Spirit takes me to a different corner two blocks up. There standing again holding out a tract, the Lord brings two young boys by on their bikes. They smile and look as if to say, “what is he doing?” I hand the oldest one a tract, and said, “you’ve heard of John 3:16 before, haven’t you?” He smiled and said, “yeah”. I said, “the first part of that verse demands an answer doesn’t it?” Why did God give us his Son? The youngest, maybe ten, said, “to save the world”. I said, “that’s right, but what did he save us from?” ( I love this part). The ten-year old boy said, “our sins”. That was right on! I encouraged them to share Christ with their friends. I also encouraged them to stay close to Jesus, cause things are not going to get better. The light turned green, and off they went. This was very encouraging in an area of the country where a lot of youth haven’t heard about Jesus or know very little.

Then of course we seemly always have to have the people who say things like, “No thanks, I have my own higher power”. We pray for them as they walk hurriedly by.

What God is doing on the streets

June 30, 2011

Street ministry, like all ministry, involves people. What is really awesome to see, is lives being changed whether it appears small or big. Also, to see change in a relatively short amount of time. Like on many occasions, today we got to see two people being changed.

Just last week, James and I were on a corner downtown hanging out as usual. This nineteen year old guy came up and started talking. He was playing the “know it all” and did very little listening at first. He confessed that he was raised in a Christian home, but was now trying to find God his own way. He talked a lot about how he disagreed with the way the world was and gave his reasons as to why. As time went on, the Spirit was moving and he was beginning to do a little more listening. When it was all said and done, he agreed to have prayer with us, and we all finished with shaking hands and smiling.

Today, exactly one week later to the day, he came by again. This time, he was different. He was a little more laid back. He listened more. I asked him how he was doing. He began to tell me that now he was going to church, and he had a lot more to say about Christ this time.

He had a tripod and a video camera, and asked if he could interview me with some questions. He said that he was going to make a video to show to people. His questions where very good. He asked if I believed in Hell and who all would go there. He asked that if I could go back and do some things over, would I. And if so, what would they be. He asked me do I believe that Jesus is the only way to God. He also had some more questions in which I answered the best that the Spirit gave me.

Then he began to share some deep spiritual things about the Devil and his fall. He shared about light and darkness. This had once again confirmed what the Lord had showed me a few years ago about the younger generation coming up. They would advance more quickly and receive deep revelation faster than those previously (see my post on “God’s Army”).

Here was a guy that in one week had scaled a mountain on the spiritual level. This is what God wants to do and is doing.

We encouraged each other and he said to remember him in prayer as he walked off looking for other people to interview. Bless the Lord for what He is doing!

The other guy is an addict that I have known for about three months now. The first time I met him was when I had been sharing at this corner a short distance east out of downtown. He had been strung out and was begging for money like most. He at that time, was very opposed to hearing the Gospel. However, I prayed for him and believed that I would see him again.

For a couple of weeks after, I would see him and he would smile and say hi. One time, the three of us were heading to the local mall for our weekly gathering and they noticed him, not knowing that I had met him before. One of the brother’s laid it pretty straight with him. I sensed that it was from the Lord, so I just stood back and prayed. So did our other brother James. (Ps. This is important if you go out with some other brothers or sisters and find yourselves talking to one person. Usually, if you gang up on one person, it won’t last very long, and they will have to leave. Seen it more than once).

We would see him a few more times before today. Each time, he was becoming more aware of God and not being so rejecting of Christ.

Today, he came around the corner where we were at. He appeared to be sober and had a lady friend with him for the first time that I had noticed. As he was passing, he turned back and leaned towards me and smiled and said, “OK, I will take one”. He for the first time took a tract. He had refused them before. This was a big step. When one reaches out of their own free-will and takes a tract, it is BIG in God’s economy. It is a blessing to see the Spirit move on one to reach out and take. The results are up to God.

So, we today, bless God for what He is doing. He is moving on hearts, trying to get them to turn. It is truly awesome to see him move and change people. He is in the “changing people business” for sure!

Noon time Gospel

April 15, 2011

I was passing by on my usual prayer walk downtown going through the crowd of people ordering their food at the local food trailers, I heard, “would you be willing to stand there and share the Gospel?” Well, of course I would. That’s one of the things that I do. But, because of the weakness of my flesh, and because it was a new spot, and of a different type, I heard, “you are going to have to die to self, before you can”. I thought, “why would that have to be?”. Then as I was finishing my prayer walk, I thought, because I would be standing right in the middle of people who had nothing to do except to wait for their food and listen to someone “preaching”. Also, because it was a new place for me, and kinda small and up close and personal.

So, I came back around from my walk and landed right in the middle, between the block. It took no time at all to sence that this was not going to be the typical, raise the voice so that many could hear approach. No, this was close to a normal voice, yet strong enough to be found clear and convincing. We started with reading from the scriptures, then went with what the Spirit gave us. And as usual, God placed those who He had pre-determined to hear once again.

The nice thing about this spot was that besides its close proximity, there were several who stayed around and actually ate there. I believe that the Spirit had me speak in a tone that did not run them off. There was no need to share with those who were down on the corner. He had me in the middle of the two corners, sharing with those who were close by. There were maybe 10 to 15 at any given time.

After having noticed a couple of men who were obviously listening as they ate, I picked up on two ladies that were right in front of me, about 10 feet away. They were eating off of the lip of a trailer that had been closed because of the owner having gone to Cuba for the last three weeks. It was convenient for them to use as a table, as they stood there. And yes, all the time, they got to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ once again in their lives. How awesome is that!

A lot of what I do, is just giving people another opportunity to hear. Most don’t go to “church”. And, if they did, would they hear the Gospel? They should be able to hear it if they went, right? Most, are not going to hear the Gospel in a given week, outside of a “street preacher” sharing it with them. All I see in it all, God’s love, letting them hear of His Son one more time in their life time. Believe it or not, that’s love. Why? Because God is always pursuing mankind with His Love. He loves mankind so much that He let’s them hear about His Son, who He gave for them, that whoever would believe in Him, they would not perish because of their sins, but would receive forgiveness of their sins and receive everlasting life.

So, towards finishing sharing the message of Christ, I particularly noticed the two ladies in front of me. They had been there the longest, and they were the closest to me. I was getting close to finishing, when I noticed them saying good-bye to each other with a hug and a kiss.

When it was all over, I sensed God had filled his bucket with love and poured it out on those who He had there that day and time. He had them there because of his love for them. Bless the Lord!

A day in the life of a street minister

October 9, 2010

It’s not a “classified” church minister position. Most churches don’t have one that is on their “paid staff”. You can’t study to become one, then receive a degree and get a job as one. Most don’t have a clue what it entails. When you say “street minister”, most think of the homeless. Yes, it does involve the homeless, but that is just one segment of the ministry. Other’s think of it as the “street preacher” on the street corner. Yes, that also is a part of it, but certainly not conclusive.

In my particular calling of street ministry it has to do with people who are out and about. Kind of what Jesus did. People that are outside of a building, or car, headed somewhere on foot. These are people in the life of a street minister like myself. See my post  for more definition on street ministry.

One such day would be as follows:

I try to stay away from routine. It is far easier said than done, for sure. It has been a few weeks now since I have broken out of the typical routine. I am very thankful to have again a day like this. This encourages me to remember all those days that I have had that were very similar to this one.

This morning while getting ready for the day, I saw myself walking down a road in which I have not been down in about a year. So, after getting ready I headed out the door onto the sidewalk. Ah, the streets! Here we go again!

Soon, we boarded the bus and headed over the river to the train (light rail). If I can back up for a moment, there where three guys sitting in the back of the bus besides myself. I had just listened to the three of them talk about “brothers” and living in the “hood”. When the bus arrived at the train stop, we all got off as usual. As I approached the platform, I noticed the three brothers standing there. I felt led to go over to them and share Jesus with them, so I did. Two of the three quickly went into all kinds of excuses of why Jesus can’t be the only way. They both had Muslim backgrounds. The other guy said he was raised a “Baptist”. We soon had some common ground because he was a believer in Jesus, while the other two weren’t. The train came and we all got in. The two other brothers went up front and sat down, while me and this other brother stood and continued to talk about Jesus. It was good. My hope is that the other brothers will read the Jesus tracts that they indeed did keep. My stop came and I said God bless you to them all and went out the door.

I headed west on this main street that I had seen myself on earlier that morning. (I might add that I had seen myself walking and only making contact with people who were coming towards me on the sidewalk). My first gentleman was a black brother from Ethiopia waiting for the bus at the stop. He smiled when he saw the Jesus card, and said that he knew Him. We visited for a few minutes before his bus came. It was very encouraging.

I turned to my left after this brother got on the bus, and quickly noticed a lady that used to work where I work. We smiled at each other, and I said God bless you. I have shared Jesus with her before. She was in a lesbian relationship, and I am not sure if she still is. God faithfully puts us together every so often, and it’s always in very unusual places. Isn’t God faithful and awesome!

Then I walked for a while before seeing anybody. Then this guy named Larry came walking his dog down the street. I said “hi”, then gave him a card. He quickly acknowledged that he too was a follower of Christ. We spent the next 30 minutes sharing. He shared about his alcohol problems, in which he was now 10 days clean, and attending meetings. He said he had to leave his life in California and start over up here. He talked about being lonely at times. I shared how I could relate with him on that. We both hit it off, and really had awesome “fellowship”. We had prayer, then I gave him one of my contact cards, then we departed.

It was a beautiful sunny day and I was so thankful for the water fountains along the way. It seemed that God had placed them every so often along the way.  Soon, I saw up ahead, a homeless man gathering his things next to a local market. I stopped to talk with him, and handed him a card. He looked at it and handed it back. He said. “Oh, I believe in mother nature”. I assured him that “mother nature” was not going to save his soul. (I thought to myself, mother nature surly hasn’t saved him from his alcohol problem). I said God bless you and departed.

I walked for a while, then noticed a bike coming ahead down the sidewalk. Usually, I stand there and hold out a card. Sometimes they reach out and grab it and keep riding. This guy went by for a moment, then slammed on his brakes and skidded around. I handed it to him and he said, “oh yeah, I believe in Jesus!”. He began to share how his sister recently died from cancer, and that God was the only reason why he was here today. She had been his best friend. He went on and gave testimony about God and was greatly encouraged to have the opportunity to share it. He went away “charged” on his bicycle.

A while later, I saw two brothers coming. One was pushing the typical shopping cart full of bottles and cans. As they approached, I asked them if they knew Jesus and handed them the cards. They smiled and said, “Oh yah”. “We couldn’t live without Him”. They were in a hurry, and one brother said “please remember me in prayer”. I said I would. He reached over and gave me a big hug. The other brother did the same. It was “sweet” in Jesus!

Soon, I was praying to find a restroom. I knew that there was a large grocery store coming up on my left, I just couldn’t see it yet. Praise God, before long, there it was. I went into the store and soon found the restroom. Once inside I noticed a young guy combing his hair. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He didn’t give an answer, but said that he believed in a “higher power”. I assured him that he needed Jesus to get to God. Shared that Jesus is the only sacrifice for our sins. He didn’t object. Soon he left, taking the card with him. As I left, I saw him outside the restroom. I smiled and said God bless you. I sensed that he was battling homosexuality.

Now, I had sensed that this was my turning back point. So I headed back on the other side of this main road. Soon, I heard someone coming from behind. I turned and smiled and gave him a card. He looked at it, and shouted that he was also a believer. He said that he was going to be singing in his church choir tonight. We blessed each other and he walked up ahead.

As I proceeded, I saw a hispanic man coming up the sidewalk. I was thankful that in the morning the Lord had reminded me to bring some more spanish tracts. He gladly took one. I could see his face that he looked like he was battling Meth.

By this time I had used up all my tracts and was saying “God bless you” to all those who passed by. One young lady sitting at a bus stop acknowledged that she was with Jesus. I encouraged her to stay close to Him, because things are not going to get better. She agreed.

Soon, I was back at the train stop where I had started. I got on and headed home. I was tired. I do a lot of walking in my ministry, but this was the first time in weeks where I walked for a long distance without very little stopping. I figured it was probably six miles.

Well, that’s one day in my life. They are all different. I always enjoy seeing what God has planned for the day, and its always about people. It always about Jesus.

God bless you as you go out and Do what you were created to Do. Tell somebody about Jesus today!