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God’s love, all about people

July 20, 2015

Let us always be reminded and never forget that God and his love is all about people. “For God so loved the world (people) that he gave his only begotten Son,”
If we are saved it is for people. We are called and gifted to reach people.
I love how God moves people, places people, in our path so that they would hear one more time about His Son. That’s love.
If we are “in the Spirit” we will not miss out on the opportunity.

Today i was at the cross walk, and this lady is standing next to me. I’m looking straight forward waiting for the light to change. Out of the corner of my eye i noticed her look over at me real quick. When she did, i sensed that God was up to something.
I get on the bus and sit next to the window. And who comes down the aisle? And where does she sit? Yep just like a magnet :-). I believe that God can and does move people to his own choosing.

We soon get on the train together and spend the next 30 minutes conversing. She is currently a “Buddhist”. She was raised in a Christian home though. It was just God and his love reminding her again about His Son. We spread the seed. God gives the increase.
Pray for her tonight.


Hearts melted on the bus

November 15, 2013

Tonight on the way home, in walks a mentally challenged guy and takes a seat. He is sitting up front on one of the side seats. I am two seats back across the aisle. He looks at me and smiles. I look back and smile at him. A few minutes later, i hand him a “Jesus card”. He says, “what is it?” I share a little about the card with him. He says, “No thanks”. I say, “thats ok. God bless you”. He smiles.

Another few minutes go by. Then he takes center stage for the next 10 minutes. The rest of the bus is stone quiet listening. I’m sitting there beholding the words spoken as if they were pure gold.

He said that he had not yet been baptized, but that he loved God and that he was born again. He shared about his conversion as if a newborn child was able to talk about their new birth. It was sweeter than honey 

Then he said something that i believe was straight from the heart of God. He made mention of how he was the least of them, and that heaven was going to be filled with people like himself. Wow, i thought. Sounds like what Jesus taught. Then i shared what Jesus had said in the bible. He smiled and agreed. All the while, it was still quiet, not a word could be heard.

Once again, God showed how awesome he is in placing someone right at the perfect time in just the right place for all to see and hear. Straight from above.

My stop came. I got up and shook his hand and blessed him. As i was walking to the back door to leave, i looked around at the people. They appeared to be deep in thought. One lady smiled at me with a smile that was deeper than the ocean  She looked as if she was ready to cry an ocean.

Wake up! Before it’s too late!

August 25, 2011

This is the cry that the Lord gave me today to deliver around the city.

It started with the usual walking around, praying and scoping out the land. As many times before, I was not sure where we were headed, or where we were going, or what we were going to be doing. As I passed by a newspaper box, I was moved upon to read the headlines, “Earthquake hits the east”. As I scanned the article through the box, the Spirit shook me again to the need of preparation before it’s our turn. This has happened many times before, but, as follows, is the condensed version of what the Lord delivered through me today. If you are currently not awake spiritually, I pray that the Spirit would move on you also, and cause you to turn from the slumber that most are in today.

On four corners of the city the cry went out.

Time is short! It’s wake up time! Soon, major changes are coming our way! Are you preparing for what’s coming ahead? Do you care! Are you concerned?

Most, don’t really care when disaster hits away from home. Oh, we talk about our compassion, and in some cases show it, but when it comes down to it, it’s over there somewhere. Unless it hits in our own yard, or affects us directly, we go on as if it really didn’t happen.

As we walked from one corner to the next, the clouds began to come in and the wind picked up. We heard in the Spirit, “the storm is coming!” Yes, we felt it in the natural, but ever more so in the Spirit.

Street ministry is very unique, in that you get to sence in the Spirit what is going on with the many people who pass by, or that you converse with. It’s a ministry that lets you rub shoulders with the real world, the real people of the world (at least here in the US). People of all walks of life. The office workers. The city workers. The musicians. The vendors. The drug addicts. The alcoholics. The addicts period. The vacationers. The students. Etc. Etc.

We are always aware of how the people react to the Gospel of Christ, even in August of 2011. In a world of “who cares”. A world that tells everybody at every point, “It’s all about YOU!”

We continued to share……..

The hardest thing is to give up and let God! Our human nature wants to be in control. It wants to be in the driver seat! It does not like being in the passenger seat. And all the time, God is saying, “pull over and let me take the wheel!”. But oh no! The stubborn nature wants to rule!…………. Give up! Give up! Give up and let God!

Like many times before, we really saw the slumber in people. The devil has them lured through many different means. Mainly the “lure of the world” which takes on unlimited forms today, and they are growing as we speak.

We see many people drug induced walking down the sidewalk. The devil has them sedated to the point of not knowing what is going on around them. We saw one guy just staring down the sidewalk with his eyes 3/4 shut.

Sleeping doesn’t have to be drug induced though. Many are so consumed with the cares of this life, that the lights are on, but no body’s home. There is a blank stare as they pass by.

Preoccupation is where Satan has got most people today. So preoccupied in their minds, they don’t even know whats going on 10 feet in front of them. And of course, one of the major distractions to people having any time at all to consider their own spiritual welfare, to get to a point where they can hear God speak, is of course……the ipod. Tuned out and in their own little world. And all the time, the devil is smiling. There is no time to think of….. where is my soul going to spend eternity? “Hey, I’m busy, can’t you see!”

We are living right in a time where you could be sharing Christ in the simplest form to people around you and some look at you like, “what is he talking about?”. Mind you, these are adults, right here in the good ole’ USA. Satan is doing his job well.

We continued……

Now is preparation time! It’s time to get right with God! It’s time to turn from sin! No longer let sin be your master! God is not willing that any perish, but that all come to repentance! That old school word repentance means, turn from the way you are going, turn from your sins that separate you from God, and turn back to God. Your walking down the sidewalk, and He wants you to do a 180 and turn and give up and go back to Him!

Time is short! There is no guarantee of tomorrow! Just because you are alive today, is no guarantee that you will be tomorrow! I have the stats right here! Yesterday, approximately 6,700 people died in the US. Who are we to think that we aren’t going to be one of those stats? How about this one, approximately 155,00 people died in the world yesterday! How many of these people had time to prepare spiritually?

How about the Tsunami that hit Japan just a few month’s ago? How many of those people had time to get their house in order, spiritually? It has been said that the water was moving at 500 miles an hour!

What about us! Do we care? (from time to time, young people would walk by and say, “no, I don’t!”) This is right where we are at in the real world. It would do us all good to get out of our boxes and enter the real world. The world outside of our little homes, our families. Outside our jobs. Outside our churches. The real world is….. outside, period.

The awesome thing is that today God gave us complete liberty to share for about two hours in the same spot. The trains were backed up as usual, and praise God many got to hang abound for up to 30 minutes before they took off. God had some of them listening very intently. We had a couple of good conversations with some people.

Once again, people are being warned of the need to get right through Christ before it’s too late. We are on the brink of something really big happening in our city. If it’s not a collective disaster, or catastrophe that you may be involved in, you like me, have a number when your time is no more. We just don’t know when that is. It is imperative that we prepare to meet God. That is why God’s word says that “today is the day of salvation!” Don’t wait till you are on your death-bed and the doctor comes in and says, “the best we can figure is that you got six weeks”. The next response is, “please send for the chaplain, I need to talk to him”. Don’t wait tell your life is over! Believe and receive Christ today! Start experiencing God while you are living!

God bless you!

Transcending Love in action

August 6, 2011

What a God, that gives people countless opportunities to hear about His Son. And the awesome thing is….that it is all motivated by His love.

Even when one is not completely coherent, God can transcend the music, the drug ,the alcohol, and even if there is a mental problem going on. He certainly is all-powerful! Nothing can prevent Him from doing what he wants to do, or how he chooses to do it. And the awesome thing is….to be able to watch it in action. Really, indescribable when you come right down to it.

Today again, was one of those experiences.

The Spirit showed me a corner that I haven’t been upon in over 6 months. So, I boarded the train and headed there. It wasn’t far from another corner that I had been that afternoon. It took all of maybe 10 minutes to get there by train.

I got there and had to use the restroom, so I walked a block and did that. I returned to the corner where I had believed that He wanted me to be. After about 20 minutes, with a few relatively light and small conversations, I looked to my right across the street, and noticed a guy doing a little jig to the music that he was listening to on his iPod. My eyes followed him for a bit, and noticed that he might not be all there, or possibly high on alcohol or drugs. This of course, is no big deal out on the streets. We see it all the time everywhere we go. It’s all too common, unfortunately.

So, about the time I’m thinking in my mind, “is he going to come over here?” As I do from time to time, I held out a tract towards him, as if to say, “here it is, come and get it”. Hoping that the Spirit would move on such an individual. He makes a one-eighty, and turns and crosses the street and heads straight towards me.

He is boppin along, and I reach out to him and say, “here, this is for you!”. He says, “what is it!” Before I could say what it was, he says, “read it!” I said, “do you know what it is?” He said, “I don’t care! I just want you to read it out loud to me. And it better be loud”, he said.

Now this was really cool. He stood a little off to the side, about 6 feet in front of me. And, as usual, there were people around listening and walking by. So, I began to read it line by line. “John 3:16” “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son,”……………

As I was reading, “he said louder!” He said, “are you sure that you are reading every word?” I smiled and said, “Oh yeah!” He said, “make sure you read every paragraph too”. So, I took full advantage of his request and read loud and slow.

Now, one might think here that he was just being comical, or messing around with me, right? One might think that also because he had his iPod on, that he wasn’t hearing a word I was saying, right? Also, do to the quite obvious, that he was high, he wasn’t paying attention, right?

But, as I read it to him, he begins to repeat some words of the Gospel. Now, we all know that in the natural, one can comprehend more of what they are hearing when they repeat it to themselves, right? This is just what God had him doing. Just as he was. There was no need to have him sobered up. The power of God can transcend all human barriers. Thus it was so.

After finishing one side of the card, I turned it over and said, “do you want me to read the other side?” He said, “sure! Keep it going!” I smiled and kept going. He would make comments like,”is that so? wow, really”

Take a moment out like I did afterwards, and try to comprehend what  actually took place here. Here is a man who I am sure had no idea that day that he was going to hear about Jesus that day, let alone have a guy on a street corner read to him, God’s plan of salvation for his soul. How about what ever he did that day to get high? Was he thinking that God through his Spirit would try to reach him that day?

I love to see God meet people right where they are. The old hymn, “Just as I am” was very fitting.

Well, I would like to tell you that man bowed his head there and received Christ into his life, but that did not happen at that moment. I did not get to see it. I am OK with that. Sure, I would have liked to see that more than anything, but that moment was not in tha plan for whatever reason. What I did get to see, was a man who God loved much, and that he gave him another opportunity to hear. That was His love in action.

How many times has he heard? How many times will he hear? Only God knows. But, I know that God is full of opportunities and that His love is relentless.

After reading 3/4 of the card, he said that he must be going. He didn’t take the card with him, but got to hear sufficiently, the Gospel. As he bopped down the sidewalk, I prayed for him. I looked all the way up to the next block, and could still see him. A young couple moved out of the way, as he passed by. Maybe a little staggering?

The Gospel story doesn’t stop there. The young couple walk by me, and I made a comment about the man who was staggering as he went by them. They stopped, and we engaged in a beautiful dialogue about Christ. After about 20 minutes, they took a tract and said that they needed to get to where they were going for the night. The man believed that God was in everyone, and everything. The girl however, was listening very intently, as I have seen before, usually in a group setting. It usually comes down to one in that group.

The streets. Wouldn’t trade it for the world. Or anything for that matter. Experiencing God while your living! That’s what it is all about! It involves people and telling them about the Christ, the life that you have.

The traveling Word

July 3, 2010

Experiencing how God works in this world is the most enjoyable time I have found while living in this world.

I have experienced a lot of enjoyable times in my life with doing the average things such as, camping, rafting, fishing, going to the mountains, the coast etc. But none of these even close to experiencing God working through people, to try and reach people. It alone is true joy and satisfaction.

I would like to share another example of what I am talking about:

Today, while boarding the bus to come home from downtown, I went to the back like I usually do. As I got there, I sensed that I needed to sit across from where I usually sit. So I did. One other guy sat in the back row, as I sat on the side seats. After about 10 minutes, I reached into my pocket and pulled out a tract, and gave it to him. He took it and slowly read it. After he was done, he smiled and said that it was good. Then he placed it on the seat next to him.

After about 10 more minutes, I noticed that he gathered a few of his belongings which included the tract, and jumped up and proceeded forward to the front. As he passed, I said, “God bless you”. I just figured he was going to get off on the next stop. As I watched him, he went all the way up to the front of the bus and handed this guy the tract. He then turned back around and headed to his same seat he had before. He smiled and said out loud, “you gotta spread the word!” I smiled and said, “yeah!” The man who he gave it to up front, had this kind of look on his face that read, “why did you come all the way up here to give this to me?”

Now, I had noticed earlier that the guy that was sitting across from the guy who had received the tract, was a man that I have talked with on several occasions. He was a convicted bank robber who spent 30 yrs. in state penitentiaries around the United States for numerous bank robberies. When I originally met him, a few month’s back, he shared with me some of his story. He could write books about his life of crime. Each time that the Lord has led me to him over the month’s, I have shared the Gospel with him in some form or another and tried to encourage him to turn it all over to God. As yet, he hasn’t. But, I am still praying.

Anyways, when the man up front finished reading the tract, he turns and hands it to this man who had been the bank robber. I thought to myself, “wow!, just like God who gives this man another chance to hear about His Son, Jesus”. This man, like countless other’s, have had countless opportunities to receive Christ. This was just one more in his lifetime. Oh the love and mercy of God!

He takes it, and without looking to see what it says, returns it back to the man who gave it. He says something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. The man who takes it back, immediately hands it to the man on his left, as if it was a “hot potato” being passed around. The man who now receives it, reads it to himself, and afterwords, hangs on to it.

The man who I originally gave it to in the back, gets up to leave, and I say, “God bless you!” He smiles, and goes out the back door. After about another 10 minutes, I sensed that I needed to go up and say hi to my “bank robber” friend before he got off. So, I did. I sat in the seat behind him where his girl friend was. I had met her also before when I had originally met him. I said my hello’s, and asked them how they were doing.

After a short time, I asked him if he was getting any closer to God since the last time we talked. He said no, and said that he was still serving Satan. He did his usual laughing, and not treating anything serious. I really like the guy, ever since I met him. I believe that someday, hopefully soon, he will get saved.

Please pray for him. All I know is his prison nickname, which I think best, not to share. His name alone, and how he came to receive it, has a story all it’s own. It would sell volumes.

So there you have it. Another day, experiencing God with how He works. And that was just the bus ride home. Can you see in a little way, how I have no desire to do much of anything else anymore?

Again, I share these experiences, for one reason only, that you also, if not already, would get out there and experience God.

For those who don’t yet have a relationship with God through Christ, this is one big reason to come to Christ. Experience life here on the earth! Experience God! It takes the boredom out of life. If your bored, if your not satisfied with life, if your depressed etc. turn to God and receive life through Christ!

God bless you!

God works through people!

January 21, 2010

This is all the more reason why we need to always be alert of the people around us.

My only reason for sharing stories like this, is that it might motivate the readers to be aware of people in their path.

God never ceases to amaze me, as to how he works through people. Today, after coming from the court-house, I was led to make a visit through the local park in the downtown area where I live. After using the bathroom, I followed a walkway and noticed a man sitting on a bench. Our eyes caught each others from a distance. I walked up and said hello and handed him a tract. He smiled and said that he already knew him.

He asked me what I was up to, then I asked him. He said that he was waiting for some other brothers, and that they were going to go around the park and evangelize. He said that they have been meeting on Wednesday’s and doing this.

He asked me some more about what I do, and I clued him in. Then he stood up and asked me what he could pray for me about. I told him, then he started in and prayed. I really sensed the Holy Spirit working through his prayers. When he finished, I asked him the same, then prayed for him.

When we were finished praying, he turned to me and said, “have you been praying for a house?” My initial response was, “uh, I do believe that some day he will bless me with one”. I told him that I really haven’t been praying for one. THEN, IT DAWNED ON ME!


WOW!  I have not been faithful in praying about this house. This past summer, the Lord led me to the town where this house is going to be. It was after He brought up the vision again through an encounter with a man who was caught in the trap of drugs and city life. (See my post )

So now it dawned on me. God has used this man to remind me of His faithfulness. You say that it was just a coincidence? How did this complete stranger know to say anything about a house? We weren’t having a “house” conversation prior to this. Nothing was mentioned about a house!

It was God once again moving through a person to get a message across. He does it all the time. It was a prophetic move of God. If I would have been, “petal to the metal” when I came out of that bathroom, I would have missed out! How often does this happen? How often are we too much in a hurry? How often do we rush pass people?

The icing on the cake was, that after we had talked about the house, the other two brothers showed up and we had one awesome time of “church” in the park. We had prayer and then parted.

You can’t put a price tag on these kind of “God encounters”. As I always say, “nine times out of ten, God works through people!” Be on the look out!

To what extreme?

November 3, 2009

To what extreme would God go to, to fulfill his purpose in our lives?

This morning while I was doing my morning stretches, this question popped out at me. It came as I was thinking about an “extreme” that happened in my life over the past year. I would have never thought it could have happened, but did.

To what purpose has there been an “extreme” thing happen in your life? Like me, maybe you are experiencing the reason or purpose as to why. Maybe you don’t have a clue yet.

As we look over God’s word and see all the times he allowed or caused some things to happen in ones life to fulfill His purpose on the earth, we can understand that there seems to be some purpose in it all. God is so much bigger than we give him credit for. Since He is all about people and their salvation, would it not be a top priority for Him to go to extremes to get people to where they belong? Or does He not do this? He just lets us decide and choose? We make our own bed and sleep in it, so to speak.

Our example is Christ. He came to fulfill the Fathers will while here on the earth. What about us? Should we just haphazardly go about our lives and hope to make heaven someday, because we have been “saved?”

I believe that God has eternity in mind for us and all those that we come in contact with. His goal is : He wants to spend eternity with his creation and most often uses people to accomplish this.

So, give me some feedback. What do you think about God going to the extremes to get us to where we need to be in this life? Do you think it is important? Or do you think that we can just go about living our best here on this earth and just do what we think we should, and just trust him. What about divine intervention? Things that are out of our control? Does He intervene? If so, how often?

To what extremes have you gone through that were out of your choosing or control?

Instant in and out of season

May 15, 2009

“Immediately I heard the Spirit say, “put that down!”

I had just finished meeting with some brothers at our regular gathering on Tuesday’s at a local mall. I was tired as usual and boarded the local train to head home. I had just finished talking to my wife on the phone regarding some personal things, and decided to text my son regarding tomorrow.

As I switched trains, I sat down and pulled out my phone. But first, I noticed a man sitting across from me. I stopped and put my phone down and said, “How was your day?” He pointed to his ear and shook his head. Well, then I knew that he was deaf.

I was impressed to hand him a tract, which I did. He smiled and handed it back and put up his thumb. I smiled back and put up my thumb also. So I went back to my phone and started texting. Immediately I heard the Spirit say, “put that down!”. I paused as to wait to see what was next.

Then I remembered that I had a tablet in my pocket and also had a pen with me. I use these quite often in ministry to write down people’s names and numbers and other stuff.

So I wrote to him and said, “so you know Jesus?” I handed him the tablet and he wrote on it, “yes, I found Christ while I was in college”.
We spent the next 30 minutes writing back and forth. We shared what was going on in our lives. Some personal stuff about each other etc. He wrote on one occasion, “my name is Stephen, what’s yours?”

Now I had done some of this with some deaf people before, but never quite like this. This was all God working through each of us as we shared. He was so blessed, I believe to have something like this take place. Who knows if he had ever had this type of conversation with a complete stranger. He smiled quite often, and so did I. This was heavenly to say the least.

Once again, “It’s all about people”. People that God places in our life for reason and purpose. There is no happen chance with God, no way!

Now I could of easily turned a deaf ear to The Spirit. It would have not been the first time, that’s for sure. I was reminded again how important it was to remain in the Spirit even though I was tired and wanted to take care of some family business.

Just think. If I would have not listened and kept texting, all this wonderful experience of partaking in what God is doing through people would have not taken place. I would have missed out on being a blessing to another person, and also receiving a blessing through someone else.

I hope to see him again riding the bus or the train someday soon.

Once again, I would like to encourage others to ride public transportation. If your not, your missing out big time. Some of the most awesome times I have seen God move, have been on a bus or local train. Use it, you will be blessed. And of course, be listening and watching around you as you go. And say “hello” to the person next to you, you might be surprised at the outcome.
God bless you!

Be aware of your surroundings

January 24, 2009

Many times God is always reminding me to keep alert of those around me.

Our lives are not our own to do and go as we please. We need to always be asking Him to keep us aware of our surroundings. To help us keep our eyes and ears open. He has plan and purpose for us in all we do.

Today while out on the streets, I took a short break in the action and went to the local Safeway to grab something to eat. As I left the check-out counter, I headed to the area where you can sit and eat. I found a chair, but is was off away from most of the people. I looked around to check again and see if I could find one closer to people. So I sat down to eat. Within minutes, a young guy sat down a chair over from where I was. I said, “how is your day going?” He replied, “fine, I’m on a short break for school”.
I asked him what school, and he said that it was one that I was familiar with. I asked him if it was a Christian college (already knowing that it was). He said yes, then I asked him if he was. He said yes he was.

As time went on, we both opened up to each other and shared what God was doing in our lives. He was able to encourage me, and I was able to do the same.
Now I could have easily sat down and ate my lunch and kept to myself, but is this what God wants from each one of us? To always keep to ourselves? To keep in our own little world? Many times I have seen that all it takes is just mentioning a few words to a person and God takes it from there. How awesome is He if we will just use what He has given us for Him. Basically our mouth’s.

As I have said on many occasions, “He is all about people”. “People are the apex of His creation”. “He loves people so much, that He sent His Son in the form of a human being. He could have sent Him in another form. Something or someone beyond imagination or description”.
We must remember, God has saved us for reason and purpose. He wants to flow through us to reach others. Someday, you will be blown away by all the people that through Him you had an effect on.
To God be the glory, great things He has done!

God gives the increase

December 10, 2008

Our weekly bible study at a local mall was increased by two people today. The beautiful thing was that it was truly God that brought them to us.
When I arrived a few minutes before the 4pm starting time, I noticed a lady sitting close by filling out a job application. Soon another brother arrived and we shared about what God was doing this past week. After about 10 minutes, the lady looks over at me and says, “hey, aren’t you the guy that I met a few weeks ago preaching?” I said where was that. She explained that we had met at the train stop by the park. I said, “really, would you like to join our study?” She said, “yes I would”. So for the next hour she stayed and participated in our study.
One of the brothers in our group noticed a young lady walking by us and he yelled out, “hey would you like to join us?” She inquired as to what we were doing. After we explained, she said sure. So there we were with two new people in our group that God sent along. Praise Him!
I would like to encourage others to pray about starting up a bible study in your local mall. Malls usually have some chairs, couches etc. that you can use. It’s a good place because there are lots of people around that God can bring your way.

Where there is people, there is God.