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Born of the Spirit

August 10, 2012

God who is Spirit, resides in the spiritual realm (kingdom). He is also Holy. What does “Holy” mean? It means “sacred, whole, pure, or clean”. How can we unholy humans have a relationship with a God who is Holy? Do we need to go through some kind of holy religion with its traditions and rituals to become holy and accepted?

In Jesus’ day, there was a religious man who was a teacher of his religion. After he acknowledged that Jesus was a teacher sent from God, Jesus turned to him and said,“unless one is born again, he cannot see (know, perceive, understand) the kingdom (realm) of God”. Then the man said, “How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter back into his mothers womb and be born?”. The man tried to figure out what Jesus was talking about in his natural mind.

Man has always tried to understand God, and the ways of God, through his natural mind. He forgets that God is Spirit and his ways are spiritual. The natural man cannot receive the things of the Spirit. In fact, they are usually ridiculous to him. He cannot know the things of the Spirit because they must be spiritually discerned.
After Jesus talked about how to understand the things of the Spirit, he addressed how to enter the realm (kingdom) of God. He said, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God”.

What does it mean to be “born of water and the Spirit?”. First off, to be “born of water” has to do with an internal washing of the heart which is the center or core of our being. In the heart resides all our offences towards God and others (our sins). A holy God which is Spirit, will not come into a heart that has not been washed clean of all its offences. How then can this “washing” take place?

God in his love has provided a way for us to be washed (made clean) and thus accepted with him. By believing (putting your trust in) Jesus and what he did on the cross by the sacrifice of himself for our offences, we are made clean. This is an act of faith. Faith is something that you cannot see but yet you believe it. After the heart is washed clean, then the Holy Spirit which is God, comes in, and one is “born of the Spirit”.

After Jesus told the religious teacher that he must be born of the Spirit, he reminded the man about Moses and how in his day he “lifted up” a pole with a bronze snake on it and everyone who was bitten when they looked on the snake, lived. And Jesus said that just as that was so, even so I must be lifted up. And whoever “believes” in Me will not die (spiritually), but receive eternal life. When Jesus spoke of being lifted up, he was looking ahead to the cross where he knew he was going to be sacrificed for the sins of all humanity. All those who believe personally by faith that Jesus died on the cross for their sins receive forgiveness, which results in having their heart washed and cleaned from sin and filled with God who is the Spirit.

Also, by faith believing that Jesus not only died for our sins, but was buried and rose again to conquer death for us, one receives life.
In closing, Jesus said “You must be born again”. He didn’t say, I think it is a good idea or a good philosophy. He said “You must” if you want to “see” and “enter” the spiritual realm where God is. So what’s keeping you? What’s holding you back? Unbelief? Fear? Pride? Self? Give it all to Him. You will never be sorry. Then you will know what you were created for, and what you are to do. Revelation can only come by the Spirit of God within you. “Ask and you shall receive”. Keep your heart open.

Internal washing

June 29, 2012

Jesus came to make right and restore that which is wrong through the cleaning of the heart of man. The cleaning makes for a new heart which is accepted by God. An internal washing takes place by the blood of Jesus. Then new spiritual life is born by the Spirit of God.

“That man changed my life!”

May 11, 2012

Someday we will all be very surprised as to who God used to reach people that he was calling.

Today I heard an awesome testimony from a young guy who I hadn’t seen in almost a year. I remember that we had some good God conversations along the way. He showed up with a friend on a corner where I was hanging out. After talking a while he said, “hey do you remember that guy that sat on that corner over there (as he pointed) last summer that had those scriptures on a cardboard sign?”. I paused for a moment as my mind searched for that time. Boom, I remembered.

Last summer there was a homeless man who sat on a very busy corner downtown. He had the usual homelessness gear such as a pack, sleeping bag, dirty clothes and worn out shoes. But, this guy was different from most. This guy was a minister of the Gospel. He sat there with his bible from which he would occasionally read out loud. And yes, he did have a hat sitting there for money.

My mind went back to the couple of times I visited with him that summer. I remembered that he knew the scriptures very well and would engage with a lot of people while sitting on the sidewalk. What I remembered about him the most was this big old cardboard sign that he had taken a marker and wrote some scriptures on it. He had it propped up for all to see passing by. He was a soft-spoken guy, but big and burley. I remembered, I liked him. I did give him some money, but can’t remember how much. A truly different kind of minister for sure. One that most people would pass by and think, “give me a break, get a job” or “sorry, but how are you doing any good?” or “your no better off than all the other homeless bums out here that beg for money”. So goes the story……..

Then we fast forward to our brother who shared what had happened when he had met the man. He said that one day he walked by and stared at the guy, then took a glance at his cardboard sign and walked away. Then, he heard the man yell out, “hey come back here for a minute!”. So, around he turns and heads back to the man. Soon, he takes up a seat on the sidewalk right next to him as people go rushing by.

My friend didn’t go into all the details that happened thereafter, but he did tell me something that I will never forget. He said, “I WAS “BORN AGAIN” THAT DAY“. That man changed my life!” Wow! I thought. I was humbled. Bless God! We will never know completely, all those He uses and how He uses them. Beware less we think, “Oh how can God use that person? Look at what he is doing”.

The bottom line is: God has used and will use anyone he wants to use. And not only that, but how he wants to use them. We dare not judge.

Water and Spirit birth

April 26, 2012

Born again is both being “born of water” and “born of the Spirit” (see Jn. 3:3-8)

Being “born of water” is the cleansing process from within that takes place at the heart. By believing on Jesus and receiving his atoning sacrifice of blood for the remission of our sins and the inherited sin (“the sin of the world” which came from Adam), then one is ready for the outward act of water baptism which pictures what has taken place internally. A death to the old sinful man has taken place when one goes under the water. Upon coming out of the water, the symbol of the “washing of regeneration” that took place is evident. One is made clean internally and ready for the Spirit of God.

The “born of the Spirit” baptism can take place at the same time or it can come before or after the water baptism. Also, quite often it comes through the “laying on of hands”. The main thing is that it indeed takes place. However, the “born of the Spirit” never precedes the being “born of water”. The house (so to speak) needs to be clean before the Spirit comes in. How can one know that they have been born of the Spirit? Their spirit will bear witness with God’s Spirit. There will be an internal witness. Also, there will be evidence of “power”. Power to overcome sin and temptation, and also power to become “witnesses”.

It takes both

April 25, 2012

Jesus was very specific in teaching the “New Birth” to understand and enter the Kingdom. In fact, He said, “you must”. But I wonder how often it is overlooked, or complicated. Do you think Satan would try to stop this process at any cost? How about getting believers so caught up in everything else but the necessity of being born again? Or, how about adding stuff it? Taking away the simplicity of?

He’s done a very good job, to say the least. I say, lets return (if we were ever there in the first place) to understanding the new birth process. Understanding it enough to be able to share it with our neighbors (any one close to us).

In John 3:5, Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom the kingdom of God”.

Born of water and born of the Spirit (3:8) make up the “born again” experience. It takes both to complete it. Do you know what this means? Have you spent time with God alone and asked him to reveal it to you through His word and Spirit? Or, are you going on only what you have been taught about it, or how you were raised? Maybe what your church teaches on it? Do you run to the internet and check the best one that you agree with and call it good? What about pulling down the book off your bookshelf that says, “How to be born again?”

Without over complicating the understanding of being born of water and Spirit (believe me, it can and has been), could you explain it to an unbeliever? Do you know the basics of this teaching? If so, who revealed it to you? Did the “Teacher” (the Holy Spirit) have anything to do with it?

More to the “thief on the cross”

October 22, 2011

Luke’s account of the common story of “the thief on the cross” sheds some light on what actually took place before the crucifixion.

This was new revelation for me of what one of the criminals did to secure a “place in Paradise”. I had never seen this before, but it surely fits with what is necessary for salvation. This was not an “earning of salvation”, but a necessary act that proceeds entering into salvation.

One of my Facebook brother’s had posted the following post. When I read it, my mind tried to recall the story. Somehow, I knew that there was something more. So, I went to Luke automatically and found his account of what had happened.

Here is the post :

“The thief had nails through both hands, so that he could not work; and a nail through each foot, so that he could not run errands for the Lord; he could not lift a hand or a foot toward his salvation, and yet Christ offered him the gift of God; and he took it. Christ threw him a passport, and took him into Paradise.” – D. L. Moody.

But what did the thief do on his own accord before Christ said, “….today you will be with Me in Paradise?”

We pick up the story in Luke 23:39.

“Then one of the criminals who were hanged blasphemed Him, saying, “If you are the Christ, save yourself and us.” But the other, answering, rebuked him, saying, “Do you not even fear God, seeing you are under the same condemnation? “And we indeed justly, for we receive the due reward of our deeds; but this Man has done nothing wrong.” Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.”

Here we see some striking things that took place before his death. First, he rebukes the other criminal. So, whose side is he on now? Satan’s or God’s? Then he goes on and says, “Don’t you fear God?” Do you think that this guy, by saying this, might of had the fear of God in him now? He continues and says, “hey, you are under condemnation also”. “You are guilty!”

Then, if this wasn’t enough, he uses his voice again and says, “we deserve this! We have what is rightly coming to us! This is just!” “But this man has done nothing wrong”. Here he confesses that Christ has done nothing wrong. Do you think that he might be saying that he believes in Him?

Now, this tops it all off. Here he confesses on Christ. This may not be the standard way of someone “praying the sinners prayer” or even one realizing that they have broken one of the “Ten Commandments” and thus they are not “a good person”, but salvation is gained.

He says to Jesus, “Lord“. What do you think of that? Is this confessing Jesus as Lord? He then says, “remember me when you get to heaven”. Does this sound like one who is repentant in heart?

This whole story has “Repentance” all over it. Yes, he did wait till the last moment, but he did confess and showed the fruits of repentance. By his own will he chose to “stand up” in front of the other’s, not only the other criminal, but all who were there. He spoke out for Christ! He openly confessed! Christ honored that and received him to Himself.

So, can we honestly say that the commonly called “thief” did nothing before his conversion? He just kept quite and said nothing? He was just a thief that was saved at the last-minute because of God’s love for him?

I must confess, that I had never seen this before. All I heard was all the story’s about the “thief on the cross” that had to do with “last-minute” salvation or the humility of the man, which certainly was the case. Can we have repentance without it?

So, the thief may have not been able to “lift his hands or feet towards salvation” but he did “open his mouth“. Food for thought, I hope.

Looking back to Noah’s time

October 10, 2011

My mind has been running a lot on Noah and what it might have been like in his day. I think that the story of “Noah’s Ark” gets discounted because of it’s “children’s story” reputation. For some it probably has a “fairy tale” likeness. While it is most certainly a good story for children to read, or have their parents read it to them, we adults need to revisit the story from time to time and try to capture the importance and reality of the story.

For the most part, my mind has been thinking a lot about the people of Noah’s day. When we read the account in the book of Genesis, we get very little of any real details. We know that the people were very wicked and that is why God chose to wipe the then known world out. But, the mind wants to imagine what it must have been like around Noah when he was building the boat. It is speculated that it took him maybe a hundred or so years to build the boat. In any case, there was a lot of people around watching this enormous boat being built.

In 2 Peter 2:5 it says that Noah was “a preacher of righteousness”. Everyone would agree that by him building the boat alone that would be a message in and of itself. But it has to be broader than that. The word “preacher” here means ” a herald, i.e. of divine truth (especially of the gospel) – preacher”. It comes from a Greek word that also means “to herald (as a public crier), especially divine truth (the gospel) :- preach (-er), proclaim, publish”.

So, we could look at this in many different ways. Of course, we don’t have the exact account of what happened in the years that it took him to build that boat, but we do know that he was a preacher. What kind of preacher? We don’t know. But, let’s take in the fact that here he was building a boat out in the middle of no where and people must have always been talking with him, asking questions etc. In his reply, of course he would have to of said on more than one occasion, “The Lord God told me to build this”. Then of course they would say, “But why?”

All these questions that they must have had to of asked him, gave him an answer to “preach” from time to time. Maybe he would be standing on top of one platform of the boat and there was maybe 50 people around on a given day. He would lay down his hammer and began to preach that they must turn from their ungodly ways and turn to God. Of course he would tell them things like “time is short!” “the flood is coming!”. Then, he would have many opportunities to explain to them what a “flood” was.

We don’t have any account of it raining before this great flood. So, how can you explain “rain” to someone who has never seen it before? How could they comprehend rain, let alone how it would “pile up” so to speak.

How about explaining to them that the flood waters would also be coming from the “fountains of the great deep?” (Gen.7:11)

So, maybe he got so tired of explaining the same thing to people, over and over again, that he would hold weekly sessions for those who would want to come and listen. However, the word does say that they were “busy” with life as usual. So, if that be the case, maybe it was like today. The street corner preacher preaches to hundreds of people passing by. Only a very few stop to listen. They are going, and busy with life. However, just like in Noah’s time, they passed by and heard some words. Maybe, just the right words that would judge them in the end?

I could go on and on here, but I want to close with the thoughts of what must it have been like when it came down to the very end. When the waters first started? Their thoughts? “Maybe he was right” “We now we see the rains that he described to us” “Wow! This water doesn’t seem to be going away!” “Maybe this guy was right after all”.

How about when the rains started and Noah went about his work of gathering up all the animals? “Hey! You aren’t really going to take all these animals away from us, are you?” Were there people who pleaded with him while he was busy doing God’s will? I would think so.

How about, once they got inside the boat, and God “shut them in?” (Gen.7:16) Where were the people then? How were they “held back?” Did the giants of those days play a part here?

Let the mind go here for a moment. The door closes. Oh the sound of that one enormous door shutting! Once shut, it could not open until the time appointed. What about the people outside? Your heart must care about them Noah, right? But, they had been warned for how many years? They saw Noah building that boat for how many years? How many times did they pass by? How many times did they hear the Gospel?

By this time the water is about three feet up the side of the boat. Men, women and children are all gathered around the sides of the boat. The door is closed. Men are trying to figure out how they can get inside. They believe him now in their desperation. Time is of the essence. Down on the far end of the boat, they are hitting the sides with what appears like a “ramrod”. It is swinging back and forth, ramming the side of the boat. The harder it is rammed, the faster it comes back. Can you imagine the sound inside the boat? What about all the animals? Were they just sitting there quietly? This boat must have had some divine design built into it. Did God know that it was also going to have to be unable to be “broken into?”.

Wait! Look! way over to the left. They have brought what looks like a “ladder”, and they are climbing to the top to see if they can get in that way. Stand back and look! I see some men running around on the top looking for a door or window and yelling, “let us in! let us in!” “We believe you now Noah!” “let us in! let us in!” “Please!, Please!”

By this time, the waters are getting deep. There are dead bodies all around. Of course, no body knows how to swim. There are still some that are holding on to the boat in hopes of salvation. They remember that Noah had warned them over and over that it was going to be “raining” for 40 days. This was just the beginning.

As the hours pass by and the water increases, now just about everyone is gone into eternity. What Noah had preached, had come true. The next days would see all perish outside the boat. The smell of death was beyond comprehension. Lost into eternity forever. Separated from salvation.

Jesus said, “And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.” (Lk.17:26-27)

Just like in Noah’s time, God gives time to repent, but it doesn’t last forever. When the end comes, the end comes, and the door is shut.

What about you? Do you believe in the salvation that God has provided through his Son, Christ Jesus? Are you in the boat?

Are you preparing for whats coming ahead?

April 2, 2011

Do you care?

Well, today we again shared on the shortness of time. How things are speeding up in the earth. Disasters are coming more quickly, more often. It is past “preparation time”. We are heading at a rapid rate of speed into something that will change our lives as we now know it. Even the secular media understands it. The recent issue of “Newsweek” has on its front page, “Apocalypse Now”. For years now, Hollywood has bored us with “end time movies”. We have become immune to it.

However, does anybody really care? We shared that with hundreds of people today. It’s life as usual out there. If it doesn’t affect me directly, than I don’t really care, right? It has to hit right home for people to be really affected. That’s the human nature. Not my problem if it doesn’t land in my yard. Oh, but if it does, it’s another story. “Help me God!” Even when 911 hit, we were all stunned. How long did it really affect us? A couple of weeks, maybe?

Who is preparing for what’s coming ahead? By preparing, I mean, spiritually preparing. Who has prepared? Do we think the people in Japan had time to prepare? The water was moving at an incredible rate of speed. Five hundred miles per hour! There was No time to prepare! And who do we think that we are, that something like that won’t come our way? Are we exempt? Are we more privileged than the people of Japan? Does God love us more than them?

The bottom line is that our time is coming. We will not have time to prepare spiritually when the “Big one” comes. Now at this moment is the time to get right with God through Christ if you are not. Later may never come. Tomorrow may never come. That is why God’s word says that “today is the day of salvation”. It doesn’t say that tomorrow is the day of salvation.

Three people today stick out in my mind. There comments are as follows:

One young man said, “I’m only twenty!” I said to him, “so you think that it’s automatically going to happen that you are going to live to be 70, 80 or 90? I wonder how many people who were in their twenty’s yesterday, died today? The statistics show that approximately 6,700 people died yesterday in the US. How many were in their twenty’s?

One lady said, “I don’t need religion” May reply to her was, “I don’t need it either” But, you do need Jesus to be saved from your sins that separate you from God. Religion won’t save you. Jesus, and Jesus alone saves!

Another lady said, “I have my own religion”. I said, “well, that’s good, but it won’t save you. Unless you have Jesus, your religion is in vain. As I have said on numerous occasions, “lots of prophets, lots of religions, lots of teachers of religions, but one Christ!”

So the questions must go out. Are you prepared for whats coming? Do you care? Are you prepared spiritually when your number is called? If not, you best do it now. Now is the time to call out to Jesus to save you. Now is the time to turn from your sins and be saved from them. Jesus is the only Savior. He is the only one that God offered up as “The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”. Receive Jesus and be made right with God! It’s the only way! In fact, Jesus said himself, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (Jn.14:6)

God bless you!

A direct shot of God’s love!

February 24, 2011

I was so thankful that I choose to not follow into routine today. I boarded a bus that I don’t usually take into town. When I started, it was just me and one other person on the bus. I sat in my usual back of the bus location. This was good routine as far as location goes. After a few stops, this guy gets on and sits in the very last seat in the corner. I was sitting next to him in the last row at the end. I struck up conversation with him about the weather. After a little while, I asked him if he was with Jesus.

Little did I know, that for the next 20 minutes he would share one of the most awesome testimonies that I have heard in a long time. This one really gripped my heart for sure.

He started with sharing how when he was little boy, his dad was very abusive to him and the family. So his life at a very early age was very abusive. This is very common, and I have heard lots of abusive stories about how people were raised. But this man, now probably in his forties, begins to share how God kept him through the years. His mother dies while he was around seven. His dad takes it out on him. He becomes more abusive towards him. His dad, like his mom, had health issues. This led to more confusion, frustration and anger. Finally, after a few more years, his dad passes away. There is no regret because he was never shown what a father was, let alone what love was. Hate and bitterness was all that he knew. This is what his life consisted of. So, he was relieved that his dad was taken out of his life. Little did he know what was lurking around the bend though…..

He immediately is placed in a foster home. Surprize! This turns out to be more abuse than what he had known before. His live before was just a primer for what he would now experience as “living hell”. Soon, his new parents beat him severally over and over again, as if there was nothing wrong with it. He told me that they would lock him up for a couple of days at a time with no food or water. He would have to go to the bathroom in the same corner like a dog. This would happen on numerous occasions. He was treated just like an animal.

So, at the age of fourteen, he packs his bag and takes off. Never to look back again.

Now, in my mind I am thinking how in the world would one such guy as this, ever come to God. All he has ever known was abuse, hate, bitterness etc. And it all came from humans. Would he ever listen to another human? Would he ever trust another human? Could a human ever tell him about God’s love? Could he even grasp what love was? He absolutely didn’t know what love was, or is.

One night, shortly after he left home and out on the streets, God in his love and faithfulness, came to him in a dream. Just like God, he alone knows how to reach people. He loved this guy so much, and knew that he was not going to respond to another human being. So it’s like God saying, “it’s OK, I am God, and I will do whatever is necessary to reach him”. So in his dream, he experiences God and his love. God knows that he needs love, and that he needs the real deal, His love sent directly from God.

So, in the morning, he wakes up crying profusely and gives his life to God. It’s just that simple and awesome. No human involved, because God knew what he had experienced with humans, no love. A direct shot of God’s love was necessary for him to find out what love was.

Now the brother is living for God and has no bitterness, no hatred towards people whatsoever. He gives God all the credit. He said that if it wasn’t for Him, he would have easily turned out to be one of the most vial people on the earth today.

Praise God for His power and faithfulness. What an awesome testimony of God’s love. Thank you God!

( Now I want to add this as a reminder to all those who might think that we are not in a spiritual battle for souls. And, that the demonic realm is not real. If you are filled with the Spirit of God, and you are walking/living in the Spirit, you will experience the demonic as you go out. Not to be afraid though, because greater is He, then he who is in the world (Satan). Now, if you’re not active in the kingdom of God, you will not experience any real demonic presents. A little yes, but not to the point where it is powerful and working through people. If all we do is talk about “God”, the demon’s don’t shutter. Why? Because they believe also. But, the minute we bring up Jesus, or the testimony of Jesus, look out! The Demons rise up!  Half way through this guys testimony, a guy gets on and sits across from us. He listens, then he begins to talk out loud. I immediately sence the demonic. He talks, He laughs. All the time he’s looking at us. I give him no attention, like he wants. I plead the blood quietly to myself, as to not stir him up. When it’s all over and we get off, I stand up and this man begins to talk louder as I walk passed him. I say out loud, “The blood of Jesus!, The blood of Jesus!” and we depart.)

“Born of water” (Part 4)

February 13, 2011

We want to again look into the Prophet Isaiah’s prophesy concerning the coming of John the Baptist. He said, “The voice of him crying in the wilderness; “Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” (Isa.40:3)

In our last post (part 3), we discovered that the word “prepare” means to “turn”. The same meaning as “repent”, and very close to the “re” in regenerate. The word “way” means “a mode” or “means” (figuratively). By implication it means “a process” or “a road” or “highway”. The word “straight” in Hebrew, has to do with “make right”.

Now, knowing already what we know about John the Baptist in the New Testament, we can safely say that it was foretold by the Prophets that he would come “preaching” a message of “turning” (repenting) as a mode or means that would proceed the coming of our Lord. By preaching a message of repentance first, this would then lead to “make right”, which means the same as “righteous”.

Going back to the New Testament, and looking at the scriptures that have to do with John the Baptist, we find some more good reasons as to why he was sent. Again, the word “prepare” plays a big part. Remembering that the word in its Greek meaning, means “make ready”. In Matt.3:3 regarding Isaiah’s prophesy, the word “prepare” has to do with “internal fitness”. Or we could safely say that it has to do with getting ready or make ready internally. Mark’s version in 1:3 is the same. As is Luke’s 1:76 and 3:4.

Now, if we jump over to Jesus, referring to John the Baptist, in Matt.11:10, the word “prepare” is referring to “external equipment”. Jesus was quoting Malachi and Isaiah. Mark also quotes Malachi and Isaiah (Mk.1:2). In Luke 7:27, Jesus again quotes the Prophets.

We conclude that John’s message was one of both “Internal” and “External” preparedness before the coming of our Lord. Turning has to do with both. Internal turning has to do with the heart. When the Spirit of God moves you, it convicts you (pricks you) of your sins. Externally, has to do with “bringing fruits fit for repentance”. If one has truly “turned” (repented), there will be fruits coming from within that bears witness that he or she has repented.

John the Baptist hits this on the head when the multitudes came to be baptised by him. Basically he told them that first they had to have “fruits or evidence of their repentant hearts”. This was to happen before he would baptize them. They said to him, “What shall we do then?”. Then John gives them some examples. Basically, if you have two coats in your closet, give one to someone who needs a coat. If you have food at home, good, give some to one who has none. (Lk.3:7-11). Then he says to the “tax collectors”, be honest with your clients. The soldiers were to not intimidate or falsely accuse people. And they were to be content with their wages. (vs.12-14). These were some examples of fruits that they were to do.

Basically, when the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, you will know what you personally need to do. He will tell you by moving or placing upon your heart what the next move is. It could be as simple as going to someone and confessing that you are sorry for what you did to them. Maybe it might be restitution. Maybe one stole something a few month’s ago, or a few years ago, and the Spirit is saying that they need to go and make it right.

Now, here is the awesome thing about repentance. First, it is an act of “free-will” on the sinner’s part, once convicted, to desire to change, or make right. Then the “I want to” comes into play. This is “repenting”. However, once the desire is there, then God gives the grace to repent. This is “repentance”. The God-given grace to unable one to carry out the process of repenting. We human’s don’t have what it takes to really repent. The best we can do is to exercise our “will power”, but that falls way short of  true repentance which is divine, and is a gift of God. In part #5 we will get to the “heart of the matter” regarding being “Born of water”.