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“How ya doin?” doesn’t cut it anymore.

November 9, 2007

Did it ever really?
A couple of mornings ago, I set out on my usual walk and the Lord led me to two different people along the way. I had an awesome time sharing with both of them. However, the third person that I came across, I said to him, “How ya doin?” He replied and said, “Fine, how ya doin”, and that was it. There again was the standard American greeting.
As I continued walking along, the Lord spoke to me and said, “How ya doin doesn’t cut it anymore”. I chuckled for a bit. He said, “no, seriously”. It is way past time that we get out of our comfort zones, our little boxes if you will, and share Jesus with them.

It’s not that we can’t and don’t use this standard introduction or greeting when we meet people in passing, but I believe this was a wake up call to realize what is taking place when this can become a general habit form of communication. Do we rush through life, never really taking the time to notice people and speak to them outside of the standard greeting?

I am realizing more and more, how God is wanting us to move out of our standard routines. Does the Holy Spirit always work in the routine? In the standard?

I spent years in my younger days rushing through life with my peddle on the metal all the time. I would say all the time, “How ya doing”. They would reply back, “Fine” or a lot of the time the reply would be a straight, “How ya doing”, and that would be it (period). It’s time we take inventory of our routines we have with people. Are we stuck in the usual?

We who are believers need to step out and take a few extra moments and say something like, “Hey you got a moment, do you know Christ?” or “Pardon me, but is Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour?”. Or, “What have you done with Jesus in your lifetime?”. The very least that could happen to you would be that they would just ignore you, or say some unkind words. Can we stick up for Him now? What will happen if and when the gun comes?

Come on now! It’s time to tell somebody! Step out of your comfort zone and experience a blessing from God. At least once a day tell somebody. You will find that huge doors can open up by you taking the first step. Who knows, before long you just might be telling everybody you meet. How awesome would that be?

Just do it! You will be blessed. You have everything you need, just use what He has given you.

To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!

November 3, 2007

I woke up early this morning giving God praise and glory for what He did yesterday. God is showing forth His power on the streets, big time. He is changing lives. Restoration is taking place right before our eyes. To God be the glory! I pray that you will be inspired to get out and use what gifts and callings that God has blessed you with. You are unique and because of that, you can reach people that I can’t, and vice verse. Isn’t that so like God? He is unique and He made you unique to reach unique people.

It was one of those days where I did not receive orders from Him as to where to start exactly. I was impressed to just set out and see what happens. This is something that I did on a regular basis for about a year, and it was “oh so awesome”. Going out, but not knowing where. I pray that if God has yet to impress you by His Spirit to do this, that He would and that He would do it soon. Amen.

The first human encounter was a young guy at the traffic light on my way walking to the bank. I shared with him and he really listened. I believe it was another seed planting. He took a tract, and I pray that He will come when God again draws his heart to come to Him.

After the bank, (praise God there was money in the bank!) I went to the bus stop and talked (tried to) with a Hispanic man. I don’t know Spanish (but I should) so lately God has had me use a key from my pocket and tell them that the key to God is Jesus Christ. He smiled and nodded his head. I pointed to the heart also.

When I got on the bus, I immediately saw a young kid that I have talked to before. He is very quite. I sensed that there was pain and sorrow in his life, so I asked him, “has there been some painful things happen in your life?” He said yes. I said, “Have you lost a mother, or father? “A family member?” He said no, but that he did not want to talk about it. God knows and I can pray for him.

Soon I got to the first city and the local transit mall. The Lord had me do the usual prayer walk around the block. Then had me stand and start to pass out tracts and do some preaching. A young guy and his girl friend came up and wanted prayer. I first asked them if Jesus Christ was their Lord and Saviour. They said no. So I went through The Gospel with them and praise God they turned from the old life to the new! We prayed and they received Him as Lord and Saviour! The Angels where singing again! Hallelujah!

Well, of course about that time a messenger of Satan shows up (standard procedure) and we rebuked him in Jesus name and pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ. He flees, praise God!

Another brother which I just met a couple of weeks ago, stops by and we have an awesome time talking about God and His goodness. We share out loud what He has done. This is real powerful in a public setting. Whether on a corner, or in a building elevator, or on a bus or train, give God the glory out loud. You will be amazed at what takes place.

I moved across the street and there stood a young black man who was blind. My heart went out to him. I stood there praying for him quietly. Then God’s Spirit moved and I began to talk with him. I asked him if Jesus was his Lord and Saviour. He smiled and said “oh yes”. I asked him how long he had been blind, he said “since I was a year and a half old.” My heart swelled with compassion for the man.

I stood there and The Lord reminded me of my morning walk to the bank earlier. As I was walking along, God began to show me my five senses. I went through all of them one by one. I smelled, I saw, I heard etc. I ran my fingers along the concrete divider. I began to weep and appreciation came over me. Why me? as I thought of others that don’t have some of these senses. I certainly didn’t deserve it. God in His love and mercy has given them to me for His glory. May they be used for Him.

So as I stood there with this blind man, tears of compassion began to flow as I prayed to The Father for him. I looked up and saw the blue sky. The trees with their leaves turning. I pleated with God that he might see again. I asked him if I could pray with him for complete healing of his eyes. He said, “sure”.( before this I was a little reserved, because I have learned that you need to be very careful and sensitive with people who have disabilities). But I really sensed that God’s Spirit was working and He wanted to heal him.

Just as we started to pray, I looked up and there was a girl standing next to us that I have met out on the streets before. I had to refresh my memory and ask her if she was a believer or not. She said she was. I explained to her what was taking place and asked her if she believed that God could restore this man sight. She said, “yes” so we prayed together.

When we finished praying, I asked the man if he could see. He said. “not yet, but I believe I will”. Praise God he will! I believe!

He gave me his telephone number and I expect when I call him, that he will tell me he now sees. Praise to God! He is healing our brother! He will see this side of eternity! He will look up and see the blue sky, the trees! Oh praise God with me! For He is great and greatly to be praised!
“To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!”

I will stop here because I personally don’t like long posts. So if I don’t like them, I will not make them, right?
The above is only one quarter of what God did that day. With His help, I will try to write some more later.

I write these testimonies so that first God would be glorified in them, and second that you the reader would be encouraged to go out and use your gifts and callings for Him and His Kingdom. Amen

Ya gotta want to

October 21, 2007

Most people if they were honest would find it difficult to share the Gospel. If asked, “can you share the Gospel with a perfect stranger” they would be shocked at the thought.
Herein, is where I would like to encourage you.

Now what I am about to share with you is not the “spiritual” side of evangelism. There is much to say regarding that, but that is not what is upon my heart in this post. I want to encourage those who are quite frankly afraid to speak to people, much less say something about Christ.

If you are one of those, I trust that this post will encourage you to at least take the first step towards speaking out to somebody you don’t know.

May I suggest first, that after you have prayed about your fear, or inability to speak with others, that you make it of top concern to conquer your fear when you set out each day. I have found that you have to “want to” first, before anything will happen. It must be your priority.

Basically, you start first with little stuff such as “how are you today”, “oh I like your car” (boat, house, coat etc). I am always amazed at how God opens up a conversation, when and after we take the first step. If we are the “believer” and they are not, then who do you think should take the first step? And just to encourage you, you have the power of God in you. The Holy Spirit.

It’s OK to first get comfortable with just breaking out and talking to strangers about everyday stuff. If at first you don’t have the opportunity to share Christ, don’t get discouraged. You are conquering the first and big fear of just being able to talk to somebody you don’t know, and that’s big.

And just like anything in life, the more you do it, the easier it will become.

After you have somewhat mastered the ability to talk to strangers on a regular basis, then you will be able to go to the next step and share Christ with them.

Now, this is where I believe that a lot of the time after talking with them about “natural” things you need to just say something like, “by the way, do you have a relationship with God” or “I have really enjoyed talking to you and I have to ask you this question” (do it with a big smile). The Holy Spirit can personally give you the “ice breakers”(such as it is called) to use.

Now the more you do it, the more God will help you with what to say. Also, the more you will get used to outright rejection. But remember how they rejected Christ and sent him to the cross. No one truly enjoys rejection, but believe it or not you can get used to it. (believe me) And you can “count it all joy”.

And know this, I believe God smiles each time you reach out and speak with them about His Son. Plant that in the back of your head, if you need to.

And yes, practice makes perfect. It truly does! The more you share, the easier it will become. And never forget you have “the power” to testify of Him. “…and you shall be my witnesses”. The Holy Spirit makes it possible, but we must step out and be willing. He doesn’t twist our arm, and say you must, or else. He wants a willing son or daughter.

After a while, anticipation and excitement will enter in as you “go fishing” daily. You will find the blessing of being “fishers of men”.

And, “Ya gotta want to”