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Remember, they can’t receive nor understand.

October 13, 2013

This one is very easy to forget. Why? Because if we have any God-given desire to see the lost saved, we will be out there sharing, trying to get them to receive what we are sharing in hopes that they might be saved.

However, we must all be reminded (I believe continually) that the unregenerate person cannot receive nor understand the things of God which are spiritual. How many hours have we spent trying to convince the natural man, with his natural mind, to understand or believe spiritual things? It happens more than we care to admit for sure. We so easily fall into trying to “convince” them of the truth’s of God. If we are not careful, we would even find ourselves getting into a doctrine debate with one who has yet to be born again. That’s futile.

We have to review the scriptures on a regular basis and be reminded of the fact that they must be born of the Spirit first. This is the starting place. Thus, the great need of sharing the gospel. Always being led to steer the conversation back to their need of being saved first. If not, its guaranteed that we will fall into trying to convince a spiritually dead person to receive and understand spiritual things. It just doesn’t work that way. It was never designed to. The need for Christ is always first.

There are several scriptures we could look at to back this all up with, but we are going to use only a couple here.

First off, I always like to start with the book of John, chapter 3. The very popular story of Nicodemus. Without taking a lot of time on this story, only a few very important points to be reminded about here. Basically, Nicodemus was a teacher of the Jewish religion. No doubt, a very well-educated man. But, our main focus here should be the fact that he was unregenerate like anyone else. His status in life makes no difference here unless you are speaking with someone who thinks that by their religion they can be saved.

After Nicodemus had said to Jesus,  “for no man can do these miracles that you do, except God be with him”, Jesus’ reply is very key here for our reminder. “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. That little three-letter word is of extreme importance here.

SEE: “to see, to know, (have) knowledge, perceive, understand”.

Without being born again first, one cannot SEE the kingdom (realm) of God.

Another scriptural reminder is found in 1 Corinthians the second chapter. Again, some very popular verses that we probably have heard countless times. However, we must be reminded if we are going have an effect on the lost for the kingdom, we must get this.

The whole chapter (2) is good and is highly recommended here, but we will only focus on a few verses.

Verse 9 is a good starting point. The apostle Paul referring to the prophet Isaiah says, “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, (what?) the things which God has prepared for those that love him.”

The word “seen” in its spiritual application here is “to see, discern, perceive“. The word “heard” also has to do with “discern, perceive, understand“.

“the things which God has prepared”….. The spiritual things of God.

In the next verse, verse 10, he says, “But God has revealed them to us (who?) (how?) by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yep (added), the deep things of God. By His Spirit they can and are revealed. But only, by His Spirit. We can even know the “deep things of God” if He chooses to reveal them to us. (I will add this though, He knows our heart, the motivations of our heart as to why we want to know the deep things of God. And if there is any wrong, prideful motives, he will not reveal. He does not bypass unholy motives.

In verse 11, he divides the natural man with the Spirit of God. He says that no man can know the things of God except through the Spirit. Its point-blank.

Verse 12 is to all those who have received the Spirit of God that they might know the spiritual things of God which are freely given to us. And I might add here, that in verse 13, it is very important to take notice that “the Holy Spirit (Ghost) teaches“. Man can and has taught, but it can only come through the one who has been born of the Spirit. One who is living in the Spirit and not of the “spirit of the world”. It only comes through a spiritual vessel.

Ok, I am just about finished here. I never have liked “long posts” so I must end here. And this is the way to sum up our study here with a final verse (14) that does truly make its point very clear.

But the natural man (one who has not been regenerated) receives not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them (why?), because they are spiritually discerned.”

So there it is. Man must be born again of the Spirit of God before he can understand, perceive, know, anything about God and his kingdom (realm). Thus the great need to get the gospel out to all those who He leads you to. Spend little time in debating with an unbeliever. Listen a lot. Remain in the Spirit. Speak only what is given by the Spirit of God to them.

…….and remember………they can’t understand till their born again 🙂

God bless you!

Spirit revelation

July 30, 2012

‎”But God has revealed them to us by his Spirit; for the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God.” (1Cor.2:10).
What has He revealed?
The mysterious wisdom of God. (vs.7)
The mind of God revealed by the Spirit of God. (vs.11)
Knowledge of the things that are freely given to us by God. (vs.12)
Speaking the things which the Spirit teaches. Explaining spiritual things to the spiritually minded. (vs.13)
This is the Mind of Christ. (vs.16)

Hearing the Spirit within

April 17, 2012

In order to hear from the Spirit of God within, one must be quiet in their spirit. If the mind is racing, their spirit is not quiet. It generally helps to not engage in drink or food that would cause the mind to race. Each one of us is different in our own physical makeup as to what we can handle or what causes our mind to race.

Remembering that one of the fruits of the Spirit is “peace”. (Gal.5:22). Where the Spirit is ruling over the flesh, there will be peace. If the fleshly man or women is taking the lead and the Spirit is in the back seat, of course there is going to be no quietness within.

Many times it comes right down to, “do I want to”. Do I want to hear what the Spirit is saying? How important is it to me?

“Spirit Led Operation”, the need of the hour!

January 19, 2012

This life is supposed to be one of being Spirit led, and not one of being led by our carnal mind and will. What we want to do, should not even enter our priorities. Do we practice being Spirit led? Do we care what the Spirit might be saying? Do we even know what it’s like to hear from the Spirit, then go out and be led by His Spirit?

Of course, this takes lots of practice, patience and perseverance. Learning to operate in and of the Spirit is the great need of the day for all those who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. This is the day of preparation before the real needs hit our land. If we wait, we will be like the majority who will have not taken the time to learn and prepare the ways of the Spirit in operation.

May the Spirit of God within us take precedence over our mind and body.

Quietness and alone time with God is the essential need of the hour. No real relationship, no real fellowship with God through His Spirit can be developed unless this time is being taken on a regular basis. You can’t learn of the Spirit unless time is taken with the Spirit. When the Spirit is ruling, leading and guiding our lives, then we go into and operate in the realm (the kingdom) of God. The realm of the Spirit is the kingdom of God. Remembering that, “God is Spirit”, His Kingdom is spiritual, and it’s takes a birth of the Spirit to understand this Kingdom, and to be able to operate in it.

If we don’t spend this “alone time with God“, no real foundation can be laid to operate in the Spirit. We will operate out of the intellect and the flesh. It will be easy to follow the ways of man and religion. We will fall into routine, familiarity and comfort. All three of these ways are ways that our flesh is well acquainted with.

We are reminded, that the biggest battle that the believer faces, is that of the “flesh versus the Spirit“, if indeed one is endeavoring to have the Spirit rule their life. If not, there will be no real battle taking place because the carnal mind will be ruling. Let us not forget that this kind of mind is “enmity with God”.

So, Spirit operation is the need of the hour. To be able to know where to go, what to say and what to do is going to be ever more so needed in the coming days. Let us not be left behind, because whither we want to believe it or not, God is busy assembling his “Army” of Spirit led believers that are going out into the world to do what the Spirit has ordained them to do. They are being equipped and trained while they are out and about practicing being Spirit led, and the power is being manifested in the fulfilment thereof.

“Rise up O Spirit of God!”

Two Choices for the believer

November 18, 2010

If we are abiding in Christ, walking in Christ, living in Christ, we do not walk after, live after the flesh.

We only have two choices. We either are walking according to the Spirit, or according to the flesh. This is a moment by moment choice.

For if we live according to the flesh, we set our minds on the things of the flesh. But, if we live according to the Spirit, we set our minds on the things of the Spirit.

If we choose to set our minds on the flesh, it is death. There is no life operating (spiritually) while we are living according to the fleshly thoughts. But, if we choose to set our minds on the things of the Spirit, it is true life and true peace.

We must be reminded that the fleshly mind is hatred toward God. I know that is hard to swallow, but His word tells us that it is. If we are in the flesh, walking according to the fleshly mind, we cannot please God. This is good to remember. We cannot be pleasing to God while in this state.

Now this is a BIG “IF”. “We are not in the flesh, but in Spirit, IF indeed the Spirit of God dwells within us. IF we do not have the Spirit dwelling within us, we are none of His.

IF the Spirit of Christ is in us, the body is dead because of sin. But, the Spirit is true life because of Christ’s righteousness.

Also, IF the Spirit of God who raised Christ from the dead dwells within us, it gives life to our mortal bodies. How? By His Spirit that dwells within us.

We are not debtors to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. If we do, we will die spiritually.

HERE IS THE KEY!    By the Spirit, we are to put to death the deeds of the fleshly body, so we can truly live.

The only way we can be “son’s and daughter’s” of God, is to be led by the Spirit of God.

As I have said many times, “the biggest battle you will face as believers in Christ, is the battle against flesh and spirit.” If you are “lukewarm”, you will not be in this battle. You are already given over to the flesh. You would say, “what battle?”. “I go to church each Sunday”. “I give my tithe in the offering plate”.

The battle is moment by moment of each and every day. Choosing to walk in the Spirit. Choosing to think on things of the Spirit. Choosing to talk about the things of the Spirit. Basically, living in the Spirit. After all, we don’t want to be found in death, do we? We don’t want to found with “enmity (hatred) against God, do we?

TWO CHOICES. (period)

Taken from: Roman’s the 8th chapter, verses 1 through 14.

In the face of Reality

May 8, 2010

We think this is it. This flesh and bones experience here on earth. Our natural existence.

Tonight, I had one of those odd feeling nights. A bit lonely. So I took off for a walk to the local DQ.

On my returning, I sensed once again, that our real existence is spiritual. The spiritual comes first, not the natural. Most see it the other way around. I choose to embrace the spiritual over this fleshly existence. I get tired of this flesh. How it cries out wanting to be king. It wants to stifle the spirit. This is THE GREAT WAR. It will not be over with till we are dead (as far as the body goes) and gone (out of here).

When I got into my place of abode, I sat down on my bed, and “Boom” it hit me. “Go get the book, The Spiritual Man” (By Watchman Nee). So I grabbed it off the table and sat down. I opened it randomly, and what he said, was this………..

The Believers experience

“But how can a believer see what God has seen? God is so adamant against the flesh and its every activity; yet the believer appears to reject only its bad features while clinging affectionately to the flesh itself. He does not reject categorically the whole thing: he instead continues to do many things in the flesh: he even assumes a self-confident and proud attitude about it as though he were now rich with God’s grace and qualified to perform righteously.

The believer literally is making use of the flesh. Because of such self-deceit the Spirit of God must lead him over the most shameful path in order to make him know his flesh and attain God’s view. God allows that soul to fall, to weaken, and even to sin, that he may understand whether or not any good resides in the flesh. This usually happens to the one who thinks he is progressing spiritually.

The Lord tries him in order that he may know himself. Often the Lord so reveals His holiness to such a one that the believer cannot but judge his flesh as defiled. Sometimes He permits Satan to attack him so that, out of his suffering, he may perceive himself. It is altogether a most difficult lesson, and is not learned within a day or night. Only after many years does one gradually come to realize how untrustworthy is his flesh.

There is uncleanness even in his best effort. God consequently lets him experience Roman 7 deeply until he is ready to acknowledge with Paul: “I know that nothing good dwells within me, that is, in my flesh” (vs.18). How hard to learn to say this genuinely! If it were not for countless experiences of painful defeat the believer would continue to trust himself and consider himself able.

Those hundreds and thousands of defeats bring him to concede that all self-righteousness is totally undependable, that no good abides in his flesh. Such dealing, however, does not terminate here. Self-judgment must continue. For whenever a Christian ceases to judge himself by failing to treat the flesh as useless and utterly detestable but assuming instead even a slightly self-flattering and vainglorious attitude, then God is compelled to run him again through fire in order to consume the dregs.

How few are they who humble themselves and acknowledge their uncleanness! Unless such a state is realized God will not withdraw His dealings. Since a believer cannot be freed from the influence of the flesh for a moment, he should never cease exercising the heart to judge himself; otherwise he will step once more into the boasting of the flesh.”

How true this is. This hurts to read this. Why? Because truth hurts! It is not easily swallowed.

May we all continue to “die daily” to this flesh. Then and only then, will we be able to walk (live) in the Spirit.

I want more of The Spirit and less of the flesh. Don’t you?

A simpler life. It’s a “must” in God’s Kingdom

April 11, 2010

The simpler our lives are, the more we can be available and used in His Kingdom for maximum potential.

By experiance, I have learned a few things in my walk with God as far as the need to simplify goes. One of the best things that I have experienced and learned, is simplicity of  life lends to spirituality. By this, I mean that the more one can simplify his or her life, the more freer one can become to move with the Spirit. Not only is our physical body better off, but most importantly, our minds are freed up. In teaching on “walking in the Spirit”, one of the most important things to learn is, freeing up the mind. Emptying the mind of all cares and concerns. I am not talking about some “new age” teaching here, but through God’s Holy Spirit. Big difference. I have never had to use “yoga” or the like, to get into the Spirit and calm the mind and body. The Holy Spirit is more than capable. It does take some effort and it is certainly a process, but doable.

Now, I am certainly aware of  personal circumstances and personal responsibilities that enter into the picture. It was not all that long ago that I had a large family, a large home and a business. I know what it is to work 100 hour weeks with three to fours hours sleep.

I also know the process of “selling out” for Him. The process of “forsaken all” for Him and His kingdom. What I have learned, I want to share. I want to help and encourage other disciples to also get in the “process”, if not currently there.

We must take a hard look at our lives. We must take inventory of our time, our resources, our money etc. If we have a family, we must be leading by example. Showing them how to live a life less complicated, less stressful and with less material possessions. Yes, I said “less material possessions”.

We must face the fact, that the more we posses, the more it can and usually does, posses us. The more responsibilities we take on, the more our minds, the more our bodies become involved. Our lives become complex  many times by the choices and the purchases that we make.

Do we ever STOP and ask ourselves before making a choice to take on more responsibility or before making a purchase, and ask ourselves, “how is this going to affect me for God’s Kingdom”. By that, I mean, affecting me physically and mentally. Oh, you might say that by making this decision, I will be more affective for God’s Kingdom. If it involves more stress, more care and concern, more worries, I would say, forget it. If it is going to clutter your mind up more, I think not. If it is going to take more time out of your personal time alone with God, I think not. If it is going to take you away from your family more, you best be sure that it’s the Spirit leading, and not your own desires.

One of the biggest problem areas is fiances. We always think that by making the choice to make more money that it will solve the problem. Not usually the case. At what expense will it cost me if I do? In my relationship with God? With my family? It usually requires a high price tag. I speak from experiance.

Now most of us are not out to “gain the whole world”, and thus, “lose our soul”. We are well acquainted with that one. However, it is not the question of out to gain the world, but to try and solve our problems with money. Yes, it does take money to live. But at what standard are we trying to live at? This is the question.

What do we base our contentment on? Our satisfaction on? Are we even contented with spending time alone with God? Quietly? Are we satisfied with an evening without the computer, TV, stereo or phone? What about gathering the kids together to pray as a family? Often? What kind of example would this be setting? Or reading the Bible together?

Another monumental problem that we face today is DEBT. I also am well acquainted with this one. Let’s suffice it to say, tens of thousands of dollars.  And I’m not talking about including a home mortgage in that either.

I found out through the simple teachings of Jesus. About “seeking first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”, that in his timing and way, He could supply all that is needed to get out of debt. I found it so. He can do things beyond our wildest imagination. He can give us favor with debt collectors. He can cause debt to go away. He can cause debt to be settled for pennies on the dollar. He can increase your pay at work without increasing your time at work. He can drop money into your lap. There is millions of ways that He can do it.

We limit God.

We think that the only way to solve our problem of finances, is get out and work more. Get another job. Put the wife to work. Forget about the kids, we need money. Where is the trusting God? Has it gone by the wayside? Was it only for the 1800’s or early 1900’s? Was it only in all those old books we read?

The bottom line is, we have promises given to us from God. Now, are we going to believe them, or not? Are we going to live them out or not?

Pray and trust God to help you simplify your life. Then trust Him to provide as you seek Him and His Kingdom (the extension of His Kingdom). It works!  Amen.

Sweet Downloads

April 2, 2010

There is nothing like hearing and then acting out what you hear.

Today, as I was traveling into town on the train, I was noticing the sky outside. As the train was about to stop at one of the many stops before downtown, I saw a vacant lot and the sidewalk out in front. I heard, “stand there and look into the sky”. So, when it stopped, I headed in that direction.

After crossing the intersection, I walked towards the lot and stood on the sidewalk facing the lot, looking up at the sky. It was so beautiful. I stood there, and the earth stood still, but the clouds were ever changing.

Then the Spirit spoke, and I took out my pocket tablet and began to write. This is unedited, straight from the Spirit. Hope you are blessed!

The painting of God in the clouds

The whites, the grays, the blue skies. Master painting, the stroke of the masters hand. Different shades of blue, gray, whites. Ever changing, moment by moment. Painting in motion.

Below, the flowers stand out. The color of each. The green grass as the sun hits it. Different shades in it. The red bush in the distance, stands out. The pink little flowers in the grass, just a short distance away.

Oh the beauty of God’s creation. Trees taking on new greenery. Don’t forget the yellow dandelion, it is always consistent.

There you have it. I hope you also are learning to hear and then obey. It is going to be very important in the coming days. This is just preparation time. We must be practicing what we hear. Living it out as He gives it to us. If we are too busy, we won’t hear. If our minds are cluttered with ever thought at every moment, we won’t hear. I have found it so.

“He that has an ear, let him hear”

Singleness of heart

March 3, 2010

Singleness of heart produces singleness of mind (focus). The biggest spiritual battle we are in is the battle of the mind.

Christ himself taught about the heart. He said that out of the heart proceeds, evil (or bad) thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness and blasphemies. (Matt.15:18-19)

While the above things mentioned can be the literal acts, more importantly, they can be done from the battlefield of the mind. As Christ taught, we can commit murder in our heart by hating our fellow man. We can commit adultery and fornication in our heart through lust. (Matt.5:21-22, 27-28)

We can even commit “theft” in our heart and not even physically do the act. How? By coveting our neighbors (any one close to us) stuff. If  someone has something that we want, and we dwell upon it, it could conceive in our heart and thus become sin.

So it all comes down to the heart. We need to get alone with God and shut the door. Come to God and take inventory of our heart. He already knows what is in there, but we need to ask Him to reveal to us our hearts. Because it is deceitful, if we don’t take inventory, we will be deceived by it, plain and simple. If we are not careful, we will be led down a road that might be long and windy.

Singleness of heart.

Christ taught on the “Lamp of the body” in Luke 11:33-36. He said that the lamp of the body was the eye. The word here means, the eyes of the mind. He says that if it is good (clear or healthy) than our whole body is full of light. But, if the eyes of our mind is bad (evil or unhealthy) then our bodies are full of darkness.

So it is either “light” or “darkness”.

Now, if we see another translation of the word “good” in verse 34 as “single”, it opens up another understanding. Singlemindedness which is produced from singleheartedness. Remembering that our minds (or thoughts) stem from the heart.

If our “eye” of the soul be single, it will be clear. There will be no confusion. No double-mindedness. Because of this “singleness” we will see (understand) things as they are meant to be, spiritually. Thus our whole being (our souls), or whole body will be full of light. There will be no darkness.

Endeavoring to have a pure heart will keep our minds pure of thoughts. When sin or darkness is in our heart, it produces wrong desires, wrong directions and wrong motives. We get off track when our hearts are not “full of light”. Darkness or sin, prevents us from walking in the understanding of the Lord, which is “light”.

We must walk (live) in the light as Christ is in the light. Full obedience to this light.

The mind follows the heart. Why? Because it stems (or comes from) the heart.

Some good understanding of the word “heart” is needed. In Hebrew it means, inner man or inner part. Mind, will or understanding. In Greek it means, the soul or mind. The fountain or seat of our thoughts, desires and affections. The middle, central or innermost part.

The early church knew what it was like to have “singleness of heart”, thus the power came down and the Lord added daily such as should be saved. (Acts 2:41-47). Another meaning for the word “singleness”, is “simplicity”. Simplicity of heart. A simple heart. Not cluttered. Not all stuffed up. One that is single hearted in devotion to the Lord.

An emptying out of our heart needs to take place routinely. Why? Because stuff creeps in. This could not only be sins, but any useless clutter. Thus, emptying the room of any clutter so we can be free and single to our Lord. Becoming (because it is a process) simple and free to serve our Lord in single-hearted devotion.

So, we need to take inventory and clean the house where necessary, spiritually speaking. Get rid if any clutter and things that are of no use spiritually to us. This will free us up in our thought life too. Our minds are cluttered, because our hearts are cluttered. Slow down and do some house cleaning.

God bless you as you too do some cleaning!