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A day of cuttin it straight forward

April 13, 2012

It seems like God is having me lay it out with a lot of straight forwardness the last couple of weeks. I believe it is because of the shortness of time and also because more and more people have chosen to live in rebellion. Here in America, there is No excuse.

Us street preachers get to see first hand rebellion come in many different ways. If one is preaching in the Spirit then they get to see into the things of the Spirit as people pass by. I would have to say that most definitely over the last couple of years I am seeing more and more how Satan has blinded their eyes. Many pass as if they are not hearing, or even care to hear a word of what is being said. Blank stares and who cares seem to be the norm anymore. But, as we know, if God doesn’t quicken them, than they remain dead and in darkness.

But, I am so thankful that there are those who are called of God to proclaim the Gospel to the masses as they pass by. There will certainly be No excuse on that day.

We see all the time how Satan has blinded them through sin. And, not only sin, but the world. Most are so intrenched in the world and it’s materialism, that they cannot even give the Gospel one thought.

Today the Spirit was having me share again “Light and darkness”. Also, we shared about the “prison-house” of sin. I’m thankful when the Spirit has it come out with such clarity and simplicity. No high and lofty theology or religious junk. It basically comes out that without Jesus they are dead spiritually and there is No life in them. Without Him they are in darkness. Also, that many won’t come to the Light because they love darkness.

“Point blankness” fell upon the city again today. The Spirit called it out for what it was. There was no “beaten around the bush”. There was no “sugar coatin” either. I’m thankful for the boldness of the Holy Spirit. I believe because of the shortness of time, we are going to hear more and more from the Spirit preaching it straight and clear. And, by all means, it is done in love. Love for their eternal bound souls.

I am seeing into the Spirit more and more how the serious of what is at stake. On several occasions today, the Spirit had us say things like, “It’s time to quit playing around with God!”. “It’s time to get right with God!”. “Wake up!”. “Somebody turn on the light!”. “You’re either in God’s kingdom or Satan’s. There is No middle ground, or gray area!”. “It all comes down to Light or darkness, Life or death!”

So, as a follower of Jesus, are you awaken to the needs around you? Do you see the needs in your circle of influence? Are you able to distinguish between light and dark? Are you able to hear the Spirit? Are you consumed with those who are dying all around you? Do you care? Are you operating in the gifts and callings that God has placed upon you? If so, are they for His kingdom, or your own?

God help us! The cries are going to get louder. Will we see and hear? Or has Satan blinded our eyes? Do we have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying? Do we care?

Spitting bullets

April 16, 2011

To me she looked like your average lady in her mid-sixties. She was kind of small in stature. A little on the heavier side. Her hair was covered with a scarf. I was presuming that it was because of the rain. To me, your everyday women.

That morning, before going out, I was led to some scriptures regarding those who would not make it into the kingdom of heaven. His word does list some certain types of people who will not enter.

So, as usual, I wrote down a few scriptures that I was given that morning, and headed out the door. When I arrived into the city, I had no clear direction as to where to go. This is not unusual for me, in fact it is probably the norm. It usually takes some prayer walking before I can hear, or sence where to go, or where to stop, or stay.

After about an hour or so, I ended up on a corner that I had only been to maybe three or four times at the most. I just stood there holding out a tract, with an occasional word or two. Very little response in the 30 or 40 minutes that I was there. So, I sensed that it was time to head over to the “square”. This is the “popular” place for evangelism of any type. But, for me, I want to only go there if I sence a leading to go there. I did, so off I went. It was one of the typical rainy days we get here. I went to a place that you might say, is my favorite spot. It also has a covering in which to stand, if it’s raining.

So, I stood there holding out a tract. At this place, people are waiting for the next light rail train that heads west. Little by little the crowd builds. Then, the Spirit prompted me to open the word and began sharing. I sensed that this was the time and opportunity to share what He gave me that morning, so I did……..

It started like this…. “God’s word tells us about those who will not make it into the kingdom of God. Those who will not inherit the kingdom. Fornicator’s, those who have sex…” AND THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN, A LADY THAT WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO ME, ON MY RIGHT SIDE, SHOUTED AND “WENT INTO ONE” for the next 10 minutes.

She said things like, “who do you think you are?”. “What right do you have to tell all these people this?”. “How dare you, talk like this!”  She went on and on, yelling the whole time.

Now, one thing I have learned, when it comes to “preaching” and that is, when one tries to stop the word and the Spirit, don’t give in. ( only by the Holy Spirit, of course. Only His power). So, all the time she was carrying on, the Spirit was still delivering. I must admit, that this lady was just like a “pack of wolves” in the spirit. She was ferocious and very furious. For just a second or two, I was temped to stop and address her. But, the Spirit said, “keep going”. As usual, there were several that were watching this as it was going on. Many times, it is for those who are on the sidelines. This has bore witness, more than once. In fact, just last week, for that matter.

This was awesome. A younger girl appeared just a minute into this lady’s rampage. She stepped in and said to the lady, “this man is doing nothing wrong. He’s not yelling. He is just speaking. He has every right too”. Well, this made her all the more mad. By now she was “spitting bullets”. I thank God for his armour! The fiery darts just reflected off the shield of faith, bless the Lord!

She asked me, “where are you getting this?” This was the only time I answered her. I said, “from the word of God”. She said, “oh, how do you know that’s God’s word?” As I attempted to answer her, she took her hand and hit my bible. I was so glad that I had a firm grip on it. Her hand just bounced off the cover. There was a lot of water in front of me, so that would not have been good, had it fallen to the ground.

I quickly remained in the Spirit and went on sharing what the Spirit was giving me. She never stopped, neither did I. Soon, she went off yelling and boarding the train, for who knows where.

Well, just another outing on the streets. We will continue to pray for that lady, and many others out there who need God so desperately.

Oh, for those who are interested, we were sharing from 1Cor.6:9-10. And Gal.5:19-21.

Noon time Gospel

April 15, 2011

I was passing by on my usual prayer walk downtown going through the crowd of people ordering their food at the local food trailers, I heard, “would you be willing to stand there and share the Gospel?” Well, of course I would. That’s one of the things that I do. But, because of the weakness of my flesh, and because it was a new spot, and of a different type, I heard, “you are going to have to die to self, before you can”. I thought, “why would that have to be?”. Then as I was finishing my prayer walk, I thought, because I would be standing right in the middle of people who had nothing to do except to wait for their food and listen to someone “preaching”. Also, because it was a new place for me, and kinda small and up close and personal.

So, I came back around from my walk and landed right in the middle, between the block. It took no time at all to sence that this was not going to be the typical, raise the voice so that many could hear approach. No, this was close to a normal voice, yet strong enough to be found clear and convincing. We started with reading from the scriptures, then went with what the Spirit gave us. And as usual, God placed those who He had pre-determined to hear once again.

The nice thing about this spot was that besides its close proximity, there were several who stayed around and actually ate there. I believe that the Spirit had me speak in a tone that did not run them off. There was no need to share with those who were down on the corner. He had me in the middle of the two corners, sharing with those who were close by. There were maybe 10 to 15 at any given time.

After having noticed a couple of men who were obviously listening as they ate, I picked up on two ladies that were right in front of me, about 10 feet away. They were eating off of the lip of a trailer that had been closed because of the owner having gone to Cuba for the last three weeks. It was convenient for them to use as a table, as they stood there. And yes, all the time, they got to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ once again in their lives. How awesome is that!

A lot of what I do, is just giving people another opportunity to hear. Most don’t go to “church”. And, if they did, would they hear the Gospel? They should be able to hear it if they went, right? Most, are not going to hear the Gospel in a given week, outside of a “street preacher” sharing it with them. All I see in it all, God’s love, letting them hear of His Son one more time in their life time. Believe it or not, that’s love. Why? Because God is always pursuing mankind with His Love. He loves mankind so much that He let’s them hear about His Son, who He gave for them, that whoever would believe in Him, they would not perish because of their sins, but would receive forgiveness of their sins and receive everlasting life.

So, towards finishing sharing the message of Christ, I particularly noticed the two ladies in front of me. They had been there the longest, and they were the closest to me. I was getting close to finishing, when I noticed them saying good-bye to each other with a hug and a kiss.

When it was all over, I sensed God had filled his bucket with love and poured it out on those who He had there that day and time. He had them there because of his love for them. Bless the Lord!

Engrossed in their own little world

March 6, 2010

Again this week, it really came home to me how much people don’t seem to care much about what is going on around them.

Our world is speeding up and becoming evermore so a “me” society. People not paying attention to other people around them. People just caring for nobody but themselves.

As a street minister, I get to do a lot of observing. Today, I saw a man helping an older man cross the street. When he came back, he was all frustrated that no one saw the man and offered to help him. This didn’t surprise me. This week, like I have noticed in the pass, people pass by when I am sharing the Gospel. Dozens and dozens pass by. Some not even noticing that I am there. Some of course do, and some choose not to listen.

This “all about me” generation is getting really bad. The ipods aren’t helping at all either. I figure about 50% on the mass transit are using them now. Basically, they are saying, “don’t bother ME”. However, I don’t let that stop me. As the Spirit moves, I start talking to them anyways. They take one ear piece out and listen to hear what I am saying. If it is interesting to them, then they take both out. It not, they put the one back in their ear.

The devil is doing a very good job with helping people to stay in their own little world. He knows about the “neighbor” commandment and is working overtime to see that it doesn’t get fulfilled. He is doing a lot of smiling these days.

And the “church”, that’s another story. I won’t go there for now except to say, it is a blessing to not be so encapsulated in a “church” bubble. By this I mean, not so engrossed in the four walls that I have no concept of the outside unsaved world. If in the bubble, this is a false allusion and very deceptive. This “bubble” could be the four walls of the church building or the four walls of our own homes. Or it can also mean, that when we go out we continue in that bubble. Rush to get our agenda done, then rush home. And how many people did we even notice? Did we even talk to any of them?

If we don’t rub shoulders with the lost world, then we cannot relate with their lost condition, thus we are of no help to them and no help to the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

In closing, again this week I sensed very strongly that God is going to have to allow something really big in our country to happen so people will wake up. Most are not waking up on their own, nor even if things are happening to try and wake them up, they are not getting it.

Thank God that he does have street preachers out on the corners declaring things like, “time is short to get right with God!” or “Big changes are happening and bigger changes are coming!” or “It’s time to prepare spiritually for what’s coming ahead!”

Most out here in the west, don’t go to church, so how else are they going to hear? And even if they do go on one Sunday, what’s the chances that they are going to hear a “Gospel message?”. Would they hear anything about “time is short?” “Judgement day is coming?”

Well, God help us all. It’s not looking good.

Street preachers, check this out!

January 22, 2010

I was surfing under the “witnessing” category today and found this. This is a must for street preachers. Check out the old fashioned picture. How about the people in the crowd? Awesome! Hope you are blessed like I was!

Power in the “highways and byways”

August 28, 2009

Healing and deliverance power from God is coming to the “streets” near you.

Yes, we are getting reports from one city in the U.S that is experiencing the power of God moving. We praise Him for the reports.

In Galveston, Texas.
A man was prayed for who had “severe blood clots”. He came back the next day to report they were all gone.
Several were set free from addictions.
A Spanish man brought his sick baby to be prayed for. He came back the next day to testify that she was all healed. The man got anointed also and went off praying for those who were intoxicated. A couple of them were instantly sober, crying out to God.
The local police are bringing addicts and prostitutes down to them in their cars.

One of the guys who is allowing God to work through him states:
“It’s our heart to see this spread all over the nation. If you are willing to live with reckless abandon of self, God will pour out the anointing. Remember, God is not looking for your ability, but your availability. There is nothing special about us, we are just willing.”


Well, what about your city? What kind of power is being manifested right out in the open?
I will speak for my city, as much I see and hear.
There is a big increase in evangelism. Most of the city is hearing the Gospel on a regular basis. God is raising up new “preachers” also. Lots of Gospel tracts of all kinds can be found all over the city.
Praise God for what is being done!

What is coming next? Instant deliverance and instant healing. By this I mean, instant deliverance from demonic spirits. Instant deliverance from addictions. Instance deliverance from homosexuality. And instant healing to those who can’t walk, talk, hear, see etc.
Praise God! It’s coming and all so He can be glorified through it all!

And your city?

Defiant one comes to Christ

May 21, 2009

I stood there looking at him, trying to convince myself that it was him.

I had just finished preaching a couple of blocks up from the local town square. The theme today was, “how to be put right with God”. I originally got the term, “put right” for righteousness, from the “Good News” translation of the Bible. It’s really the only reason I like that translation. I like to read from Romans chapter 3 starting with verse 21.
“But now God’s way of putting people right with himself has been revealed.
Vs.22, “God puts people right through their faith in Jesus Christ”…….
There is some more, but for the sake of time I will continue with the testimony.

So as I finished a couple of blocks up, I walked towards the square to check out a place that I stand and share. As I approached the square, I turned left and went a short distance, then right. I saw a guy with a small “boom box” playing something. I got a little closer to try and hear what it was that was coming out. The guy standing by it looked very familiar. I heard, “God” and “Jesus” coming from the box.

I walked a couple of feet to my usual spot, stood there holding a tract out and staring at the guy with the boom box.

Then it hit me! No, this can’t be the guy that I have seen before that got “in my face” when I was preaching. I stood there staring at him. Then his eyes caught mine.

I immediately walked over to him to take a closer look. I said, “what are you playing?” He explained that it was somebody preaching. I said, “Oh yeah” Then I said to him, “Are you a follower of Christ?” He said he was.
All the time, I was thinking to myself, “it’s him, isn’t it?”

Then I asked him, “how long have you known Christ? He said, about three month’s. I said, Really, praise God!

Then I had to ask him, “do you remember me?” I was preaching one time at this square about a year ago or so, and you got real belidgerant with me. You got in my face and was real defiant with me. Do you remember? He said, “Yes, I do”. “But now I’m changed” He went on to say that I was not the only one that he came against. There were other preachers that he had did the same to.

I do remember that he had this evil presence about him at the time. But now my spirit was bearing witness that he had been changed by the power of God. He was out witnessing, playing these CD’s and passing them out.

God is so awesome! He even mentioned the Apostle Paul, as to how he was before conversion. Likening himself to similar circumstances.

With God all things are possible! Great things He is doing! He is getting ready those who are going to be part of the next great awakening that is going to take place out in the open, outside of four walls.

Are you getting ready? It’s coming.

Warning! Take inventory with Christ!

May 12, 2009

This morning my heart was stirred with the need to warn the Body of Christ, that they need to take inventory of their own relationship with Christ.

“Therefore we ought to give the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard, lest at any time we should let them slip”(or drift away from them).
“For if the word spoken by angels was steadfast, and every transgression and disobedience received a just recompense of reward;
“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard him;” (Heb.2:1:3)

The words, “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation;”. This rings in my spirit because, hardly a day goes by when I am out and about when I hear people all around saying that there is many ways to God. This “great salvation” is Jesus Christ! None other! “No other name that we can be saved by”

It is high time that we wake up ourselves and take inventory of Christ in us. Do we believe 100% that Christ is “The Truth?” Do we believe in what He said in John 14:6? that “no man comes to the Father, except through me?”

Do you know that the Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion in the world? Do you believe that it is false?
I believe that the greatest persecution to the true church in the near future is going to come from the Muslims.

Don’t think for one minute that it is not working on those around you. Those at work, your neighbors, your family etc. because it is. It’s high time to wake up and get out of your “church box”, and take a look around.

I have a lady at work who once walked with Christ, now she is a Muslim. She wares the head scarf the whole time. She is a white women.

Last week the Lord led me to a young girl, about 16 or 17. She was talking about the “Quran” and trying to convince me as to what it said.
The young generations are buying into it as “truth”.

A few weeks ago, I was sharing Christ as The Only Way, and a man started shouting “Allah is the way”. This went on for about five minutes intil I move on.

False ways to God are growing everyday. Our “tolerant” motto here in America is even effecting believers in Christ. It is causing them to keep quiet everywhere they go. “Oh we don’t want to offend other’s” “We need to accept all religions” “Be tolerant of everything”

Well guess what. The devil is working overtime on believers. He is getting them to consider the worlds ways and teachings. It is having a bigger influence on us than we care to consider.


Those of us who believe in Christ and teach that He is The Only Way to The Father, need to stand up and be counted for. Start speaking “The Truth in love”.

Guess what? The Truth will offend. There is no way to escape it. Take a look at Christ’s life here on earth. Did he offend people with his teaching of The Truth? Sure he did.

It’s not that we set out in a given day to offend people. No. But if we share Christ and share that He is the only way to The Father, believe me the devils will rise up in people if you do.

I see it all the time when I am on a street corner preaching Christ. Just last week, I was sharing Christ and The Spirit was really moving, people were listening, there was a holy hush in the air, even though it was busy and people were at lunch rushing here and there. All of a sudden, this man stops across the street on his bicycle and starts yelling at me. Of course, I didn’t stop. Soon off he went, in the name of Jesus.

So let us take inventory of our own lives. Is Christ number one? Do I believe that he is the “Messiah?” Do I believe all that the scriptures say about Him? Or do I have doubt? Do I doubt His Word? Is it the Word of God? Or are other books just as good, just as inspired?

Because of what’s coming upon the earth in the near future, we best get closer to Christ and his teachings. If not, we too will “slip away” into some other teaching and begin to believe that there are other ways. You can count on it, if you do.

May God help us all

Man gets on track

September 18, 2008

Sometimes of late, I have used the analogy of train tracks to share what it is like when you turn to God and he puts you on the track.

Yesterday, I was sharing the Gospel at one of the many local train stops where people gather. The Lord had me sharing about the recent stock market trouble in relation to where our security if found. Most of the day was security related. It worked in getting their attention.

It was towards the end of the day and people were gathering for their commute home. God had me also share along with security, the analogy of the train tracks that were right out in front of where I was speaking.

“When you turn to God it is like he takes you and puts you on these tracks” (pointing to the tracks). “You then start a life going down the track with Him” “It’s a process of a life of purification” “He will give you the grace to stay on track” “You don’t have what it takes to get on these tracks with God” “You can’t earn it” “You must come to Christ to be able to get aboard” “He is the only way”.

I went on with the message of Christ and towards the end I noticed this man coming toward me. This happens quite often, and 75% of the time they want to argue or try to stop you from preaching. I have gotten use to it. I try and put my finger up to gesture “just a minute”. When I sense it is time to finish, then I speak with them.

In this case, I sensed it was OK to stop.

I went over to him and smiled. What he said next almost blew me away.


I said, “Are you serious?” He said, “Yes” “I want to know how”.

He was dead serious! Then I got serious!

I spent some time talking to him about repentance, sin and turning from it. He agreed. We went on in preparing him to make the choice to receive Christ.

HE DID! I prayed with him and he received Christ as his Lord and Saviour. PRAISE GOD! The angels were singing.

What a glorious thing it is when one repents and is born again. Awesome! Words do no Justice.

I told him we need to go and find water and get baptized. I looked over at the fountain in the park where I have baptized before, but the water was already shut off for the year. He said he could get baptized at his local church. I assured him as to the need to not put it off. I talked about the reason why we get baptized.

There you have it. Another “Man gets on track”.
Praise God!!!

The example of a child

September 11, 2008

Today while I was preaching at the local square, a child of about two years old came up to me and stood at my feet and looked up at me as I was sharing The Gospel.

I have seen this before and it is very precious to say the least. It just goes to show us how God can move a little child to come up and be an example, but adults often stay away. The child is not bound by fear, or what other’s may think. He just steps out and gives it no thought.

I handed him a tract as his parents looked on and smiled. He ran back and handed it to his mom.

What a perfect example of what Jesus taught about in Matthew chapter 18.

There were people all around this area where the child was. People from all walks of life. The rich, the poor, the homeless. The only one at that time to come up and grab a tract was a little boy. The only one who was humble enough to receive, was the child. What does that tell you?

“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”
He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

There is a humbling of ones self to be able to walk up and take a tract from someone who is preaching The Gospel. We know that the Spirit has to first draw them, but there is a stepping out by faith that also takes place. A step of faith and humbling ones self is action that follows the moving of The Spirit of God.

I asked God to bless that little one today. May he rise up and be all God has chosen him to be.