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Immune to evil?

November 10, 2011

Sure we are shocked on a daily basis now by the evil and corrupt ways of man. However, it is coming so fast and rapid, are we becoming somewhat immune to it?

Way back in the annuals of time, the Prophet Jeremiah spoke about the heart of man. He said, “The heart is deceitful above all else.” (Jer.17:9).

If we take this verse and break it down a little, it helps to understand more of what we are seeing today. When he says, “the heart” he is saying the very core or center of our being. It is “deceitful above all else”. The Hebrew definition for “deceitful” is “a knoll (as swelling up), fraudulent, crooked and polluted”.

So, we can say, the heart of man, the core or center of his being is like a knoll (a hill or mound) swelling up with fraudulent, crooked and polluted ways. We see this every which way we look today.

If we give in and give it enough time, the heart without being changed by God will produce such evil, some of which the world has yet to see.

As I have said over the years, “It still remains yet to be seen how evil and corrupt man can become without God.”

And, for all those that might think that man is morally good, by nature, please take your head out of the sand, and take a good look within and without. This is not to say that man doesn’t do some very awesome and good things. He most surely does. But, we are addressing the “core” of man.

For those of us that have had the “heart change”, we must not fall into thinking that we are exempt from falling back into the old ways of the corrupted man. Why do you think that the His word says, “Keep your heart with all diligence (guard, like the prison guard on his post or watch), for out of it comes the issues of life.” (Prov.4:23). I can hear the very words of Christ, “Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation” (Matt.26:41)

More on the “Heart”

March 12, 2010

“As we think, so we are” (Prov. 23:7)

It is easy to take “heart” inventory. What were your thoughts today? Our thoughts reveal what is in our heart (Matt.12:34, 15:19, Mk.7:21). We can know enough about our own heart through our thoughts that we entertain throughout the day. It can be shocking sometimes. But, by God’s grace we can turn our hearts towards him and get refocused.

I have been taking “heart inventory” lately. I want to be more “single-hearted” to Christ. In other words, I want my heart, my whole being to be consumed with Him every moment of everyday. There can be so many wasted thoughts in a given day. How much better to have our heart feed our mind with thoughts of value.

Crying out to God and praying, “change my heart oh God!” is a good place to start.

For when I am “single-hearted”, then I am “single-minded”. If the heart be single, than the mind will follow with singleness.

If I have confusion of mind, than the heart is full of stuff that needs to be cleaned out. Heart cleaning needs to take place.

An overwhelmed heart produces an overwhelmed mind.

If any of this hits home, then take some time alone with God and do some heart business. He wants to change our hearts more than we can fathom. This is the business that He is in. When our hearts are changed by Him, the evidence will be a changed mind, changed speech and changed actions.

Try it, if you haven’t recently.

Singleness of heart

March 3, 2010

Singleness of heart produces singleness of mind (focus). The biggest spiritual battle we are in is the battle of the mind.

Christ himself taught about the heart. He said that out of the heart proceeds, evil (or bad) thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornication, thefts, false witness and blasphemies. (Matt.15:18-19)

While the above things mentioned can be the literal acts, more importantly, they can be done from the battlefield of the mind. As Christ taught, we can commit murder in our heart by hating our fellow man. We can commit adultery and fornication in our heart through lust. (Matt.5:21-22, 27-28)

We can even commit “theft” in our heart and not even physically do the act. How? By coveting our neighbors (any one close to us) stuff. If  someone has something that we want, and we dwell upon it, it could conceive in our heart and thus become sin.

So it all comes down to the heart. We need to get alone with God and shut the door. Come to God and take inventory of our heart. He already knows what is in there, but we need to ask Him to reveal to us our hearts. Because it is deceitful, if we don’t take inventory, we will be deceived by it, plain and simple. If we are not careful, we will be led down a road that might be long and windy.

Singleness of heart.

Christ taught on the “Lamp of the body” in Luke 11:33-36. He said that the lamp of the body was the eye. The word here means, the eyes of the mind. He says that if it is good (clear or healthy) than our whole body is full of light. But, if the eyes of our mind is bad (evil or unhealthy) then our bodies are full of darkness.

So it is either “light” or “darkness”.

Now, if we see another translation of the word “good” in verse 34 as “single”, it opens up another understanding. Singlemindedness which is produced from singleheartedness. Remembering that our minds (or thoughts) stem from the heart.

If our “eye” of the soul be single, it will be clear. There will be no confusion. No double-mindedness. Because of this “singleness” we will see (understand) things as they are meant to be, spiritually. Thus our whole being (our souls), or whole body will be full of light. There will be no darkness.

Endeavoring to have a pure heart will keep our minds pure of thoughts. When sin or darkness is in our heart, it produces wrong desires, wrong directions and wrong motives. We get off track when our hearts are not “full of light”. Darkness or sin, prevents us from walking in the understanding of the Lord, which is “light”.

We must walk (live) in the light as Christ is in the light. Full obedience to this light.

The mind follows the heart. Why? Because it stems (or comes from) the heart.

Some good understanding of the word “heart” is needed. In Hebrew it means, inner man or inner part. Mind, will or understanding. In Greek it means, the soul or mind. The fountain or seat of our thoughts, desires and affections. The middle, central or innermost part.

The early church knew what it was like to have “singleness of heart”, thus the power came down and the Lord added daily such as should be saved. (Acts 2:41-47). Another meaning for the word “singleness”, is “simplicity”. Simplicity of heart. A simple heart. Not cluttered. Not all stuffed up. One that is single hearted in devotion to the Lord.

An emptying out of our heart needs to take place routinely. Why? Because stuff creeps in. This could not only be sins, but any useless clutter. Thus, emptying the room of any clutter so we can be free and single to our Lord. Becoming (because it is a process) simple and free to serve our Lord in single-hearted devotion.

So, we need to take inventory and clean the house where necessary, spiritually speaking. Get rid if any clutter and things that are of no use spiritually to us. This will free us up in our thought life too. Our minds are cluttered, because our hearts are cluttered. Slow down and do some house cleaning.

God bless you as you too do some cleaning!

The two different realms

March 22, 2009

The realm of God’s Spirit and the realm of this world. Two kingdoms, two realms (one of the original meanings of “kingdom” is realm). We know who is the ruler of the kingdom of this world, and that is indeed Satan.

In recent month’s, because of someone who is very close to me, I have thought and seen the vast difference between these two realms. When you have had the opportunity as I have had, to see someone go from operating in God’s spiritual kingdom, to the kingdom of this world, it’s contrast becomes very evident. You see the big differences between the two.

Some years back, I also operated in the kingdom of this world. Even though, it was a few years ago, I still remember what it was like. I remember the influence of the world and how it took me for a ride very quickly. After a while I became so engrossed in it, I didn’t even know that it had me by the tale and it was swinging me around and around.

Now,  having a walk with God in The Spirit, is knowing Him and operating in His Spirit. Hearing from Him. Obeying Him. Living for Him. Not just a profession of being a church going Christian, but a life that is controlled by The Spirit. The majority of your day is consumed by and in, His Spirit.

Having a life like this, and then falling back into the realm of the world is possible, believe me! I have been there. And, I have known others that have gone the same way.

This is Satan’s trap for the believer. What did Satan temp Jesus with? “I will give you the kingdoms of this world”

It’s so deceiving. Why? Because you will not even know that you have been took. You have been lulled asleep. Only (hopefully) to wake up and be shocked one day as to how far you have drifted into the realm of this world.

Now here is the real shocking part. Are you ready for this? YOU ARE EITHER IN ONE KINGDOM OR THE OTHER AT THIS PRESENT MOMENT IN TIME. I said “moment” in time.
That’s it. It is a moment by moment decision to chose to operate in God’s Kingdom or this world’s kingdom (which is Satan’s kingdom).

Each morning you are blessed with another day, is a day to chose to be led by His Spirit. Then as you go through out the day, you are going to have to chose. And guess where it all starts? IN THE MIND. THE BATTLE FIELD. This is where Satan starts his bid to get us to go back to the world and it’s way of thinking.

If Satan gets you thinking worldly, acting worldly, then guess what, you been seduced and no longer being led by God’s Spirit. No longer having every thought tried by The Spirit. You can get to a place after awhile, that your conscience won’t even be pricked. If that’s the case, then hardening has taking place.

The only hope then, is for God to pour out His love in such a way that it will bring you back to your spiritual senses. It may take some tough stuff to bring you back, but in the end it will be well worth it. We have eternity to gain!

Well, it a good time to take spiritual inventory of your own spiritual condition. We can no longer blame someone or something else for our own spiritual state.

And as the magnifying glass of God’s Spirit falls upon us, where do we stand? Which kingdom do we presently (this moment) abide in? Forget 20 years ago when you went up to the altar and gave God your all. In the balance of this moment, it doesn’t matter. Where are you now? Where has the majority of your thoughts been today? What about you actions? Your speech today at work? These all tell us where your heart is. Which kingdom it is in? It is in one or the other.

It’s not too late to repent (to turn, change) of following this world and it’s ways. Today is the day of salvation. Salvation from the realm of this world, from Satan’s kingdom.

To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!(Part#3)

November 4, 2007

In the last post, I had forgotten to mention that on my way to the city in the train, I needed to stop off and use the bathroom at a local store. After that, the Lord wanted me to go to a bus stop close by that I had been to several times before.

After praying, I jumped in and started to preach The Good News on one corner. One young kid didn’t like it, so he sounded off. (I spoke with this kid later, he is one step closer to Christ now) Then a young black guy came over to talk. He listened real well as The Holy Spirit moved upon his heart. It took probably close to an hour before he made the move to receive Jesus. But he did! Praise God! He went off changed by the power of God!

I called him that night on the way home. He said that he was at home resting. Now this was Friday night close to 8:00pm. He was saved from drugs and may have been either in a gang, or had came out of one. But glory to God he is changed! He said to me as we parted on the phone, “pray for me, I just want to live”. That tells it all.

Back to where I left off in “Part#2”.
It was 4:00pm at the train stop and it’s Friday night and there are people in need of hearing The Gospel everywhere as they wait for the train to go home from work. I started in and before long James showed up. We took turns preaching and God’s Spirit was moving as several came up to either take a tract or talk.

Then the distractions came once again. This young guy who had a plastic cup full of wine, starts to scream and yell and gets in our faces. James calms him down as I finish. I went over to him and tried to talk with him. He seemed surprised that I would have come over to talk with him after all his yelling and carrying on.

As we talked, God through His Spirit began to speak to him, a little at a time. He said he had to go use the bathroom, and asked if I would be there when he came back. I assured him I would. I miss out from time to time, but I knew there was hope for this guy. He came back with more wine and seemed to be even more intoxicated. What I really liked about this encounter was that the fact that he was still drinking, but God was still coming after him. I could see transformation taking place.

Now James comes up to talk to him, and gets real straight with him. The guy blows a gasket big time, screams and yells. The crowd turns and begins to listen in as to try and figure out what is going on. The guy storms off. I thought we had lost him then. James begins to preach again.

Minutes later he returns in a huff. I with the help of God, calm him down, and once again we(the Spirit and I) start to share Christ with him. He shares a lot of his problems and fears. Now, it was pretty obvious that this guy was a outcast by others, by the things he shared with me. But God was loving on him big time. I could see His love being poured out on our soon to be brother.

He takes off to smoke a cigarette across the street. I shared with James what was taking place. When he returned glass in hand, James apologizes for some of the things that he had said earlier. They hugged and forgave each other. It was powerful to behold.

James starts in again, sharing God’s love and power to change lives to the crowd. The guy who I will call Dan, comes over to me again. This time I am noticing that he is listening more and getting closer to The Kingdom as we spoke. All of a sudden, HE TAKES THE CUP OF WINE AND THROWS IT 30 FEET DOWN THE BRICK WALKWAY. Wow! I was taken back! HE THEN BEGINS TO SING THE SONG, “CREATE A PURE HEART IN ME, O GOD, AND RENEW A STEADFAST SPIRIT WITHIN ME” He sings every word of the song. I noticed that he was sobering up as he was singing. God was moving!

He finishes the song and immediately DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND STARTS TO REPENT BEFORE GOD AND CONFESS. It was really powerful to hear him repent before God and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to be his Saviour and then his Lord. I knelt down with him and prayed for complete deliverance through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. (now remember, this is all taking place in a public square with lots of people standing around watching and listening) Praise God!
We finally stood up together and gave praise to God! He is Born of The SPIRIT OF GOD!

I will continue with “part#4. Wait and see what happens next. It’s a real testimony, glory to God!

Listening to their heart

September 2, 2007

If we listen to a person long enough, we will begin to hear of what’s in their heart. We certainly will not begin to know of all that’s in their heart, but enough that will help us understand where their heart is.
As you listen to them speak and unload their heart, ask The Holy Spirit to give you the words to say to them, but only after you listened for a good while.

Listening is one of the most valuable things you can do when ministering to another person. However, listening takes discipline. We all want to spout off with our mouth as soon as we meet someone. I say, listen more and talk less, and your ministry will become more fruitful for God’s Kingdom.

It’s not easy. It takes lots of practice holding back the reins of our mouth. Sometimes it is like pulling back on a horses reins when he wants to go to the hay. It’s tough.

Learning to speak only when the Holy Spirit says too, Wow! Now that would be powerful! Less talk and more power?

…”for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” (Matt.12:34)
“But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart,” (Matt.15:18)