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We are back!

May 19, 2019

I’m blessed to be able to revisit my blog and hopefully do some sharing of what God is doing currently out on the streets. Finally, after 11 1/2 years of getting out on the streets part-time, sharing the gospel, I’m blessed to say that we are finally back to full-time status. God is good and worthy to be praised! He makes a way even it it takes years :-).

As i sit here today, I’m not quite sure where this blog will go. I know that time is of the essence and extremely valuable. My heart is for sharing what God is doing out on the streets, in hopes that readers will be encouraged to get out of their four walls and use their gifts and calling for God and His kingdom.

When it’s all said and done, i want God to be glorified in my posts. May you be encouraged to experience God as your living day by day, not just once on Sunday, or Saturday. He is the God of the here and now. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never come. Only what’s done for Him, his glory, and his kingdom, will matter.

God bless you!

“No thank you. I have no need”

May 31, 2012

In street ministry, we get to see first hand how the masses respond to the Gospel. Most times, those who appear to be well off, pass by as to not even acknowledge our existence. I could be handing them a card and there would be no acknowledgement whatsoever. Not even an eye contact when looked at. It would seem that they already know what you are trying to give to them and they are not interested. On some occasions, they pass by so close, that they knock the card out of my hand.

We are thankful for the words of Jesus that says, “No one comes to the Father, unless he draws them”. We do acknowledge that it even takes the Father moving on their heart for them to even reach out and take a card. There is great contentment in knowing that the Father is always in control.

Today, we were in the NW part of town. It’s an area that we frequent about once a month on the average. It, like all the different parts of town, has its own type of people and spiritual darkness that goes with the territory.

It was a sunny beautiful day with lots of people out for a weekday. One corner that I usually stop by to hang out, has a drinking establishment on all four corners of the intersection. When the weather is nice, this makes for lots of people sitting around eating and drinking.

Before long, I notice that the response is practically nil. There is no “preaching” going on this day. Just standing there and holding out a card with a few occasional words. Many pass by, with most, there is no interest whatsoever. Maybe, one in 20 take one.

Then, guess who God brings by? An older homeless man. Yep. And what do you think he did when he approached me? He took a look at the card. That’s right. He noticed the card. He said, “I wish I had glasses to read it. I lost mine”. I briefly shared with him what is was about. He smiled and said, “God bless you. Thanks for being out here”. (Do you think he might have known a little about the neighborhood?). He thanked me again and proceeded across the street.

Soon, two scriptures come to mind.

“For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Matt.9:13b) Those who think they have no need of a Savior, he did not come for. But, those who are “needy”, he came for.

“But many who are first will be last, and the last first” (Matt.19:30) Those who might think that they will be first, will end up being last. Those who appear to be last, will be first.

Soon, we left walking down the sidewalk. Maybe one in four, took a card. We came to a restaurant, and there was a young girl who was a waitress, going back inside. I said to her, “hey, can I share this with you?” She took one look at it and said, “no thanks”. She then looked me right in the eye and proceeded to tell me why she didn’t need Jesus. (I am noticing more and more, that the younger generations are getting more bold in telling you why they don’t need Jesus. The spirit of anti-christ is surely raising up.)

While listening (Key) she said the words, “lost soul”. The Spirit said to me to “go for that one”. When she stopped for a second, I proceeded to talk to her about being a “lost soul”. Our meeting was all to remind her once again that she is lost without Jesus. She had said in our conversation that she had others tell her that she was a “lost soul”. Conformation for her again?

Took off to the well-known “bookstore” in town. The Father brought some by there. Good day.

Afraid to witness and missing out on God

April 20, 2012

“Hey you were sitting way down there before”. “How is your day going?” “What’s God doing in your life?”

If we are not careful we will want our space and our time to relax. Certainly there is time and place for this, but when God places a person “close to us” (our neighbor) shouldn’t we take notice? And should we be listening as to what we might say or do? Also of course bearing in mind, “love thy neighbor”, right?

Today I was headed up to one of the many coffee shops in the city to take a break from “ministering”. The key word here is “take a break”, right? Well not exactly. But, one of the best breaks in a while. And it was truly awesome how it all turned out.

I had just sat down with my bagel and tea on one of the long tables that face looking out the window. After a few minutes, I noticed this lady sit way on the other end, about 6 chairs down. She was busy eating a snack and drinking her coffee. I figured that she was too far down there to say “boo”. So, I settled back and enjoyed my tea and bagel.

After about 20 minutes, she gets up to go to restroom and takes her food with her. I didn’t think anything of it. Soon she returned, and her seat was taken. She moved to the middle which was two seats away from me. I smiled and knotted my head. She smiled back.

Five minutes went by and I was prompted by the Spirit to say something. So, I said “hey weren’t you sitting way down there?” She assured me that yes that was the case. I then asked her how her day was going. She went into telling me a little of how it went. I said something about it to her, then she smiled and went back to enjoying her break.

A few minutes went by, then I was moved upon to say something to her about God. So, I did.

Now this is where I would like to chime in and try to offer some encouragement to those that might be afraid to share or “witness” (as it has been called) to a perfect stranger. First, we must remember that the main thing that keeps us from sharing is Fear. There is only one way to overcome fear, and that is Love. More love for God through loving people, overcomes all fear of people. As one practices this more and more, the love overcomes the fear. Also as a reminder, if you have been “born of water (regenerated) and “born of the Spirit” (baptized in the Holy Spirit) then you have all the “tools” to be a “witness”. This is where the ability/power comes from. Sure, you can take “witness” classes, read books on witnessing etc. but you already got the power, and believe me, that the source! I have been witnessing for over 30+yrs, and never have taken a “witness” course/class. I have looked at some books on the subject, but never ever really found anywhere close to the power of the Holy Spirit that can just take over. And, take over to a point where you will not even know what the next word is that you are going to say. And, if someone would ask you what did you say to them, you would be at a lost to fully described it. Why? Because that way, man doesn’t get any credit whatsoever. It wasn’t you, but the Holy Spirit working through you.

On the natural side of witnessing, it is also true that the more you practice it, the more you will get used to it. Will it ever be easy? I would like to think so. Possibly, for some people it comes more natural with “breaking the ice” so to speak with strangers. I wasn’t blessed with that natural gift.

So, back to the lady at the coffee shop. After our five-minute silence, I said to her, “so what has God been doing in your life?” She smiled and said, “Oh, a whole lot”. I said, “awesome, is Jesus you Lord and Savior?” She smiled and said a most definitely “yes!”. So, the next 30 minutes, we had one awesome visit. She shared some of her struggles being a single mother of two, and a former husband who doesn’t pay child support.

Soon she asked me what I did, so I told her. We spent a little time with that, but here is where the story gets really all about God and how he works and what He is up to and what He wants to do in and through people.

After I had shared with her where I worked part-time, she said “really? I just applied their last week!”. Just to let you the reader know, the place where she applied to work was about 25 miles south of where we were enjoying our God visit. She said that she really needed a job and went into sharing a little about her finances. I encouraged her that God is going to supply her with a job as she seeks Him and remains obedient. She agreed.

Before we parted, we had prayer and said our goodbyes.


That afternoon she texted me and thanked me for our visit and the encouragement. I assured her that it’s all God. That night, I earnestly prayed for her and believed. The next morning I received a text from her saying “THEY CALLED ME AND I HAVE AN INTERVIEW TODAY!” I texted her back and said “What a God!” Then I went to prayer believing again.

That afternoon she texted me and it said “I GOT THE JOB!”. Just like that He provided. Now of course, God gets all the glory for every single bit of how He moved and provided. BUT……….

How does God work most of the time when people are involved? Who does He usually use? Do you know?

PEOPLE (period). The apex of His creation, He chooses to work through. It’s really a “no brainer” when you look into His word, right? I believe that some of the main reasons for Him working through people is, so that people will be encouraged to seek out people. To love on people. To pray for people. To love your neighbor as yourself. To want to see people provided for, and doing what we can with the abilities that He alone provides. The old adage “were all family” goes a long way. We must do what He lays on our hearts, and then watch Him provide in some of the most awesome ways, right?

People. Give us eyes to see them as you see them Father. Amen

No Spirit in “endless debate”

April 14, 2012

On two occasions today, I seen the power of the Holy Spirit in presenting the birth of the Spirit into the spiritual kingdom of God. And also, the fact that it takes the birth to perceive/understand the things of the kingdom. (See Jn.3:3, 5)

The first was when I was on a “one on one” mission. One guy when approached with the question “what have you done with Jesus in your life” went into spitting bullets in a somewhat mild form. He went into scientific matters. I listened, and when he stopped, I shared with him about God who is Spirit, then how it takes a spiritual birth to enter and perceive the kingdom. After I finished, he was at a loss as to what to say. He got a dose of the Spirit. It might have been the first time for him. When asked what kind of religious background he had, he said “none”. I said to him that he could very well be in a better place than many out there. He smiled and said, “have a good day”.

The other situation, was much more involved spiritually. I will try to give you the short version.

In the afternoon, I was led to stand on this corner which I haven’t been to in about three weeks. Lots of awesome things have taken place here over the years. After standing here for a few minutes, I heard someone yell my name. I looked across the street, and it was this sister who sells newspapers (street roots) on the corner. She came over and we were having a good visit. After about 20 minutes, this Muslim guy walks up and I hand him a tract. He takes it and proceeds to go over and board the train. A few minutes later, he shows up again.

So, this is how it went down.

The guy was a somewhat usual Muslim that wanted to try to convince us that he had the truth. He went into all the usual stuff that they do. Now, here’s the catcher. My friend/sister is well acquainted with the Muslim crowd. Here husband was once one. Now on the outside this appears pretty awesome doesn’t it? Here you have a sister that is well equipped  and very familiar to debate with them, right?

Now, after perceiving in the Spirit what was going on (it took a while), I had noticed on two occasions that my sister mention to me as the guy was talking, “it’s ok, I have it under control” and “just hold your peace”. She said that when I had hardly said anything. Our Muslim friend was doing the majority of the talking, with our sister doing some also. When she had said the last comment about holding your peace, I got a real big check in my spirit. The light went on. The Spirit was being silenced, and I finally caught on. I also heard her agree with the man on some things that threw up a “red flag”.

Now the war was on, and I was right in the middle of it.

The Holy Spirit did give us opportunity to speak truth to him in the Spirit and was also able to help our sister to remain quite. The real eye opener was the fact that our sister was not aware that an “endless debate” was developing back and forth. This is not wisdom to do on a sidewalk in front of lost people walking by. I have never agreed with this approach whither  its believers talking over doctrine or debating with an unbeliever.

Finally, the Spirit gave me what was needed for the man to hear, and he listened to it. We went into how God is Spirit. He agreed. Then we shared how His kingdom is spiritual. And……. it takes a spiritual birth to enter it, and also to perceive/understand it. We shared that it’s not about what religion you’re a member of. We then shared Jesus again. Here is a man who is wrapped up in dead religion, like many. We helped him and our sister to try to understand that it cannot be understood unless one is born again. The intellect was not going to bring about the “light”. It never has and never will.

Then, I looked to my left and it was my ministering brother. He knew right off the bat what was going on. War! Later he shared with me how thick the atmosphere was in warfare. Believe me, when I was finished, I knew that I’d been through the mine-fields.

As I parted, I assured our Muslim friend that it’s all about Jesus. He tried to stop me with some more of his religious junk. I padded him on the shoulder and said, “Jesus!”.

My brother and I took off uptown. We stopped to have prayer and cleansed ourselves of all the different spirits that went with that battle.

One hour later as I was returning to head back home, I passed by that corner again. Guess who was still there? Yep, the Muslim guy and our sister caught up in endless debate. I paused out of sight and had prayer, then proceeded on my way.

We must be reminded that one cannot be convinced nor converted by “intellectual debate”. Why do you think this is so? The answer is, so that man will not get the credit, the glory. It’s God designed. It’s Spirit!

The Spirit will cause you to do and say things that could not be repeated in its entirety if it had to be. Then, you know that it’s Spirit. When man moves out-of-the-way and the Spirit takes over, then God has his way to do what He wants. What He wants to teach also. The Spirit is Light.

Let us get back to the Spirit and out of the mind.

A day of cuttin it straight forward

April 13, 2012

It seems like God is having me lay it out with a lot of straight forwardness the last couple of weeks. I believe it is because of the shortness of time and also because more and more people have chosen to live in rebellion. Here in America, there is No excuse.

Us street preachers get to see first hand rebellion come in many different ways. If one is preaching in the Spirit then they get to see into the things of the Spirit as people pass by. I would have to say that most definitely over the last couple of years I am seeing more and more how Satan has blinded their eyes. Many pass as if they are not hearing, or even care to hear a word of what is being said. Blank stares and who cares seem to be the norm anymore. But, as we know, if God doesn’t quicken them, than they remain dead and in darkness.

But, I am so thankful that there are those who are called of God to proclaim the Gospel to the masses as they pass by. There will certainly be No excuse on that day.

We see all the time how Satan has blinded them through sin. And, not only sin, but the world. Most are so intrenched in the world and it’s materialism, that they cannot even give the Gospel one thought.

Today the Spirit was having me share again “Light and darkness”. Also, we shared about the “prison-house” of sin. I’m thankful when the Spirit has it come out with such clarity and simplicity. No high and lofty theology or religious junk. It basically comes out that without Jesus they are dead spiritually and there is No life in them. Without Him they are in darkness. Also, that many won’t come to the Light because they love darkness.

“Point blankness” fell upon the city again today. The Spirit called it out for what it was. There was no “beaten around the bush”. There was no “sugar coatin” either. I’m thankful for the boldness of the Holy Spirit. I believe because of the shortness of time, we are going to hear more and more from the Spirit preaching it straight and clear. And, by all means, it is done in love. Love for their eternal bound souls.

I am seeing into the Spirit more and more how the serious of what is at stake. On several occasions today, the Spirit had us say things like, “It’s time to quit playing around with God!”. “It’s time to get right with God!”. “Wake up!”. “Somebody turn on the light!”. “You’re either in God’s kingdom or Satan’s. There is No middle ground, or gray area!”. “It all comes down to Light or darkness, Life or death!”

So, as a follower of Jesus, are you awaken to the needs around you? Do you see the needs in your circle of influence? Are you able to distinguish between light and dark? Are you able to hear the Spirit? Are you consumed with those who are dying all around you? Do you care? Are you operating in the gifts and callings that God has placed upon you? If so, are they for His kingdom, or your own?

God help us! The cries are going to get louder. Will we see and hear? Or has Satan blinded our eyes? Do we have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying? Do we care?

Jesus reminders

January 8, 2012

Sometimes, that is all we are. But, with that reminder that you just gave them, what do you think a really big God could do with that?  Most of the time, only eternity will tell the results.

That’s what it was today, as I was riding the bus home. I went to the usual back of the bus, and sat on one of the sides seats. It was a particularly talkative bus crowd this night. Most nights, coming home, it is usually on the quieter side. Next to me in the back seats, were two young girls and one guy. In the seat across from me was a guy also.

For the next 25 minutes, I listened to their talk. It ranged from what they were going to do that night, to talking about having sex and drugs. Which is all typical, and of course came as no shock. They spoke of those of who they knew, who had “same sex’. One girl talked about being “bisexual” and might even go there tonight.

So, as this was going on, I was asking God when would it be a good time to bring in “Jesus”. I waited. I sensed that this was not to be the easy way of waiting till they “hit the ringer” to get off at the next stop, then give them a tract as they passed by me. No, I was to hand them each one as soon as things calmed down. I had time working for me.

The guy that sat across me, pulled the wire to get off at the next stop. By their conversation, I could tell that he would be the only one getting off. So I waited. The bus stopped, he said his goodbyes, and off he went. Then, a guy who was sitting a couple of seats up from me, came and sat in the side seat, across from me. They all knew each other. I could tell that they were planning to get off at a particular stop in downtown.

Five minutes later, things calmed down, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining cards that I had. I smiled at the guy across from me and handed him one. Then I handed one each to he girls. The last one was the guy next to the girls, who was closest to me. When He received the card, he immediately let out a “John 3:16 that’s my favorite!” I said, “Oh yeah!” He said that it is the one that he will never forget. I told him that just this week, I had run into a guy around 20 years old who had never heard of the verse before.

Now, the awesome thing here was that this guy was the “leader” so to speak. And here he was talking about the Bible. He had went on and mentioned how that Genesis was his favorite book. I said that I also liked it very much. Talk about how the conversation changed! It went from dirty sex and drugs, to Jesus and the Bible, within seconds!

Our stop came, and we all parted our ways. All four of them were reminded about Jesus once again. I prayed that in God’s timing and way, they would have alone time to read the cards. I even suggested to God that tomorrow morning after their Saturday night when they awake in the morning would be a good time 🙂 I even saw one of them lying in bed the next morning and having a discussion about Jesus and what the “John 3:16” card had to say.

Sometimes, all God wants us to do is just be a “Jesus reminder”. God bless you as you do also.

The sharing of the “blinders”

March 27, 2011


So another day of “street ministry” begins as I take out the front door and head down the sidewalk. Up ahead a short distance, I see a man with a “blower”, blowing the sidewalk off. He looks at me and smiles. I say hi to him and he takes his ear protection off and we began to share. I ask him if he is a follower of Jesus, and he says that he is. So the conversation takes off in a good way. He asks about my street ministry and I share with him a little about what goes on.

After about fifteen minutes, I asked him about his job and if  he get very many opportunities to share Christ with others while working. He said no because he gets so consumed with his work at hand, and also he and his brother (who owns the company) have such a busy schedule that they rush from one job to the next. This opened an excellent opportunity to share some of my experiences when I had a business. It was the same, “petal to the metal” rush from one job to the next. I shared with him that after about six years, the Lord began to deal with me about this pace that I was going. I told him that the last eight years of business in particular, was very awesome because I used my business as a ministry. I had such awesome opportunities to share with customers. Real friendships developed. Most of them where repeat customers, so I would get to see them every year.

Then I shared with him how even today when I work at my part-time job at a local retailer in the grocery department, that I have to war against not being so consumed with my work at hand, that I forget people who might be coming down the aisle shopping.

So, this is the “God shot” (as a brother once said). We are standing on the sidewalk talking. I am explaining to him what I do at my grocery store job. I bend down as if I am “stocking the shelves”. I take my hands and place them on each side of my head, as to show him that I have a tendency to put “blinders” on. I LOOK TO MY RIGHT AND HERE COMES A GUY PUSHING A SHOPPING CART DOWN THE SIDEWALK. AS HE GETS CLOSER, I TAKE OFF THE IMAGINARY BLINDERS AND SMILE AT HIM AND SAY HI. I SAY, “How are you? He says, “oh, OK”. I say, “Do you know Jesus?” He says, “yeah”. I say, “God bless you” and he continues walking down the sidewalk, pushing his cart.

How awesome was that for God to supply a literal guy with a shopping cart, walking down the sidewalk as if he was shopping at the grocery store where I work and have the same situation develop. God’s timing was impeccable. As soon as I put the blinders on and bent down, there he was passing right behind me. I could have not planned it better. It was God at the right time and place.

Bless His name! Experiencing God while your living! Nothing else like it!

“Thanks, I needed this!”

May 3, 2010

If we will get out of our comfort zones and share Christ to complete strangers, we will be amazed at what God will do.

I see it all the time. One thing for sure that blesses God, and that is, reaching out and saying something about Christ. In fact, there is a certain way that I have seen on many occasions that God takes the seed and does something with it. One way is handing out “tracts”. Now, I know that the word “tract” is old school, but I must remind you and encourage you that if you don’t carry some with you, you are missing out on some really big blessings. Does this mean that all we ever do for God and His Kingdom is pass out tracts? No.

Today, on my way to work, the bus stopped to let me off. When I exited out the rear door onto the sidewalk, I noticed a guy coming down the sidewalk to my left. The bus left, and we both crossed the street. I said something like “how’s it going”. He replied, “oh it could be better”. I said, “really”. Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of my “Why do you need Jesus” cards. I handed it him as we were walking across the street.

He said, “Thanks, I needed this”. I said, “your welcome”. He turned and looked at me as he was heading off in another direction. I put my thumb up and said, “God bless you brother!”

As I headed across the parking lot, I prayed for him.

Now, what I would like to convey here is that it would have been very easy to say nothing to this man. It would have been easy to just keep to myself and say or do nothing. In reality, what real effort did it take me? Very little to say the least.

And once again, I don’t know the outcome. Do I need too? Oh sure it would have been great to hear the man’s story. It would of been awesome to have prayer with him if he indeed wanted to. All I know is that a seed was planted once again, and that God gives the increase.

Do you want your day to be blessed of the Lord? One sure way is to touch someone with Christ.

So do you carry some tracts with you? If not, why not?

I have found on numerous occasions that it opens up things big time. Of course, not always to the way we would like it to see it. Some throw it to the ground. Some rip it into pieces. Some throw it back at you, etc.

Find some tracts that you personally like. Better yet, if the Lord leads you, write your own. But the important thing is have some on hand. Make sure that they indeed have the Gospel of Christ in them. I am not talking about having a tract with a bunch of church doctrine or too much “churchanity” in it. It needs to be short and to the point and Christ centered.

Don’t be afraid to step out and give one to someone. Smile and say whatever the Spirit leads you to say.

God bless you as you go out! To the store. To the gas station. To the post office. To work. To the baseball game. Wherever!

How many times have you shared the Gospel this week?

April 23, 2010

I am not asking this question to see who wins with the most times in one week. No.

I was riding home this afternoon on the bus, and this question came to me. I think it is a valid question that every “born of the Spirit” believer should ask themselves. And at the end of every week would not be an over kill either. I believe it would fall into “accountability”.

Now to back up a little here and try and make this an encouraging post, not a discouraging one, do you know that you are called to share the Gospel? Of course, if you don’t understand this, or don’t believe it, or you have not been taught this, then it would certainly be understandable why you don’t. Like anything else in life, if your not taught, encouraged, or understand how to do it, then why would you even try. If you were told that you didn’t have to evangelize, then what’s the worry, right?

One of the most “damnable” things as far “witnessing” goes, is the ever so popular “heresy” of  “just live the life”. That is about as far from the teaching example of Jesus and all his disciples, as is the Earth from Mars.

One big quote that a lot of Pastors, teachers etc. have used over the years to try and encourage their flocks not to worry about witnessing vocally, is that from “Saint Francis of Assisi”, “Preach the gospel at all times. If necessary, use words”. While there is some truth here, and that being, “Preach the gospel at all times”. This is a true statement. The later however, leaves you thinking, well, sometimes, or once in a great while, I should try some words.

My answer to this would be a simple one. First off, who is our supreme example? You got it, Christ Jesus. Did He never use words? Yes, He certainly did the example of “living the Gospel” like no one else, nor will anyone else ever do.

But the key to remember here is “The Holy Spirit”. He changed everything when He came. Christ said that He would and He certainly did. The foundation point to understanding witnessing, is The Holy Spirit. Without it, we are reduced to a small set of a few books on “how to evangelize”. Oh, did I forget to mention that it would also be “powerless?”

Commonly called the “Great Commission”, it was given to all believers after they had received The Holy Spirit. Without the baptism of The Holy Spirit, there is no power to witness. For only He gives The Power. The power to become a witness of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Luke’s account leads us up to the account given in the Book of Acts.

After Christ opened up their understanding, He said,

“Thus it is written, and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day, and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in His name to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

And you are witnesses of these things. Behold, I send the Promise of my Father upon you; but tarry in the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high.”  (Luke 24:46-49)

In verse 47, Christ said the word “preached”. The meaning of this word is : “to herald (as a public crier), preach, proclaim, publish.”

In the book of Acts, Christ’s last words are as follows,

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  (Acts 1:8)

So, if you have been baptized in The Holy Spirit, you have the power to become a witness. The question is, when was the last time that you used that power? How many times this week?

One good way is to always have on hand some good gospel tracts. Not that you fall into the trap of never saying anything to anyone, but only leaving or giving them a tract, No. Listen to the Spirit as to what to say or do. Each situation will be different. Why? Because each person is in a different place in their quest for God. And The Holy Spirit only knows where that place is. Ask Him, He just might let you know some things that would help.

I will end with just one challenging statement:

We will all give an account on that day when we stand before Him and he asks us what did we do with what He gave us? Be it “talents”, “gifts”, “money”, “good looks” etc. We will give an account of our lives spent here on this dirt, called earth.

May He continue to bless you as you go out!

God’s top priority

April 14, 2010

His top priority is, the saving of an eternal soul, which He created.

If this is fact,(and it is) then what do you think our top priority should be? Yes, I know that we don’t save the soul. This is for the guy that always says, “all we can do is live the life”. I say, “BULL”.

If we are saved from eternal death, should we be contented only with ourselves and our own salvation? Is  this the only reason we are saved? Should it be a “got mine” attitude?

If this was the case, than immediately after our conversion we should fall over dead physically and then go to the grave (sleep) and wait, or go up to heaven and be with God. (depending on your theology). However, in most cases this doesn’t happen right after conversion. Why?

He saves us, then reveals to us His plan and purpose for us while still here on this earth. Why would He save us to keep us all to ourselves? I don’t get it! Is this the nature of God? Selfishness?

In most cases, He chooses to involve people in His plan of saving a soul. Take a look at your own conversion. Was there any people involved in the process? If this is usually the case, than don’t you think that He has purpose and plan for you in His Kingdom in helping rescue those who are perishing? (by the way, in Jn.3:16 where it says, “perish”, the word means, “to fully destroy”)

Do you think that everything is by happen chance? The job that He has blessed you with, is it only for money? Is it only for prestige? Is it only to “get ahead?” Is there people around you at your workplace? Are they eternal souls? Do you believe that they are? Do you believe in the biblical fact that their soul is going to spend eternity in one of two places? Does this concern you?

Or have you bought into the very popular teaching of the day, and that is, that there is no Hell. If we believe that, then why should we be concerned about their soul? They are going to make it somehow, because God loves them. No worries. I don’t need to say anything to them, they will make it in the end.

If this teaching hasn’t come your way yet, it will soon. It could very well be the fastest growing false doctrine today. Why? It removes all consequences for our sins. If the devil can do that, then he has gained souls for eternity, and that’s what his purpose is, to destroy mankind’s soul for eternity. With the teaching of  “no hell”, people are coasting into eternity with the deception that they have nothing to loose with their sinful lifestyles while here on earth. After all, the God of love, loves me and my sin so much, that He would never send me to hell. All the time, the whole message of Christ and why he came, and what was He given for, is never received, or in some cases never shared.

If we take out the fact of eternal damnation to the soul who rejects Christ, then we mise well throw out the Bible and take up with some new age teaching of the gospel. I would say, lets all take up with fairy tales, that makes us all feel good.

So, God’s top priority is the saving of the soul. Our should be the same. Whatever He has called us to, it should have the purpose of influencing them somehow towards Christ for the salvation of their soul.

Wherever there is people, God is at work. He loves them and wants to spend eternity with them. He wants to show forth His love and tell them about His Son, Christ, as the only way to Himself, and the only way to escape death because of sin. The only way to have real life! AND HE CHOOSES PEOPLE TO DO THIS!

As a reminder, they need to first understand that they are sinners (yes, many of them already do, but not all). After that, they need to know that they are separated from God because of sin. Sharing this with them is key. They need to understand the nature of sin. We must be taught about this in our churches, before we effectively share The Gospel. Are we?

They need to understand that God loves them and wants to spend eternity with them. Tell them how God gave his love in the form of Christ for the sacrifice of their sins. By receiving the sacrifice of His love, they can escape eternal separation from Him because of sin, and receive eternal life now, and enjoy it now!

May He bless you as you share Christ today and enjoy the privilege of God’s top priority as yours!