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The Teacher and the Relationship

January 27, 2012

I am so thankful that you do not need a degree from some college to study, to learn, and even to teach from his word. Now, probably most would not give you much credit or recognition if your were to teach the word, but no were in God’s word does it say that you have to go to school or have a degree from a Bible College to be able to teach. It is only man’s understanding and acceptance that says that you need to have such. Being that the Holy Spirit is THE TEACHER, our first place should be to go to Him to learn. Certainly, the Holy Spirit can and does teach from men, but first, we must be learning from the Spirit and His word personally. If you talk about a “personal relationship with God”, how can you have one if you’re not spending time with Him through His Spirit teaching you personally? The bottom line is that you can’t. No time spent personally, equals NO relationship. It’s pretty basic, pretty simple. Oh you might have what you think is a relationship, built on “head knowledge”, but there is no intimacy involved. It’s like the guy that knows that he needs to have a relationship with his wife, so he signs up to take classes how to have a relationship with his wife. But, he never spends time with her to develop that relationship. All he has is a “head knowledge” as to how it’s done. But, he never spends time with the one that he wants to have a relationship with. Ah duh.

A few years ago, when I went back into my calling after traveling abroad, the Lord led me to hundreds of young guys in their twenties who God was calling and to whom he was speaking. Some of which, had not even yet been saved, and the things that were being said out of their mouth would blow most christians out of the water. Because of the shortness of time, God is preparing young people at rapid speed. They are being “downloaded” upon by the Holy Spirit. They are prophesying, they are doing the works of God by His Spirit. (see my post

Even yet today, I am finding men and women in their twenties that are speaking spiritual things that if one is not totally filled and led by His Spirit, they will not even have a clue as to what is being said. It takes Spirit to receive Spirit. In other words, you and I have to be filled and operating in the Spirit at the moment, to be able to receive one that is coming and is going to be downloading upon you. If not, we will dismiss it, or not even get it, or even stand there with a blank look on our face.

The bottom line is that the Holy Spirit is moving out there, and its big time. So, if you are unaware of it, then you need to get on board with the Spirit. We don’t want to be apart of the many who will not see it, or will dismiss it as “not of God”. This is, and is going to be “God outside of the box”. It’s been happening out there, and will continue with “Revival” such as the world has never known. A “Street Revival” that was prophesied years ago by a brother who now lives in New Zealand is coming to pass. Are you preparing? Are you ready? Hurry, the Boat is soon to be leaving.

Godless generations = Opportunity

January 20, 2012

I am getting like really stoked lately about the young people (particularly those around 12 to 16) that God has led me to. I am finding out recently, that they are truly naive to the things of God.

Today, I handed a guy a tract, and he might have been around 14 yrs old. As I sat on one of the side seats, I peeked over occasionally to see if he was reading the tract. I kid you not, he spent probably 15 minutes reading the thing, twice over. This was after he began reading it on the train when I first handed it to him.

Last week, another guy, probably 15 or so, had similar thirst. The best I can tell it, is that God is placing a hunger into them. Most of these are raised in homes where there is NO Godly influence. Many have never seen a Bible. Just last week, I ran into a guy who appeared to be around 20, and he had never heard of “John 3:16′.

We need to all be aware that the generations coming up, know little if nothing about God. Of course, we are talking about the majority here, they don’t go to church, they don’t have both parents, they never hear anything about God unless it’s to degrade Him, or laugh at Him.

We need to wake up to this need. Godless generations are rising up. I don’t see it as a bad thing, in fact it could very well be a good thing. What I am seeing is like being on the “mission field” and finding people for the first time that have never heard about God. Yes, and it’s right here in good ol’e America.

Jesus reminders

January 8, 2012

Sometimes, that is all we are. But, with that reminder that you just gave them, what do you think a really big God could do with that?  Most of the time, only eternity will tell the results.

That’s what it was today, as I was riding the bus home. I went to the usual back of the bus, and sat on one of the sides seats. It was a particularly talkative bus crowd this night. Most nights, coming home, it is usually on the quieter side. Next to me in the back seats, were two young girls and one guy. In the seat across from me was a guy also.

For the next 25 minutes, I listened to their talk. It ranged from what they were going to do that night, to talking about having sex and drugs. Which is all typical, and of course came as no shock. They spoke of those of who they knew, who had “same sex’. One girl talked about being “bisexual” and might even go there tonight.

So, as this was going on, I was asking God when would it be a good time to bring in “Jesus”. I waited. I sensed that this was not to be the easy way of waiting till they “hit the ringer” to get off at the next stop, then give them a tract as they passed by me. No, I was to hand them each one as soon as things calmed down. I had time working for me.

The guy that sat across me, pulled the wire to get off at the next stop. By their conversation, I could tell that he would be the only one getting off. So I waited. The bus stopped, he said his goodbyes, and off he went. Then, a guy who was sitting a couple of seats up from me, came and sat in the side seat, across from me. They all knew each other. I could tell that they were planning to get off at a particular stop in downtown.

Five minutes later, things calmed down, and I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remaining cards that I had. I smiled at the guy across from me and handed him one. Then I handed one each to he girls. The last one was the guy next to the girls, who was closest to me. When He received the card, he immediately let out a “John 3:16 that’s my favorite!” I said, “Oh yeah!” He said that it is the one that he will never forget. I told him that just this week, I had run into a guy around 20 years old who had never heard of the verse before.

Now, the awesome thing here was that this guy was the “leader” so to speak. And here he was talking about the Bible. He had went on and mentioned how that Genesis was his favorite book. I said that I also liked it very much. Talk about how the conversation changed! It went from dirty sex and drugs, to Jesus and the Bible, within seconds!

Our stop came, and we all parted our ways. All four of them were reminded about Jesus once again. I prayed that in God’s timing and way, they would have alone time to read the cards. I even suggested to God that tomorrow morning after their Saturday night when they awake in the morning would be a good time 🙂 I even saw one of them lying in bed the next morning and having a discussion about Jesus and what the “John 3:16” card had to say.

Sometimes, all God wants us to do is just be a “Jesus reminder”. God bless you as you do also.

Evidence of change

July 11, 2008

Sometimes change in ones life is gradual but it is indeed change. So it is with this young guy that we have been working with over the course of the last six months. Originally when we met him, he was far away from God and did not mind telling us so.

He was raised in a Christian home. His dad is a minister. So it is with some of the young people out there today. He is not the first we have met. For what ever reason besides rebellion, they have decided to check out of typical church and religion. They don’t want the usual status quo that comes with organized religion.

In one since, I can’t blame them. I do tell them that it is not all about “church and religion”. It’s more than that, a whole lot more. They are not interested in going through the motions of playing church. They want the real deal. If God is real, show me. Let’s see the power of God, they would say.

I believe the day is coming soon when many young people are going to be coming to God through Christ. I’m afraid it might be in a way that most are not familiar with. Could it come in a way that has never been seen before? Unusual ways, with unusual people? God truly only knows.

We are seeing some get on board, glory to God. However, until the church in the four walls begins to open it’s doors to all types of people and also get out to the people on a regular basis, it will remain stuck within the walls of religion. Also, some other good advise would be to minister to them right where they are at. Don’t just invite them to church, do some ministering on your own. Pray with them. Befriend them. Love on them right there. They may already have a church that is close by them, that’s OK. It is not all about numbers or bringing them to church.

Back to our brother who is soon going to get on track with God. Today, I walked into the coffee shop where he works and said hello. Just Hi, and asked him how he was doing. Nothing more. After about a half an hour he stopped by the corner where James and I were ministering. Now, he could have taken another route once he left work. There were several ways he could have gone to avoid us. But, praise God he didn’t and came right over to me as James was preaching.

He asked about James preaching. He asked if we were seeing any good things happening from his preaching. I assured him that if he would stay for awhile he would see. It wasn’t long before a whole group of young kids showed up to wait for the bus. As they waited, most listened, they got to hear The Gospel (these where kids around 8-10). James brought it right down to their level. Our friend smiled. He knew what was going on then. Who knows, it might have brought back memories when he was with God and his family.

He began to ask questions regarding his relationship with God. I could immediately tell that he was seeking after God. The beautiful thing was that he was now opening up to God. Where as before, it was obvious that he was running.

God can do something if their hearts are not shut and He is indeed drawing them. This is the case with Steve (not his real name, to protect the guilty). I am believing, that as we continue to pray for him (I’m sure there are family members that have been praying a lot longer than us) he will turn back to God.

All to the glory to God!

“There he is”

January 17, 2008

This is what I heard being yelled out, as I stepped off the train.

James and I were headed to the local mall to see if some guys were going to show up for a bible study. We left downtown on the local light rail and proceeded to the shopping mall about a mile away. We were doing the usual talking out loud about Christ, and praying that someone would be listening. Nine times out of ten, we see first hand evidence of God moving through his Spirit when this takes place.

The train stops at the mall stop and we step off onto the platform. All of a sudden James yells, “there he is”. I looked straight ahead off to my right, and my eyes made quick contact with a man. He looked straight at me also. Right then I knew that God was up to something. I made my way over to the man and said, “excuse me, but are you seeking after God?” He smiled and said, “well, I have been trying to find him”. I said, “good, we are off to the mall, would you like to go with us?” He said, “well, I think so”. So off we went the three of us.

Now, what I found out later about this whole encounter was that James was yelling to another guy that he had noticed as he stepped off the train. I was oblivious to that at the time, all I noticed was this eye contact with this guy we had met.

I want you to see how God set this whole thing up, and how God is working today. He chooses to work through people like you and me, if we desire to be used. He is drawing people, speaking to them. He is giving them another opportunity to come to him. He is working through people. The hour is late.

Now, I could of easily been so focused upon our meeting at the mall, that I could have missed this guy (come to find out, the two guys that we had hoped to show up, never did). I could have been looking else where, or had my mind on the meeting etc. But no, praise God he was moving and I was in the Spirit enough to be able to be apart of what He was doing. Praise Him!

We walked along with him, talking about his life and trying to help him see how God was after him and that this was just another opportunity for him to come to Christ before it was too late.

We got to the mall, found the chairs, and spent the next hour listening to him and talking to him about his eternal soul. Long story short, he had been running from God all his life and he was in his seventy’s. Not only had he been running from God, but from others also. He had told us of how people where out to get him. Because of the many circumstances in his life, he had always been looking over his shoulders.

God knew just what would get this mans attention as he stepped off the train. How about, “THERE HE IS” When he heard this, he stopped dead in his tracks. God knew what would get his attention.

Now the day did not end up like we had hoped it would. He did not turn his life over to God, yet. However, both James and I believe he is very close and soon will. He told us how another girl had invited him to a local bible study the following day. Please remember him in prayer.

Once again it was so awesome to watch God work. This is how our young people of today want to see God move. They are not interested in playing church. Going through the same routine. I have had numerous occasions with them and have shared with them how God wants to use them. When they are in relationship with God through his Spirit, they also will be out there doing some of the most awesome things this world has ever seen. I can hardly wait to see them doing what God has created them to do. His power working through them will be so magnificent, we will be barely able to stand it. Guaranteed. Sad to say, some in the church will miss it all together.

To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!(Part#4)

November 5, 2007

All of this four part testimony took place in one day. It just goes to show you what God wants to do through all those who avail themselves and want to be used of God for His glory and His Kingdom.

After Dan stood up, we all hugged on him and such joy was in our hearts. Now here was a man who just a short time before, was totally intoxicated from drinking wine. Now he was sober and in his right mind. Praise God!

I have tried to do my best with God’s help to describe what took place, but words do have a limit.

He then asked if he could sing another song, we all said “by all means, let her go”. It was awesome to hear him sing every verse with passion and clarity. By the time he finished, we all knew something was about to break loose.

He yelled out, “DO YOU MIND IF I PREACH?” We smiled and said, “GO FOR IT”. First he started out with his testimony about how God had just delivered him from alcohol. Then he went into The Gospel. It was right on, every word. He shared also about seeking God while He can be found. He told the crowd how that God had said to him, “will you just seek me, I am here if you will seek me” It was awesome!

About that time a lady starts shouting and she walks over and tries to stop the flow of what God is doing. (this is almost standard procedure, the devil does not want things like this to take place so he fights hard.) This other brother goes over to her and finally gets her to go somewhere else.

Out of nowhere, walks up this lady and she says, “can I buy you guys some coffee?” She had been watching all that took place. She takes out her tablet and takes our order. Off she went, and returns with four large coffee’s. What a blessing she had been to all of us. She smiled and hugged us all, and off she went. God bless her richly!

Dan(the brother that just received Christ) continues to preach several times. Many were listening as they waited for the train. About that time another brother walks up and recognizes Dan. He said that he was with the local rescue mission. We then proceeded to tell him all that happened. His eyes began to water. He was very thankful. He said to Dan, “Are we now going to see you in church on Sunday?” Dan said, “You Bet”. Thank you God!

It was time for me to leave and catch the last bus out for the night. All six of us gathered in a circle and lifted up prayer and thanksgiving to God for what He had done that evening.
As another brother was finishing prayer, I heard the sound of Satan again. I looked over across the way, and sure enough his messengers had come to try one last time.

There stood three of them all dressed in black with their long coats, yelling out loud about Satan and saying all their usual junk. They had known what just took place, and they were there to stop it. TOO LATE. THE WORK OF CHRIST HAD ALREADY BEEN DONE. PRAISE HIM!

I pleaded THE BLOOD OF JESUS and we finished prayer and went on our way.

I trust this testimony was a blessing to you. This is just a drop in the bucket of all that God wants to do in these days. If you are not yet a part of what He is doing in the earth today, you need to be. Pray and ask Him, he will show you. He is about people. People are the apex of His creation. He loved them all so much that He gave His Son to redeem them back to himself.
May you be blessed also as you go out and do your part for Him and His Kingdom.

To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!(Part#3)

November 4, 2007

In the last post, I had forgotten to mention that on my way to the city in the train, I needed to stop off and use the bathroom at a local store. After that, the Lord wanted me to go to a bus stop close by that I had been to several times before.

After praying, I jumped in and started to preach The Good News on one corner. One young kid didn’t like it, so he sounded off. (I spoke with this kid later, he is one step closer to Christ now) Then a young black guy came over to talk. He listened real well as The Holy Spirit moved upon his heart. It took probably close to an hour before he made the move to receive Jesus. But he did! Praise God! He went off changed by the power of God!

I called him that night on the way home. He said that he was at home resting. Now this was Friday night close to 8:00pm. He was saved from drugs and may have been either in a gang, or had came out of one. But glory to God he is changed! He said to me as we parted on the phone, “pray for me, I just want to live”. That tells it all.

Back to where I left off in “Part#2”.
It was 4:00pm at the train stop and it’s Friday night and there are people in need of hearing The Gospel everywhere as they wait for the train to go home from work. I started in and before long James showed up. We took turns preaching and God’s Spirit was moving as several came up to either take a tract or talk.

Then the distractions came once again. This young guy who had a plastic cup full of wine, starts to scream and yell and gets in our faces. James calms him down as I finish. I went over to him and tried to talk with him. He seemed surprised that I would have come over to talk with him after all his yelling and carrying on.

As we talked, God through His Spirit began to speak to him, a little at a time. He said he had to go use the bathroom, and asked if I would be there when he came back. I assured him I would. I miss out from time to time, but I knew there was hope for this guy. He came back with more wine and seemed to be even more intoxicated. What I really liked about this encounter was that the fact that he was still drinking, but God was still coming after him. I could see transformation taking place.

Now James comes up to talk to him, and gets real straight with him. The guy blows a gasket big time, screams and yells. The crowd turns and begins to listen in as to try and figure out what is going on. The guy storms off. I thought we had lost him then. James begins to preach again.

Minutes later he returns in a huff. I with the help of God, calm him down, and once again we(the Spirit and I) start to share Christ with him. He shares a lot of his problems and fears. Now, it was pretty obvious that this guy was a outcast by others, by the things he shared with me. But God was loving on him big time. I could see His love being poured out on our soon to be brother.

He takes off to smoke a cigarette across the street. I shared with James what was taking place. When he returned glass in hand, James apologizes for some of the things that he had said earlier. They hugged and forgave each other. It was powerful to behold.

James starts in again, sharing God’s love and power to change lives to the crowd. The guy who I will call Dan, comes over to me again. This time I am noticing that he is listening more and getting closer to The Kingdom as we spoke. All of a sudden, HE TAKES THE CUP OF WINE AND THROWS IT 30 FEET DOWN THE BRICK WALKWAY. Wow! I was taken back! HE THEN BEGINS TO SING THE SONG, “CREATE A PURE HEART IN ME, O GOD, AND RENEW A STEADFAST SPIRIT WITHIN ME” He sings every word of the song. I noticed that he was sobering up as he was singing. God was moving!

He finishes the song and immediately DROPS TO HIS KNEES AND STARTS TO REPENT BEFORE GOD AND CONFESS. It was really powerful to hear him repent before God and ask Jesus for forgiveness and to be his Saviour and then his Lord. I knelt down with him and prayed for complete deliverance through God’s Son, Jesus Christ. (now remember, this is all taking place in a public square with lots of people standing around watching and listening) Praise God!
We finally stood up together and gave praise to God! He is Born of The SPIRIT OF GOD!

I will continue with “part#4. Wait and see what happens next. It’s a real testimony, glory to God!

To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!

November 3, 2007

I woke up early this morning giving God praise and glory for what He did yesterday. God is showing forth His power on the streets, big time. He is changing lives. Restoration is taking place right before our eyes. To God be the glory! I pray that you will be inspired to get out and use what gifts and callings that God has blessed you with. You are unique and because of that, you can reach people that I can’t, and vice verse. Isn’t that so like God? He is unique and He made you unique to reach unique people.

It was one of those days where I did not receive orders from Him as to where to start exactly. I was impressed to just set out and see what happens. This is something that I did on a regular basis for about a year, and it was “oh so awesome”. Going out, but not knowing where. I pray that if God has yet to impress you by His Spirit to do this, that He would and that He would do it soon. Amen.

The first human encounter was a young guy at the traffic light on my way walking to the bank. I shared with him and he really listened. I believe it was another seed planting. He took a tract, and I pray that He will come when God again draws his heart to come to Him.

After the bank, (praise God there was money in the bank!) I went to the bus stop and talked (tried to) with a Hispanic man. I don’t know Spanish (but I should) so lately God has had me use a key from my pocket and tell them that the key to God is Jesus Christ. He smiled and nodded his head. I pointed to the heart also.

When I got on the bus, I immediately saw a young kid that I have talked to before. He is very quite. I sensed that there was pain and sorrow in his life, so I asked him, “has there been some painful things happen in your life?” He said yes. I said, “Have you lost a mother, or father? “A family member?” He said no, but that he did not want to talk about it. God knows and I can pray for him.

Soon I got to the first city and the local transit mall. The Lord had me do the usual prayer walk around the block. Then had me stand and start to pass out tracts and do some preaching. A young guy and his girl friend came up and wanted prayer. I first asked them if Jesus Christ was their Lord and Saviour. They said no. So I went through The Gospel with them and praise God they turned from the old life to the new! We prayed and they received Him as Lord and Saviour! The Angels where singing again! Hallelujah!

Well, of course about that time a messenger of Satan shows up (standard procedure) and we rebuked him in Jesus name and pleaded the blood of Jesus Christ. He flees, praise God!

Another brother which I just met a couple of weeks ago, stops by and we have an awesome time talking about God and His goodness. We share out loud what He has done. This is real powerful in a public setting. Whether on a corner, or in a building elevator, or on a bus or train, give God the glory out loud. You will be amazed at what takes place.

I moved across the street and there stood a young black man who was blind. My heart went out to him. I stood there praying for him quietly. Then God’s Spirit moved and I began to talk with him. I asked him if Jesus was his Lord and Saviour. He smiled and said “oh yes”. I asked him how long he had been blind, he said “since I was a year and a half old.” My heart swelled with compassion for the man.

I stood there and The Lord reminded me of my morning walk to the bank earlier. As I was walking along, God began to show me my five senses. I went through all of them one by one. I smelled, I saw, I heard etc. I ran my fingers along the concrete divider. I began to weep and appreciation came over me. Why me? as I thought of others that don’t have some of these senses. I certainly didn’t deserve it. God in His love and mercy has given them to me for His glory. May they be used for Him.

So as I stood there with this blind man, tears of compassion began to flow as I prayed to The Father for him. I looked up and saw the blue sky. The trees with their leaves turning. I pleated with God that he might see again. I asked him if I could pray with him for complete healing of his eyes. He said, “sure”.( before this I was a little reserved, because I have learned that you need to be very careful and sensitive with people who have disabilities). But I really sensed that God’s Spirit was working and He wanted to heal him.

Just as we started to pray, I looked up and there was a girl standing next to us that I have met out on the streets before. I had to refresh my memory and ask her if she was a believer or not. She said she was. I explained to her what was taking place and asked her if she believed that God could restore this man sight. She said, “yes” so we prayed together.

When we finished praying, I asked the man if he could see. He said. “not yet, but I believe I will”. Praise God he will! I believe!

He gave me his telephone number and I expect when I call him, that he will tell me he now sees. Praise to God! He is healing our brother! He will see this side of eternity! He will look up and see the blue sky, the trees! Oh praise God with me! For He is great and greatly to be praised!
“To God be the glory, for great things He is doing!”

I will stop here because I personally don’t like long posts. So if I don’t like them, I will not make them, right?
The above is only one quarter of what God did that day. With His help, I will try to write some more later.

I write these testimonies so that first God would be glorified in them, and second that you the reader would be encouraged to go out and use your gifts and callings for Him and His Kingdom. Amen

Save the children

October 13, 2007

Today a young person was saved and became a child of God.
He works for the “save the children” foundation. Little did he know that morning when he set out that he would be saved from sin and become a child of God. How fitting was that?

James and I had just finished ministering for the day and we were walking along the sidewalk downtown to my bus stop, when the Spirit of God caused me to stop and talk with him regarding repentance and how important it is in the plan of God for salvation.

We had just started to talk about this guy who appears to be in deep sin, when this young guy crosses the road and comes right next to us. James interrupts me and says to the guy, “what about you, do you have a relationship with God?”

Well, that opened up into one awesome conversation. One that lasted for about 45 minutes, as we explained to him the kingdom of God. He had believed that all were going to heaven, all had the Spirit of God etc. He listened, as the Spirit of God began to move upon his heart and draw him.

Just like with most people, Christ was the stumbling block. James said how Christ was like a sword that cuts and divides. The Spirit was moving big time. I grabbed his hand, as I knew that this was the time for him. It was intense. God was moving. God was dealing. It was powerful to behold.

Soon James asked him if he would like to confess on Christ. He prayed and received Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Praise God for his divine appointments. Praise God, for He has added another into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

For He is good and greatly to be praised!


October 13, 2007

It is one of my favorite words. But even more important than the word, it is watching a person “turn”.
Today out on the streets, I got to see first hand, a young man turn from the way he was headed and turn to God.
He was walking along and I handed him a tract and said, “Are you in Christ”. He said, “well not as close as I should be”. As we talked, the Spirit of God began to speak to him about sin and how it separates him from God. It prevents a relationship from either starting in the first place, or it stops growth if one is in Christ (which was the case with this man).
He was heading to do something that he knew that he should not do (he did not elaborate, but said that it was wrong). I have a strong hunch that it was probably drug related ( as is the case with most we deal with).
After talking with him about the seriousness of where he was headed and how God desires him to change, he said to me, “wow, I can’t believe what is happening here, I was headed off to do something that I know that I shouldn’t, but God has met me here today and now I choose to “turn” and go back.
He gripped my hand firmly and gave me a big hug, and headed back in the way he had come from. He had decided to “turn” from the way he was headed. He was headed to sin again, but the power of God met him and he yielded to it. Praise God for the power of His Holy Spirit! It can cause a man to stop in his tracks and “turn”