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An encounter with “Jesus”

April 3, 2016

We must never underestimate the power of one encounter for Jesus. I was reminded of this yesterday.

While traveling north on the bus, i stopped off at a local Walmart to use the restroom and pick up some water. While at the water aisle, i reached up to grab a bottle when i heard, “Hey! It’s good to see you again! Remember me?” My eyes immediately fell upon his name badge, which read “Jesus”. Bing! “Yeah! I remember you! At the neighborhood market close by where i live”.

Here we were…..

Approximately 6 months ago, i pulled into the neighborhood market parking lot and quickly noticed the “cart pusher”. I walked over to him to say hi. Then i noticed his name tag saying “Jesus”. I smiled and said that i really liked his name. Then of course, we asked him if he knew Jesus. He said that he did. We had a great visit in the parking lot that day.


Approximately 6 months later, 5 miles north, and at a different store, here he remembers me. I was amazed. I complemented him for his remembrance, and of course knowing all the time that it was the Lord indeed that brought it all to pass. I asked him what God was currently doing in his life, and he shared a testimony of how God blessed him recently by being able to return to Walmart after quitting his last store. He realized that it was a mistake and that God showed mercy upon him and what a blessing it was to be able to work. We stood there sharing for a while, then parted knowing that we would see each other again.

One encounter can make a difference. We must never underestimate it. Go Jesus!



“Follower of Christ”

March 13, 2013

By definition, a Christian is a “follower of Christ”.

As we follow Christ, we become a disciple of Christ. The word “disciple” means a “learner, i.e. pupil”. The word “follow” in its Greek meaning, has to do with “union” and “a road”. This is very interesting when you think on these two words. When you picture in your mind being in union with someone on a road to somewhere. Along with that, the word “follow” also means, “to be in the same way with, i.e. to accompany, reach”. When these meanings are combined, we can really see the union that is involved as one “follows”.

However, its is very important to be reminded just who we are to be “following”. This is not just anybody we are to be following. This is the Son of God. This is the Lord. This is the Saviour. A due honor and respect must always be in order as we follow.

When Jesus said to Peter and Andrew “Follow me,” (Mt.4:19) what it meant by definition was, “Come here and get behind me, or get to the back”. It is important to remember this. When we follow Christ, we are following behind him. Yes, we are in union with him, but following “at the back”. This is also good to visualize. “Where He leads, I will follow”.

In the book of Mark, he says, “Come ye (you) after me,” (Mk.1:17) Coming after Christ is a follower of Christ (Christian). We learn as we follow. We become disciples as we follow. I like what the prophet Hosea said regarding this. “Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord:”(Ho.6:3a) The words “follow on” here mean to “run after, pursue”.

The Lord willing, I would like to address in another post, the prime condition, or requirement for being a Christian (follower of Christ).

Jesus is “spiritual”

April 17, 2012

As recorded in the four gospels, Jesus was always trying to get people to understand things spiritually. But. most often, they didn’t get it. As I understand it today, there seems to be a lot of the same. It’s almost if some people are afraid of the spiritual. Maybe it’s because they have been taught, “oh that’s spirituality, and we must stay way far away from that”. Forgetting of course, that God is Spirit, and that it takes a birth of the Spirit to understand/perceive the kingdom, and most importantly, enter. (Jn. 3:3, 5)

One of my favorite teachings of Jesus regarding the spiritual, is where he taught on the “bread of heaven” or the “bread of God from heaven” as found in John chapter 6. It really gets heavy when He speaks about “unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you” (6:53). After this discourse many of his disciples said, “This is a hard (or difficult) saying; who can understand this?”. Well, if we all were hearing this and we were looking at it from a natural point of view, we would say the same, right?

Then, if that wasn’t enough, Jesus said, “Does this offend you? (vs.61). If to say, what! are you offended at my flesh and blood? Are you offended at me for saying or trying to get you to see things “spiritually?”

Now, this is where it gets right down to the heart of the matter. In verse 62, he basically says, what’s the big deal if you see the Son of Man go up to heaven? I mean, isn’t that pretty big? Verse 63, he hits the nail on the head, finally. And if to say out loud, Hello!! It’s Spirit!! Somebody wake up!! This flesh profits nothing!! or basically we could say, the natural profits nothing!

The second part of this verse is KEY. “The words (Rhema, the utterness, the sayings, the commands, basically My spoken word) is to you “Spirit” and “Life”. But, He goes on and says, “there are some of you that don’t believe this”. Do you believe that the very words of Jesus are spirit and life? How many of us believe that today? Do we believe that Jesus is Spirit and Life?

In verse 65, He says that “No one can come to Me unless it is granted by My Father”. Now it was certainly getting too heavy for them.

Here’s a shocker! (verse 66). Many of His followers after hearing all this, threw in the towel. They left Him. They basically through up their hands and said, “that’s enough! We are outta here!”. “We can’t take all of this way out stuff”. “Jesus, you have gone mad with all the spirituality stuff!”

Then in verse 67, he says to the remaining twelve disciples, “Are you guys also going to split?”

Then, our good brother Peter jumps in and says basically, “Lord, if we cut out now after all this, where are we going to go? What’s left! Good question isn’t it? If we leave Jesus, where are we going to go?

Here’s the BOMB! and it’s back to the spoken words of the Christ! “You have the words (Rhema) eternal life” (vs.68). Basically, you have the Spirit words, or the words of the Spirit. The words of the Father by the Spirit.

Then Peter adds the “Also” in verse 69. Believe me, it’s a very big “also”. As if this wasn’t enough concrete evidence up till this point, he says, “we have come to believe and know”. Here we have two most very important truths. “Believing” and “Knowing”. It’s one thing to believe, but to believe and know is the rock solid part of “believing”. Without “knowing” how can it really be “believing?”. Can we say like the Apostle Paul, “for I know on whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day?” (2Tim.1:12b)


Children and the Light

April 17, 2012

Christ is the life, and this life is manifested through Him who is light. And, it shines through people who have received the light. This is God’s design, not man’s. (see Jn.1:4, 2 Cor.4:6)

There is also a measure of light (understanding) given to every person born into the world. (see Jn.1:9). However, as the child (the person) grows up, the light can either be increased or it can diminish depending on the influence that he or she is around, i.e if they are around darkness, the quicker they become dark. The same goes for the light influence. Thus we can see the vital importance in raising a child in the light of Jesus who is The Light.

Eventually, the child comes to a place when they must receive the light of Jesus for themselves. The typical “age of accountability” comes into play. Sin has now grown to maturity and must be dealt with as an individual before God. Where the influence of the light has become an essential part, still the child must believe and receive the light of Christ personally. Basically, they must be born again like anyone else. They must be born of the Spirit of God, which is the “light of Jesus”. Some would like to think that this comes automatically. No, the foundation might of well been laid, but the act of regeneration must take place for all, no matter the age or if they have been raised in the “church” or not.

When this regeneration has taking place, there will be diffident evidence and fruits of this regeneration. Baring in mind of course, that the child, depending on its age, is still a child.