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My lost brother is found!

May 14, 2010

Awesome day today. The Spirit of God was flowing and moving upon hearts.

I was preaching on the corner, and all of a sudden my brother in our lord who I haven’t seen in 6 month’s, shows up. Praise Him! I have been very concerned about him. His phone was shut off. I tried to locate him at a local college on a couple of occasions. All to no avail.

I remember one time I showed up at his school with real anticipation in hopes of finding him. It took me about 50 yards into the school grounds to realize that it was spring break. My face dropped. Then I heard the Lord say through His Spirit, “you know you can use this time to pray for him”. So I walked the campus and prayed for him.

I have been concerned for him because the last time I had seen him he was discouraged. He had come to one of our Tuesday gatherings at the mall. I knew that he was taking on a big school load also.

So today we caught up. I bought him lunch and we spent two hours conversing together. He is struggling, but knows what he needs to do. It was a good time of encouragement, listening and praying.

God is so good! He is truly capable to cause people to come together for His plan and purpose. After all, He is all about people, right?